NOTD - Raspberry Ripple Marble Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

So after a few wee glitches, Summer seems to have finally graced us with its glorious presence & with it all its delights; picnics, beach trips, ice cream in abundance! Though I've probably gone & jinxed it right there O_o I love finding inspiration for nail art wherever I can, especially when it involves my other great love in life...FOOD.

Joyfully digging into a tub of Carte Dor Crema Di Mascarpone the other day, I managed to take a moment to pause mid shovel & admire the beautiful berry tones swirling through the delightful dessert & think "Oooh...marble effect!" So I decided to attempt a dry marble look using pink tones reminiscent to that of raspberry ripple...

I'm relatively new to the whole dry marbling thing. however it is definitely the more appealing nail art option for me compared to the daunting task of water marbling! Much easier, all you need is polishes, a quick hand & a toothpick!

Apologies for the quality of some of the pics lovelies, I did this mani in the evening & tried to capture a few of the steps of the dry marbling to show you as a kind of step by step tutorial! Hopefully it'll make sense ;)

To begin with I needed my base colour, I decided to use this adorable pink speckled polish from Ulta 3, a fab Ozzy brand that my dear pal Chelle sent over to me, which was part of their Easter collection & clearly saw them jumping on the speckled polish bandwagon! This is Bunny Bloom, an adorable pastel pink creme with both small & large black glitters.

I applied one coat of Bunny Bloom to each nail. Next is the stage where you have to start working a bit quick, so its best to do one nail at a time. After applying a second coat of Bunny Bloom, I then grabbed a random Beauty UK polish in a bright raspberry pink shade & applied two thin lines on top of the wet polish.

I then used No7 Snowflake, a (very thin!) white polish which isn't the best formula but I'm trying to be good & use it up in my nail art! I applied a line of white in between the two raspberry stripes.

Grabbing my toothpick, I quickly swirled the two colours together to create the ripple effect. The most crucial part of this step is to do the marbling with a VERY light hand, otherwise you'll risk going right through the polish to the nail bed.

Continuing until all nails are done, finish with a slick of topcoat to seal & you're done!

I decided to focus the design on the center of the nail but you can also marble the whole nail if you wish! In fact I may try that next using a different colour combo :)

I hope you liked the mani dolls, I'll try & capture (better!) the different stages as I do my nail art in the future so that I can feature some more mini step by step tutorials for you!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Distressed Watercolour Chrome Nails

Hey there lovely readers! Oooh its been a wee while non? Work has been keeping one muchos busy of late, even with the occasional working weekend thrown in but its all going well so can't complain! :)

I'm all for discovering interesting nail art techniques to create funky manis with minimum effort. Today's manicure features one such technique called 'Distressed' nail art or the 'dry brush' technique that, if my memory serves me right, came about by the fab Sarah aka Chalkboard Nails. All that is involved is simply wiping off the excess polish on the brush, then applying quick strokes of polish across the nail to create the effect. This technique looks fab using black over neon however I wanted to try something a bit different so decided to use my Revlon Chrome Chameleon polishes to create this distressed watercolour effect... 

The Revlon Chrome Chameleon polishes were part of a limited edition collection a while back consisting of a range of pretty duo and multi chrome shades. I do love me a good chrome so you can imagine my delight when I found these babies in my fav little hunting ground, Poundland! I knew they all needed a good home therefore happily obliged in taking them with moi.

The shades I picked up were Cobalt, Aquamarine, Pink Quartz, Tanzanite, Amethyst & Topaz. Now whilst they look mighty pretty in the bottle, the formula of these chromes unfortunately wasn't all that great, quite sheer, therefore would definitely require a base colour underneath to bring out the chrome finish. So thought for this they'd be perfect to use with this technique & I loved the watercolour finish!

For my base, instead of Black, i decided to stick with the chrome theme & instead used a couple of coats of W7 Pewter, a sleek gunmetal grey metallic shade. 

I then grabbed one polish at a time & after wiping off the excess polish on the edge of each bottle, simply applied quick strokes across the nail with the almost dry brush, adding quick light washes of colour.

With each shade I applied about 3-4 strokes, some horizontally down the nail, others vertically. By the time you've gone round all ten nails with one shade, the first hand should be dry already ready for the next shade. And even if its not then no big deal as the whole point of this look is to mix & merge the tones!

I love this technique as you can have fun with the colours & directions of your brush stroke & just pile on shade after shade to create this fab effect with interesting results! I will definitely be giving this a try with black polish over a bright neon! Or maybe some fiery orange/red duochromes...

Hope you liked the mani darlings! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Pretty Bling from Cheap Frills!

Hello there my lovely readers!

