NOTD - Dragon Egg Nails plus Step by Step Tutorial!

Hello there lovely readers! 

Taking a wee reprieve from Halloween Nail Art for the moment (not for long though!) as I really wanted to share this mani with you! 

You may remember the stunning Chameleon Flakies I reviewed a few posts back from Beauty Big Bang? These little pots of wonderfully magical flakes transform an ordinary polish into a stunningly ethereal multichrome flakie finish. 

Each shade has a different colour shift effect, the J2443-3A flakies, when applied over a dark polish, gave a stunning purple to green colour shift, have a peek at my post HERE to see how pretty it is. Well naturally I was eager to see how the other shade I picked J2443-4A would fare so couldn't wait to give it a try & this time, keeping in with the dragon theme I decided to use it as the perfect base to create me some Dragon Egg Nails!


Halloween Nails - Blood and Bats!

Hello there lovely readers!

Here we are at Halloween Mani number 3 already! 

Every year I like to roll out a gory blood themed mani of some kind for Halloween, usually in the form of delightful drips. When this weeks theme in my nail art challenge came up as Vampire/Bats I decided to just put the two together & rustle up this Bats & Blood manicure, killing two birds (or bats in this case) with one stone....


Halloween Nails - Spooky Cemetery Scene!

Hey there lovely readers!

Time for another Halloween mani! I've never done a Cemetery/Graveyard scene design before yet always loved seeing so many interpretations, so when this theme popped up as one of the prompts in an Instagram nail art challenge, I though it high time I give it a go!
Whilst I'm not entirely happy with my freehand Cemetery design itself, I'm still absolutely in love with this mani, especially that base!


Halloween Nails - Ghoulish Yin Yang Ghosts!

Hello there lovely readers!

We are officially now in my favourite time of year, Autumn & October with its abundance of candles & cosy nights soothes my soul greatly & of course most importantly tis October which holds the best holiday of all...Halloween!

Not sure how one will be marking the occasion this year, every time plans are made I always seem to end up changing mind last minute & having a low key celebration...lets see how it pans out this year. In the run up to the big day, you know I like to get into the spirit of things in my favorite way of course!

I have lots of ideas floating around, though how many of these will actually see the light of day remains to be seen. But lets start things of with a ghoulish vibe shall we with some spooky ghost nails with a Yin Yang twist! I saw this design on YouTube & absolutely LOVED the idea of incorporating two tone ghosts to form a Yin Yang symbol, easy to do on account of their curvy ghoulish shapes.