NOTD - Butterfly Wing Nails & Tutorial!

Ello ello sweetpeas! Hope you're all keeping well & enjoying the weekend!

Its been a wee while since I've done a step by step nail art pictorial so I thought I'd rectify that today with some butterfly wing inspired nails :) I've seen this nail design many times & its one I've been itching to try. Not only is it super pretty but so easy to do as well!

For the base colour of my butterfly wing nails I used this simply stunning beauty by 2TrueCosmetics, shade 6 from their limited edition Crystal Collection which is a stunning burnt orange & fuchsia pink duo-chrome shimmer. The colour shift is so prominent & eye catching, I adore it!

To start I applied two coats of this gorgeous polish which applied beautifully & dried in super quick time, I am most impressed with 2TrueCosmetics polish range which retail for a bargainous £1.99 & can be found in Superdrug.

Now to begin creating the design, I grabbed my nail art brush & some black polish & started off by drawing a quarter moon circle at the bottom left hand corner of the nail near the cuticle before adding on four curved lines from the quarter moon going about ¾ of the way down the nail...

Then using a black nail art pen I joined the four lines at the bottom to creating my curved edge wing shape...

Going back in with the black polish & brush I then filled in the remainder of the nail to the tips...

Then grabbing my white nail art pen, I added lots of little white dots to the black tips of the wing. 

After a quick clean up job around the edges using a thin brush & some acetone, I finally applied a nice thick coat of topcoat to finish & thats it! Pretty butterfly wings ready to fly!

Hope you liked the butterfly nails & tutorial lovelies! Thanks as always for stopping by!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Do I Detect A Hint Of Minty Freshness...?

Greeting lovely readers & happy weekend! Hope you're all well & enjoying the much welcome prolonged sunshine we seem to have been blessed with :) The past week saw yours truly celebrating becoming another year older with a rather lovely mini break in Brighton with my buddy Ram. It was our second time visiting & we both have just fallen in love with the place even more so if possible! A couple of days spent in the sun by the sea eating good food was just the nicest way to celebrate this year :)

I normally like to get my nail art on & do a suitably birthday vibe mani however what with work being so crazy of late I find myself going down the simple quick nail art fix route these days! But sometimes simple is good & I do love reaching for the rhinestones to create quick yet quirky nails. So this was my birthday mani this year!

Isn't that frosty mint so pretty? And guess what, it even smells like mint too! I decided to use one of the fabulous Revlon Parfumerie polishes that I ecstatically found in Pound World recently & am so over the moon to finally own!

This pretty is called Wintermint & is a gorgeous minty green foil with large blue glitter & finely milled gold shimmer thrown in to the mix. Such a gorgeous combination. If you're familiar with your polishes I'm sure you'll have noticed that this shade is also a dead ringer for Deborah Lippmanns Mermaids Dream!

The formula of Wintermint was quite sheer however, application was lovely with an opaque finish in two coats. And once dry the polish does indeed produce the most delightful sweet mint scent, very yummy!

Before the polish was dry on the second coat I quickly applied some pretty blue rhinestones to each nail. I purchase my nail art wheels from Ebay where they can be find super cheaply. Once done I applied a nice thick coat of topcoat to seal the stones & that's it!

Thanks as always for stopping by lovelies, hope you liked the mani dolls!

Lotsa love to ya! 


My Polish Swatch Book...

Howdy dearhearts!

Feeling the Monday blues? For once I'm actually handling them fine, though that’s probably due to the fact that I was working yesterday so technically haven’t really had a weekend haha! Woe to me ;) But a most fab occurrence took place today that completely made my day, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know (aysh_xox) that I hit the jackpot in finding the bargain of the century...Revlon Parfumerie polishes in Pound World! Oh yes I tell no lie & I may have gone a bit crazy but it would've been sacrilege to walk away empty handed so I may have picked up 1 or 2 *cough... 9...cough* So be sure to visit your local Pound World too!

Now I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I admit that I own...um...quite a FAIR amount of nail polishes O_o Especially when little situations like the above occur often! ;) And I'll confess that it has come to a stage where I find myself reusing a lot of the same polishes thus leaving many unloved! So I decided to create my own little Polish Swatch Book in which I'll swatch all new polishes I add to my collection so that I know what I have & can give the more unloved ones some proper usage! First I needed a pretty swatch book, naturally ;) This I picked up from WH Smith, I adore the design!

I got this fab idea from the Youtube nail guru that is CutePolish, who is one seriously talented lady, if you haven't checked her videos where have you been?! Anyhoos she shared this utterly brilliant idea of a polish swatch book & I knew this would be the perfect solution for me. Having all of my polishes swatched on paper would make it much easier to pick shades for my manis.

I mean I know that I probably own dozens of different types of red & the task of sifting through all of them to find THE perfect one for a mani is a daunting one to say the least! This way, I can now sift through the book & find the perfect polish I need plus it also makes it easier to remember what I used last. So I can sift through the book a bit further till I find another polish that could work well too!

I can squeeze about 10 -14 polish swatches per page & made sure of course to note down the brand, polish name as well as where it can be located! As you can see I've done some of my Barry M & KIKO's etc...but there's still a fair few to go! Haha! ;)

Thanks Cute Polish for the fab idea! Now hopefully all the polishes I own can get equal usage! Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Autumn Leaves...

Why hello there lovely readers!

Oooh its been a while! Life's been all kinds of manic of late & with it the blogging mojo seemed to have gone a bit awol as well. Sometimes a wee break is good though & I’m glad to finally catch some down time & get my blog back on. Tis also a glorious bank holiday weekend huzzah! I've booked an extra couple of days off as the bestie & I are off for a much needed spa break on Monday which I cannot wait for. Bring on the pampering! :)

Now it seems as though summer is well & truly over judging by the clouds of late, however I’m not too disheartened, as much as I love summer, I do have a soft spot for autumn time or fall with its abundance of colour & cooler temperatures calling out for long walks in the country, crunching leaves underfoot. Which is why I reached for a polish I purchased yonks ago on Etsy for the exact reason that its completely perfect for the season...Coco Allure Autumn Leaves...

Am I right? The colours of all the different glitters completely brings to mind the beautiful colour changes of the leaves that come with Autumn, so stunning! Etsy is a VERY dangerous place for polish lovers, you can find so many beautiful indie polishes & unfortunately its not the cheapest addiction as shipping charges can make the wallet wince! However an occasional treat to oneself isn't the end of the world eh..?? ;)

Autumn Leaves is a stunning mixture of hexagonal, square & round glitters all of different sizes & the variety of fall colours are just utterly swoon-worthy with its golds, coppers, burnt oranges & reds...I can't stop staring at its prettiness!

I decided to apply it over a red & pale gold base to really bring out the glitters, the red polish is a nameless one unfortunately that was gifted to me & the pale gold is a vintage Revlon 118 Carat.

The glitter itself is fabulously dense, I applied two coats to each nail & the glitter distributes really well on the nail despite the large sizes. Its like the nails have been dipped & rolled around in freshly fallen leaves! Finishing off with a nice thick coat of topcoat to smooth out the glitter.

This particular polish from the sellerI purchased from isn’t currently available at the moment unfortunately but there are literally tons of indie polishes worth checking out on Etsy. Like I said, shipping charges can make one weep a tad, especially if from the US, its definitely a dangerous addiction & one that will need serious discipline! ;)

Thanks for reading lovelies! Enjoy your long weekends & catch up soon!