NOTD - Pointed Angles & Polka Dots!

Hello there lovely readers!

Today's nail art was one of my "extreme acts of randomness....just go in with a few magic spells and hope for the best" type designs & features a simple geometric style with pointed triangles & a few polka dots thrown in for luck. I find the combination of sharp pointy edges mingled with with soft round circles strangely satisfying 


Disney Nail Art Series - Beauty and the Beast!

Hello there lovely readers!

Now this is something that I have been wanting to do on my blog for the longest time & for various reasons prolonged but now I am finally on it huzzah! As you may know about me, one of my great loves is Disney. It played a huge part in my upbringing & still to this day I love nothing more than taking a break from adulting & indulging in a Disney movie marathon, immersing myself back into that magical world. One of my best holidays was Christmas spent in Disneyland Paris 4 years ago & I am yearning to visit Florida's offering one day. So it would only make sense to channel this passion of mine through another love which is of course....nail art!

I already have a few Disney themed manicures that I cannot wait to share with you, I'll be exploring all sides of Disney, both Good and Evil in my nail art series, so this will include not only Princesses but Villains & additional characters as well, if you have any requests then please do let me know! But to start off my Disney Nail Art Series I thought I would begin with of course the main movie remake that EVERYONE is talking about at the moment....Beauty and The Beast which I went to see last Friday!


NOTD - Blue & White China Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

Now you know how much I adore my afternoon teas, the numerous reviews on here would be a dead giveaway...One of my favourite parts of a good tea, other than the food of course, is the pretty crockery used to partake. Call me crazy (many do) but I do feel a cup of tea tastes better when sipped from a pretty cup & saucer ;) I adore intricately patterned teacups & have a somewhat odd addiction you might say of accumulating said crockery, a habit that drives my mother bonkers as I guess it ruins the aesthetic of her neatly ordered cupboards with my random finds. There is a point of me talking about this topic by the way & that point leads naturally to my other addiction...nail art! 

Many times I've found myself inspired to create nail art using some of the designs I've come across on my teacup & saucer adventures.


NOTD - Jewel Bloom Nail Art Tutorial

Hello my lovely readers!

A wee tutorial for you today, I want to try & do more step by step pictorials for you to show just how easy it can be to create fun & fabulous designs on your nails! My favourites this year so far have to be my Flamingo Nails, they just make me smile so much & I'm itching to do them again. But of course Mother Nature will play a big part in allowing this to happen & whenever she doth bestow upon me decent lighting & time for photos I will make sure to take advantage!