Buffed & Polished Nails in Seconds with Micro Nail Electric Nail Polisher!

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This latest post involves me doing something that is dreaded a wee bit by most nail bloggers (or maybe its just me!) Today I will be sharing with you my BARE nekkid nails O_o *cue soap opera style dramatic crescendo*

Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a tad & its not quite the crisis situation, but for someone who wears polish pretty much 24-7, I do feel naked without! However in the name of blogging I shall brave it as today I'll be touching on the subject of nail buffing & on this nifty little contraption in particular that makes the whole step mess free & straightforward...the *Micro Nail Electronic Nail Polisher

I'm ashamed to admit but when it comes to nail care, I've only really started paying attention to my nubbins *hangs head in shame* This includes all aspects; moisturising, scrubbing, cuticle care, buffing. Thankfully, my nails aren't in that bad condition, maybe I saved them just in time haha! One thing I have suffered from however is bumpy/ridged surfaces with the occasional flaking due to my calcium deficiency which can result in an uneven finish to a mani, despite base-coating,  very frustrating!  

Buffing can help with this & is a step of the nail care routine that is recommended every couple of weeks ONLY, any more then you can risk damaging your nails! I'm sure you're familiar with buffing blocks that are available in the nail care section of most beauty stores. The Micro Nail works in the same way, the benefit of it being that you not only have your nails buffed but super polished & shiny with minimum dusty mess within seconds. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Oh & did I mention it was PINK?? ;) 

The MicroNail is battery operated & comes with two attachments. A grey roller which is the buffer & a white roller which does the polishing. You get two of each & attaching the rollers to the device is super easy. Just pull off the grey buffer roll when done buffing & push on the white roll for polishing.

It is recommended to use the buffer on the surface of the nail, not pressing too hard for about two seconds per nail. Just switch the Micro Nail on by pushing up the button, glide the roller over the nail surface for 2 seconds or until you notice the surface has smoothed out nicely. So here we go with a before pic for you of my natural nails...o_O

After buffing all ten nails, switch to the white roller & go back & polish up those nubbins! I was super impressed with not only how quickly, all ten nails were buffed & polished with minimal mess but the finish of my nails was SO good,...I actually didn't wear polish for the rest of the day....and that my dears is BIG ;) Here's the obligatory after pics...  

After using the MicroNail you are left with nails that look in healthy condition & salon treated with their glossy finish. I also noticed later on when I applied polish (of course I gave in eventually) that it glided onto the nail beautifully & left a lovely smooth surfaced finish. 

So there you have it, a device which has proven that it does actually give results & isn't just a gimmick like so many others out there. My mother has already "borrowed" it many times, which reminds me I need to go hunt it down!  

The device can be used on both hands & feet, for when your doing a pedicure & would be perfect for those who wish to have salon finish nails but perhaps cannot wear polish for work or simply prefer that simple clean manicured look! 

The MicroNail retails for £39.99 & is available online. However Boots currently have it on offer for £29.99 & if that couldn't be topped... lookfantastic have it for a bargainous £19.99 right now! Almost half price!

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Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


NOTD - Lady Penelope by True Brit London

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Wooo scorching enough for you?! Hope you're all coping with this heatwave okay dolls!

Time to share another pretty polish offering from new nail polish brand *True Brit London. So far I've shown you the delights that were *Cream Tea & *Knightsbridge. Today sees the turn of a pow wow shade if there ever was one, here we have *Lady Penelope from the English Rose collection...

What did I tell you? Now that's a shade to get your nails noticed! Inspiration for this shade came from none other than the iconic secret agent who oozes sophisticated style in abundance, the Lady Penelope from the much loved retro show Thunderbirds. 

Lady Penelope is a vibrantly pigmented fuchsia creme polish, of course it would be, I would expect nothing else from a polish named after the field agent with a penchant for all kinds of pink! Major car envy FYI...

The formula was lovely to work with, this is two coats applied over the *True Brit London Caviar base coat. Application was smooth & opaque in finish, with quick drying time.

In honour of Lady Penelope, I opted for some added detail in the form of cute pink heart rhinestones applied to each nail, before sealing with the *True Brit London Gloss topcoat for a super glossy finish.

Another stunner! It has to be said that True Brit London have really impressed me with their innovative range. The polishes I've tried so far have been top notch in quality & deliverance & I still have one last shade to share with you so do keep your eyes peeled for that as its a bobby dazzler!

Also, a little treat for you, the lovely folks over at True Brit London have offered to give you, my beautiful readers, a 10% discount off  your order! Simply use the code TRULY10. :) And if that wasn't fab enough, they are currently celebrating Wimbledon with a special 15% off for a limited time! Simply enter DEUCE for your discount. The entire range can be found online.

