Xmas NOTD - Christmas Trees!

Ello ello loves and happy hump day! Things always seem a wee bit better once you've passed the midweek mark non? Work has been manic of late so very much looking forward to a weekend of festive fun with a visit to a Xmas market & catching up with friends before the holiday.

Today’s festive mani comes in the form of some Christmas Trees :) I did a Christmas tree manicure last year as well, using the cello tape technique to create the design however this time I decided to just freehand them :)

For my base I applied a neutral background with one coat of Barry M Vanilla from the matte collection. Then to create my trees I grabbed a fine nail art brush & a variety of different green polishes from my ever growing collection to get started on my trees ;)

The first green is this yummy green crème Wild Cactus from Color Club. Starting from the top of the nail I just drew an upside down V shape before creating strokes outwards for the pine branches down to the tips of the nail.

Next I used another lovely green from Color Club, sadly my bottle is nameless! *sad face* This one has a pretty glass fleck like finish & added a nice bit of definition to my trees.

Finally I felt another green was required so I used Ego Green by Fashionista which is actually a magnetic polish but I loved the shade so much & twas the perfect green to add a last bit of detail.

Every Christmas tree needs its decorations so I decided to go all out with the round rhinestones, not forgetting a wee star on the top to finish! Seal it all with a coat or two of topcoat & done!

Hope you liked! Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!


Xmas NOTD - Santa Claus!

Hello there lovely readers!

I hope you're all having a great Saturday. With Xmas literally just around the corner now I want to try & squeeze out as many festive manis as possible so here we go me dears, Xmas nails number three are dedicated to the dude himself...the big red...Mr St Nick Santa Claus :)

What do you think? I was out in Westfields yesterday & it seemed to go down quite well with a few shop assistants which was lovely! I did a similar manicure last year with just the jackets but I wanted to do it a wee bit differently this year so decided to plonk on his bushy bearded face & a bobbly hat too!

A beautiful & vibrant red was clearly needed for this mani & this time I opted for Risky Red by 17 which was just the right shade. I applied two coats to my thumb, pointer & ring fingers, then used some nail art pens in white, black & gold to create the jacket & buckle details.

For my Father Christmas face I applied some Risky Red just to the top half of the nail, then went in with some white polish & a dotting tool to create the hat bobbles & beard, before finishing off with two little black dots for eyes & a bright pink dot for his wee nose.

The Santas hat on the little finger couldn't be simpler, just draw on a triangle shape using a fine nail art brush & red polish, I went over the red with some pretty red glitter for a touch of sparkle. Then I just dotted on the hats bobbles using a small dotting tool & white polish.

Finish it all with one or two coats of glossy topcoat & that's it! Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Have a fab weekend & catch up soon! 

Lotsa love to ya!


Xmas NOTD - Christmas Wreaths

Ello ello lovelies!

Coming at you with another festive mani today in the form of some Christmas Wreaths :) Incorporating all the reds, greens & golds definitely got me in the festive mood with these nails & I loved wearing them! This design was inspired by the fab Chalkboard Nails.

For my base I used what is probably one of my favourite Essie polishes, Beyond Cozy. A simply stunning pale gold shimmering opaque glitter with an almost textured like finish it really is a BEAUT. This was two coats applied.

To create my wreaths I first used Models Own Green Tea & a dotting tool to draw on the curved C shape.

To add more definition I couldn't resist dabbing on some Zoya Rina. This lovely shade is jam packed full of fine green bar glitters, great for giving a slight leafy texture look to my wreaths.

Then for the red bows I used a fine nail art brush & Rimmel's Double Decker Red to freehand the little bows just beneath the wreaths.

To make the bows really stand out I went over them with a bit Color Club Red Glitter using the same nail art brush.

And well because its Xmas I lastly added a few gold hexagonal glitters over my wreaths for a bit of added sparkle before sealing it all with a couple of coats of topcoat.

Hope you liked the festive mani dolls! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 


Coloristiq - The UK's First Nail Polish Rental Service!

Hi there lovely readers! Hope you're having a fab weekend so far?

I’m pretty darned excited to be sharing today's post with you lovely lot as it is a concept that I think is so fabulous I’m wondering why someone hasn’t thought of it sooner. What is it I hear you ask? The UK’s very first nail polish rental service no less! 


Yup that’s right, Coloristiq are the geniuses who have come up with this brilliant & innovative idea, which involves receiving a monthly box of 3 polishes, which may be used up to 3 times each. Then once you’ve enjoyed your polishes, simply wrap up the bottles in the packaging provided, return to Coloristiq & they’ll send you your next box...it’s like Lovefilm for polishes! This is definitely one beauty box made for those who are polish addicts like me!  Here's in a nutshell how the service works...

I don’t know about you, but how often have you purchased a bottle of polish, for it to be used only a few times before being left on the shelf doomed for a dreary future of dried up gloopiness? I for one am guilty of this for sure.  If this applies to you also then the nail polish rental service is the perfick solution!

Not just that but I’ve often found myself standing in front of a polish counter (Essie usually!) pondering on whether to buy a particular polish, uncertain if it will suit me or not or whether I would even like it. What I love about this service, is that it can allow you to try out a polish you may have had your eye on & see if you really do love it (because often polish on the nail can end up looking completely different to how it looks in the bottle!) So it can be a sort of ‘try before you buy’ concept!

Coloristiq offer a wide range of different polishes for you to add to your ‘wishlist’ including OPI, Essie, China Glaze and Morgan Taylor. All very high quality brands, with lots of shades to choose from, I believe they regularly update & add more which is great! I would love to see more brands. There is an FAQ section on the site which will answer any questions you might have about the service.

The price for a monthly subscription was originally £14.49 per month, which I’ll be honest & say I think is a wee bit dear. However I am happy to report that for this month Coloristiq are offering the service for just £9.99! And not just that but they have offered all of you, my lovely readers, the chance to try the service out for yourselves for the first month FREE! To claim simply register online, then email the lovely folks at info@coloristiq.com with the promocode TRULY1 & mention Aysh sent you their way & your first month will be manually refunded :)

Thanks as always for reading my lovelies! What are your thoughts on this nail polish rental service?

Lotsa love to ya! 
Disclaimer - * product featured was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)