NOTD - Retro Monochrome Alien Space Invaders

Hello there lovely readers!

Hope you're all having a good start to your week! I had the day off work today, I guess I wanted to prolong that lovely feeling of extended weekends from Easter however sods law has seen that I be paid a visit by that bugger, the flu, so my day off has been spent in bed. Fun times! But nowt a spot of homemade soup & Lucozade can't remedy :)

Today's nails I have to share with you lovelies not only have a funky monochrome theme going on but also a slight retro vibe too.

I recently watched Wreck-It-Ralph (thanks Netflix!) & loved it, not only because I simply love all things Disney but it also satisfied my nerdy computer game addict side! So I came up with this random black & white alien space invader design inspired by the retro video game :)

To create the retro alien design couldn't be easier, you just need a black polish, a white polish, a dotting tool & toothpick!

Paint the nails in alternate colours, the black I've used here is W7 Black, two coats & LA Colors White, two coats.

Then using the large side of your dotting tool, place black dots on the white nails & white dots on to the black nails, fitting about three per nail.

Using the smaller dotting tool add on the two eyes to your aliens before using the toothpick to add the three legs/tentacles.

Finish with topcoat & you're done! So easy! Have a strong urge now to dig out my old games console for a good ol' computer game marathon, those were the good old days! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Pixi Beauty Lime Lustre

Ello ello you gorgeous lot!

Did you all have a lovely Easter weekend filled with plenty of sweet delights? It was also my mums baby brothers wedding this weekend past & everything went fabulously! Was quite dreading getting back to normality today but it was definitely made a billion times easier with the presence of a certain Mr SUN! Where have you been old friend?!

In honour of the beaut weather at long last I simply had to share with you this absolutely GORG polish, the moment I saw this shade I knew it had to come home with me & it did not disappoint when I finally whacked it on the nails. Let me introduce the divine Pixi Beauty's Lime Lustre.

Please excuse the henna-ed hands from the wedding! But what did I tell you? Its a good un huh? And perfect for helping to kick start those Spring/Summer vibes! Lime Lustre is such a unique pale green crème that is a mix of both pastel & neon with a super pretty pearlescent shimmer running through giving it a whimsical edge.

Here I've applied two coats which went on so smoothly, dreamy formula! The basecoat that I am currently using, by LA Colours, is a white tinted base, which actually helped make the Lime Lustre stand out even more so than if I were to apply it on a clear base.

Though this purdy polish was lovely all by its onesie I couldn't resist adding a row of holographic hexagonal glitters of a similar shade down the centre of the nail for added definition!

Finish with obligatory topcoat. I truly cannot get enough of this shade, I have a feeling this beautiful bad boy will be dug out for quite a few outings this summer!

PIXI Beauty polishes retail for £8 & can be found online. Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Until next time!

Lotsa love to ya! 


Easter NOTD - Easter Bunny Bootys!

Hello there lovely readers!

Life has veered towards the manic stage once again with not just work but my Uncle will be tying the knot this Easter Weekend so lots of wedding stuff a happening! Thankfully though everything seems to be going according to plan with outfits & final details sorted. Weirdly though I have absolutely NO CLUE what to wear on the nails! Any ideas welcome! :)

Speaking of nails we are of course coming up to the glorious four day Easter weekend! Huzzah for long weekends! Naturally I couldn't let the occasion pass without some form of Easter inspired nail art. Last year I did some cute if slightly psychotic chick nails, this year I wanted to do something different so here we have some naughty pink bunny's showing us their bootys!

Cheeky bunnys! Haha! Completely random I know but random is my middle name ;) For this mani I used the Topshop Nail Rock polish nail art set that I picked up yonks ago on sale & included little white pom poms which I thought would make perfect bunny tails!

I also love the gorgeous turquoise green creme polish that comes with it, so bright & cheerful! Here I've applied two coats, the formula was smooth & lovely to apply.

I used Zoya Shelby to create my bunny bodies as I wanted me some pink rabbits. Shelby is a scrummy blue toned cherry blossom pink, much love for this girly pink!

Drawing the bunnies couldn't be easier, I just free-handed a oval shape for the body, dotted on a round circle for the head, added two curved lines for the floppy ears, before finishing of with three black whisker either side using black polish & a toothpick.

After applying the topcoat, whilst the polish was still wet I applied a pom pom to the tip of each nail with a pair of tweezers. Done! 

Now of course this manicure was completely impractical for every day wear & after about an hour the pom poms were getting in the way of every day duties a tad, so off they came & I dotted on some white polish instead. But I enjoyed wearing them immensely even if for a short time ;)

Thanks as always for reading sweetpeas & hope you have a lovely Easter!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Neon Gradient Nails

Hullo & happy hump day lovely readers! So the holiday glow has officially gone now alas but hey ho, NYC I will be coming for you again next year so watch this space! ;) In the meantime, I don't know about you but I am SO ready for summer already! Be gone frost!

To help me get some summer vibes going on I reached for some neon shades & had my first go at sponged gradient nails, something that I've wanted to try for yonks & I'm so happy with the result. I think I may now be addicted to this form of nail art!

I've always been cautious of trying gradient nails as I'd assumed they were complicated but I couldn't have been more wrong! There are some easy to follow tutorials on YouTube but once I'd grasped the concept it really was very straightforward!

For this super summery gradient I reached for two shades from of the Models Own Polish For Tans Collection, Bikini, a pow wow yellow & Sun Hat, a hot neon pastel pink. Sorry lovelies but I was so stressed when trying this I totally forgot to take pics as I went along, but I'll do my best to explain the steps!

Before you apply the gradient you need to have a white base already on the nails as this is really what makes the gradient stand out & work. So using a simple white polish I applied one coat onto the nails.

Next grabbing my makeup sponge, which I had cut in half so the width was just larger than the size of my nails. I applied a stripe of each polish, next to each other on to the sponge, then doing one nail at a time, applied the colours to the nail in a dabbing motion, whilst also moving the sponge in an up & down and side to side direction so that the two shades blend in to each other.

Once all ten nails were done, I went in again for a second coat, applied in the same way. Depending on the colour & quality of the polishes, you'll need to apply the gradient a few times till you achieve a nice opaque blended finish. Once happy, clean up any polish that has gone on to the skin with acetone & a brush.

Now I didn't originally plan on the mani being this blingy. However once I'd finished my gradient, I got a tad over excited & ended up denting a few nails! After a little screeching episode, I calmed down & reached for some pretty pink rhinestones & simply added a few in different sizes to each nail. See how fab nail art jewels are? Not only do they look fab but they can also hide a multitude of mistakes! WIN!

Sealing those stones in with plenty of topcoat & my Summer Neon Gradient nails were good to go again! I've worn this mani all week & I cannot wait to play around with different colours & try more gradient manicures now that I know how simples they are!

Thanks for reading my lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!