Easter NOTD - Cheeky Chicks!

Greetings to you my chickadees & a Happy Easter weekend! Hope you've all made a start on the chocolate over indulging that is an absolute necessity on this holiday, I plan to feel like a complete heifer before the day is through so I'd best get started!

Now brace yourselves lovelies for the complete & utter mani fail I'm about to throw your way today you lucky things you. I wanted to squeeze in another quick Easter themed mani so literally threw this one together & it was pretty much one of those situations where once I started to realise this mani was going downhill fast, I had already reached the point of no return, there was no going back, I simply had to continue & finish. So here we go dears, some rather psychotic looking cheeky chicks...

For my base I used the gloriously sparkly Seventeen Juicy Neons Nail Effects in Yellow which, whilst a lovely & bright shade, was much sheerer than I realised & therefore needed a good three coats for good coverage. At least I know now for next time to use a base colour underneath. I do like the pretty glass fleck sparkles muchly though.

Next for the shells which were a bit higher up the nail than I wanted, I used my Models Own nail art pen in White for the cracked edge before filling out the bottom with NYC Pinstripe White. Because of the glittery textured base I had to do a few coats of the white which made my shells super thick industrial strength nigh on unbreakable eggshells...its a miracle the little chickys cracked through in the first place...

Finally to bring my chicks to life I simply dotted on two black dots, adding a smaller white dot inside for the eyes, before sticking on some tear drop shaped orange rhinestones for the beaks & a wee 3D touch.

Finishing off with a good few coats of topcoat & some drying drops to help speed up the drying time of the 50 or so different polish layers going on there & Easter mani was finally done...*wipes brow*

Think I might go lie down now....Thanks as always for reading lovely ones & enjoy the rest of your Easter breaks!

Lotsa love to ya!


Easter NOTD - Duck Egg Nails!

Hullo there cherubs! Hope you're all having a tip top week, the weather is slowly but steadily picking up, work is good & the countdown has already begun for the beauty that is a four day Easter weekend, also giving two very delightfully shortened weeks in the process! *happy dance*
A wee bit concerned I haven't consumed me an easter egg yet though, plenty of the mini variety but those little uns hardly factor, this is something I plan to rectify greatly in the upcoming days...

Speaking of Easter naturally brings me on to the subject of today’s post...Easter themed nails! Unfortunately I can't seem to find the time lately to do any nail art but I am definitely going to try at the weekend! However I realised after doing this mani how much it resembled duck eggs, which is kind of an Easter theme right? Hey presto quick & easy Easter nails! All ya need? A base colour & some crackle polish!

I was sooo delighted with how these came out as I didn't expect it at all! Remember good ol' crackle polish? With all the many different types of texture polishes available now, crackle polishes have taken a bit of a back seat but I've definitely rekindled my love for them with this!

I just LOVE the colour combination of this, yes it even requires the use of capitals, it screams Spring as well as Easter to me! For the base I used Ciate Purple Sherbet, a pretty pale lilac that's quite sheer therefore needed a coupla coats for opacity.

Now that beautiful crackle topper from China Glaze, if I'd known China Glaze's crackle polishes were this great I would have made it my mission to own them all yonks ago! This particular shade which I found in Sally's is Crushed Candy & its not only the pale mint colour I love but also the way it crackles on the nail, creating such a pretty duck egg like effect whilst still showing plenty of the base colour.

A bit of topcoat for shine, bingo quick & easy Easter mani is good to go! Lets just pretend that I didn't happen to knock my thumb soon after finishing creating an annoying chip that I couldn't be done to rectify...O_o

Thanks as always for reading lovelies, hope you liked! Have you done any Easter nails? Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Tribal Tips!

Happy Sunday to you my lovely readers, hope you are all having a good weekend?

Yesterday I headed to the capital for a friends birthday celebrations which included a most incredible Mad Hatters Tea Party at The Sanderson Hotel. You'll probably know by now that I ADORE going for afternoon tea, I also love all things Alice In Wonderland & having the two of those combined yesterday...amazing. From musical sugar boxes to intriguingly flavored teas (apple pie, strawberries & cream to name a few!) & of course not forgetting many delightful nom nom foodstuffs, everything about the experience was absolutely delightful, including the service & I definitely recommend you go!

Today I have some quick nail art to share with you lovelies featuring another beauty from Models Own & sort of continuing with the 'tea' theme I guess with the gorgeous Green Tea!

Green Tea had been on my wish list for yonks & I finally nabbed it in that most glorious of events, the Models Own half price sale a while back (please do another one Models Own...pretty please).

I do love my greens (the shade that is...foods...not so much) & Green Tea is a lovely vibrant green that actually surprised me by drying to a matte finish.

Whilst the matte look is definitely interesting, I'm a glossy gal at heart so went in with a coat of topcoat for some shine!

For the nail art touch I went in with my Models Own nail art pen & just kinda decided to go with the flow with this tribal/aztec vibes design on the tips, I do that quite often with nail art, starting a random design with no clue whatsoever & just hope for the best! Haha! But I'm happy with how these came out!

Finishing off with another slick of topcoat for extra gloss & mani done :) Thanks for reading lovelies! Do you prefer mattes or glossies? Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


What I Wore...I Like To Mauve It...

Bonjour sweetpeas! Hows this week treating you all thus far?

Twas dreading the work commute this week, as for the past month there have been threatened roadworks leaving moi in a highly panicked state, especially at the thought of leaving home at the crack of dawn to avoid traffic! But...as luck would have it, the drive has been bliss! One of the fab things about school holidays...no traffic *sighs* And even with the roadworks I'm still arriving at work on time, hurrah!

Speaking of work, I thought I'd throw on ze blog a recent work outfit. I am nothing if not a major bargain hunter & take pride in the fact that pretty much every piece of clothing I own was bought on sale! I've even been known to tell mates to have a little patience...that dress they MUST have...those SHOES they will simply die without...just wait a wee while & hey presto, said items can be nabbed at a fraction of the price! Of course I know a lot of it is luck half the time but ya never know eh?

This here dress was one such sale purchase, its prettiness immediately caught my eye whilst browsing through H&M but I told myself to hold off for a bit & a few weeks later what do you suppose I found on the sale rack for a fiver? :D

H&M truly do have the best sales, go have a hunt next time you're there & see what bargain treasures you can find! This beautiful mauve pink wrap dress with its dainty sleeves has a fabulously feminine 1940's vintage style vibe, it fits on like you would a jacket, slipping the arms through the sleeves before bringing the dress around & buttoning up on the side before tying the black belt. (Just in case you weren't sure how the whole 'putting on a jacket' business worked...)

The material is a gorgeous mauve/rose pink chiffon that flows around the knees so prettily making one perform most unnecessary swishy manoeuvres & twirls thus earning themselves one or two odd/concerned/frightened stares.
The knee high suede boots were a Clarks purchase a few Boxing Day sales back & without a doubt my favorite pair ever. These babies have got me through entire weekends in London with both feet still intact *high five*

Have you found any fab bargains of late? Thanks as always for reading my lovelies! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!