NOTD - Wicked Inspired Nails Tutorial!

Hey there my lovely readers!

If you caught my last post where I reviewed the Mitty Burns Peel Off Tape Barriers for easy nail art clean up, you'll remember how we left things...with a neon gradient nail base of yellow & green that was begging for some nail art action...

Well I had me some plans for this base & in particular with this colour combo especially. I recently went on a little London adventure with my dearest chum which saw us popping by the Apollo Theatre to finally watch the award winning show Wicked which (no pun intended) we absolutely loved. Honestly we must've been the last humans on earth NOT to have seen it & I'm glad to finally tick it off my list. 


Mitty Flawless Finish Peel Off Mani Tape Review

Hi there lovely readers!

When it comes to doing nail art, no one likes a lot of mess. And yup there are a number of techniques that can cause just that, thus putting many people off doing them. Sad times. However nail art has come a long way & now there are lots of ways to make the whole process so much easier with minimal stress & easy cleanup! Happy times!

I'm sure you've heard of the method of using liquid latex as a skin barrier when doing messy nail art such as sponging, stamping, water marbling etc. If not then go have a peek at my post touching on that HERE.

Using liquid latex really has been a game changer for sure, waving goodbye to the days of having to wrap cellotape around your cuticles, praise the gods! 

One little product that caught my eye were these peel off mani tape barriers from Mitty Burns that basically work in the same way except, not only are they latex free which is fab news for those who have skin allergies but also no fiddly bottle or brushes required, or waiting around for the barrier to dry, you simply peel the tape from the sheet, wrap it around the skin, then peel off in one go after you've done you nail art! Nifty! 


KISS Gel Fantasy Press On Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

Being the bonafide polish lover, I'm not usually one for falsies. However I can't deny that having some stick on nails on stand by is actually quite handy, a fact proved quite recently when I had a last minute family do to attend & no time to paint the nails!

I was sent the Kiss Gel Fantasy Press On Nails* a while back & as mentioned, as I don't really like to use false nails I honestly did not think I would use them! But thankfully there they were ready to save the day & by doing so, also proved to me that they are actually pretty darn awesome as falsies go! Forgive me for neglecting you so.


NOTD - Pastel Cherry Blossoms

Hey there lovely readers!

Cherry Blossoms have to be one of my favourite blooms with their pretty, feminine & elegant presence. Not only do I adore the florals themselves when they come out in all their glory every year but I am a sucker for anything cherry blossom print & especially (surprise surprise) nail art!

I've done a couple of different takes on the design, which you can see HERE & HERE. This time I was in the mood for some soft pastel tones & gradient nails as its been a while since I've done me some good ol sponging & this was the outcome!