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Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


NOTD - Knightsbridge by True Brit London

Hi there lovely readers!

Earlier on this week I blogged about exciting new brand to enter the nail polish world, True Brit London*, today I have another offering from their range to share with you. So far I've shown you Cream Tea, a scrummy angelic baby pink creme. When it came to deciding which polish to play with next I opted for the beaut Knightsbridge* from the Signature Collection...

Knightsbridge* is a rather lovely, earthy grey/olive green toned foil, really unusual & from the top of my head nothing quite like anything I own, so I'm completely in love with the uniqueness of it.

The formula is thick yet applied smoothly over the True Brit London Caviar base coat. With foils there is the risk of serious streaking & a ridged finish however I experienced no problems with Knightsbridge* & you can actually get away with just one coat as it was totally opaque.

I'm a creature of habit however & stuck to my religious two coats which dried in quick time with a nice smooth & shimmery almost mirror like reflective finish.

I applied a coat of the True Brit London Topcoat on top & for a little added extra detail, stuck on a pretty cross nail charm which I purchased from Charlies Nail Art store. Definitely worth checking this online nail art store for bargainous supplies! 

The topcoat is lovely & thick therefore was perfect for sticking down the charm without the need for glue. I think the cross charm & polish go so well together, giving the mani a gothic Medieval vibe!

Definitely an interesting & unique one from the Signature collection! True Brit London polishes retail for £12.50 & are currently available online, however I anticipate they will be making their pretty way into retail stores soon!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies, I still have two shades to share with you from the range so stay tuned!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


Beauty Icon Makeup Inspiration - Cat Eye Wing Eyeliner...

Greetings to you my lovely readers!

Here's a question for you, when it comes to your makeup style, do you seek inspiration from a particular era? Be it a modern day celebrity or an iconic beauty of the past, no doubt there have been many women whose unique styles have left a mark on the beauty world. Personally, when it comes to my go to makeup look there is one thing I am usually NEVER without...cat eye winged liner. A look that was very popular with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Bridget Bardot, Sophia Loren & many other beautiful icons of the vintage film era.   

source: google images

Of course these ladies knew how to ROCK the red lip also, yet being slightly terrified of bright lips in general, I'm one of those that much prefers to focus on the eyes. Just the simple addition of a cat eye flick can transform your look, emphasizing & making the eyes stand out, a look that Bridget Bardot had down to perfection & one that I love to try to channel in my makeup.  

Recreating a look similar to that which these ladies rocked so fabulously back in the day doesn't have to be a difficult task either! As long as you have in your make up arsenal the core item which has come to be one of my holy grail beauty products...Felt Tip Eyeliner.

Being a complete eyeliner addict & having tried & tested literally ALL types of eyeliner out there, gel, liquid, pencil, you name it, I am always & forever returning to my beloved felt tip eyeliners.

I've found that not only are they effortless for creating the perfect cat eye wing shape, but the pen design gives you more control, perfect if your an eyeliner newbie & not confident with it. A couple of my favourites are by Bourjois and Make Up Revolutions. Not only are they pigmented but both have great longevity. However there are many great quality ones available including offerings from MAC, Urban Decay & YSL to name but a few! All these & more can be found online in the House of Fraser Makeup Department...a makeup addicts dream!

Everyone has their own way to create their cat eye wings that they are comfortable with, of course there are numerous tutorials on YouTube with detailed steps that are very helpful. I prefer to start on the outer corner & draw my wing first before going on to the lid, finishing about halfway.

If you're not sure which direction or how far out to take the eyeliner, a little helpful tip for creating the perfect angle for your wing; simply line up your pen at an an angle from the corner of your eye, going up to the end of your eyebrow, applying a dotted line if it helps & use this as your guide. 

Once drawn, you can then go back & shape it up a bit more if you wish, curving the bottom edge, defining the point etc. You know how it is ladies with getting that perfect flick!

source: google images

Once you're happy with the finished wing, you can keep it as it is for a simple low key look a'la Marilyn Monroe or you can go full on Sophia Loren & pile on more for that fully defined feline look. Just line the waterline with a gel eyeliner, my personal favourite being MAC Fluidline with its smooth formula & for added oomph factor, go in with pencil liner on top & smoke out on to the lower lid. Urban Decay 24/7 is one you can't go wrong with, super pigmented!

And there you have it! That's my simple way on how to channel the look of some of my favourite movie star divas of the vintage era. I hope you've enjoyed this wee post which I've also written as my entry for a wonderful competition that House of Fraser are running at the moment who are currently on the hunt for a Beauty Ambassador, details can all be found HERE if you're interested in applying too! 

Thanks as always for reading lovelies, I would love to know who your beauty icon inspirations are! 

Lotsa love to ya!