I hope your weeks gotten off to a good start! Truly did not want to return to work after a blissful weekend spent with family on Saturday for Eid, followed by a divine day perusing my favourite place on Earth, Brighton! I got to meet up with the lovely Jayne whilst there also which was the cherry on top of an ace weekend :)

Just one of the many wonderful things I love about the world of Twitter (come find me @Aysh_tmb) is it often brings you into contact with many incredibly talented independent jewellery businesses that I wouldn't know existed otherwise.

I've already become addicted to a number of boutiques which produce some stunning pieces. One that I have a soft spot for in particular is Cheap Frills, which is run by the lovely Georgie, who actually resides in Brighton the lucky thing, not jelly at all, & has such a delightful selection of pretty vintage bling. I thought I'd share with you beauts a few bits & bobs I've picked up from this store which has become a firm fav of mine...

One of the first items I ever purchased after having a browse through all the delightful wares on offer was this adorable golden bee & amber stone necklace...isn't it so puuuurdy?

First things first though I absolutely adored how the necklace came packaged when it arrived. Each piece is parceled inside a cute paper bag & sealed with wax & a Cheap Frills stamp embossment which I thought to be so quaint & its little touches like this that really endear me to a product!

The necklace itself is exceptionally pretty with the delicate gold chain, intricately detailed solid bee pendant & the pretty amber heart stone to complete the whole piece. Now in reality bees actually scare the beejesus (pun totally intended...sorry) out of me. However in jewellery form...no such problems. Weird.

Another couple of pieces I couldn't resist hauling a little later on were these super cute silver arrow earrings & swallows nest necklace which came with it. These pretty items of bling have all gotten a lot of usage!

Lovely right?  I definitely urge you to check out Cheap Frills if you're looking for pretty cameo jewellery & accessories. I already have my eye on the Oxblood Vintage Cocktail Ring! Unfortunately I don't think the Bee & Amber necklace is available any more (I did get it a while back!) however Georgie is forever introducing new equally stunning pieces & FYI there's always some fab bling around Halloween time so defo worth keeping an eye out!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Till next time.

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Cuticle Tattoo Henna Style Nails

Hey there lovely readers! Hope you're enjoying this glorious weekend & a happy Eid to all who have been celebrating these past two days.

There's a trend on the nail scene that's recently caught my radar of late & tis one I am LOOOOVING muchly! What is it I hear you ask? Cuticle Tattoos!

I'm sure you're familiar with the pretty metallic tattoos that have been hitting the festival scene, which has had everyone go ga ga over. A fun way of adding a bit of glam to any ensemble, well why not add a bit of glam to the nails too?!

I adore henna body art, growing up in an Asian household, henna is something I'm pretty familiar with, always loving some sort of pretty design for weddings, events etc. One of the things about henna though, despite the pungent smell that puts a lot of people off, once the design starts fading on your skin, it definitely loses some of its prettiness! When I go for designs, I always prefer something simple yet elegant which is why I heart these cuticle tattoos from Charlies Nail Art store with their black henna like vibe.

You may recall me mention Charlies NailArt store a few times on here already, lets just say I am thoroughly addicted to this online store for bargain nail art supplies, the cuticle tattoos being one of them. There are a variety of different designs to choose from, each as pretty as the other & they really are a unique way of adding a bit of extra wow factor to your nails, making the mani look so much more interesting. Not to mention they're super simple & straightforward to use!

I wanted the focus to be on the cuticle tattoos so decided to go for a nude pink mani using Wet N Wild Private Viewing which I picked up in NYC earlier this year. I adore this, its like the PERFECT nude! The formula was a tad runny, however the brushes on these are fab, making application a piece of cake. I applied two coats before doing a straightforward design by applying a few strategically placed lines with my Models Own nail art pen in Black.

Once my mani was dry, it was time to apply the tats! You get a sheet of twenty cuticle tattoos of various sizes, so its easy to match up against your nail. Remember those temporary tattoos you used to wear as a wee one making you feel like the coolest kid on the block? Well these work in the exact same way. Simply cut around the tattoo you will be using, peel of the clear film & place tattoo facing down just below the cuticle.

Then using a wet cotton pad, press down firmly for about 20-30 seconds & the paper should slide right off & away leaving the pretty design on the skin.

I discovered as I went along that its much better to cut as close to the design as you can as this makes placement much easier! Lets just say that the positioning on the first hand was way off as you can see haha! But practice makes perfect & even if you don't get it directly by the cuticle, it still looks great!

Now these really are temporary, you can get a good days wear before they start to noticeably peel away from the skin & when they do, just simply peel off the remainder, which comes away very easily.

Charlies Nail Art store have a variety of lovely designs to choose from & for the absolute bargainous price of just £1.25 how can you resist? I definitely can't & I predict another nail art haul happening in the not too distant future!

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Thanks as always for reading! 

Lotsa love to ya!