NOTD - Floating Hearts Nails plus Tutorial ft KIKO True Love Lacquer!

Hello there my lovely readers!

Another Valentines themed mani for you today my dears! This time I've thrown together some fun floating hearts that are super simple to do & which I'll show you how to create...

For this I've used KIKO's True Love Lacquer in Red Kiss, which the lovely Safiyah aka Frootibeauty kindly gifted me when I saw her recently because she's just an absolute angel who knows my weakness! I've always adored KIKO polishes, fab quality for a bargain price. Well I saw this & though it an apt polish for a Valentines manicure!

What I didn't realise however was that these particular polishes from KIKO's recent BFF collection for Valentines day are actually textured! By the time I noticed this I was already on my 3rd nail in haha! 

The True Love Nail Lacquers are micropearls which in fact dry to a matte textured finish, almost like sand effect polishes. I hadn't seen any swatches online so you could say it took me by surprise a tad. Normally I wouldn't have chosen a textured/effects polish for this type of mani but hey ho, I rolled with it anyhoos :)

The theme of the polish not to mention the fire engine red shade was perfect for a valentines mani. The textured finish is definitely interesting, matte polish lovers especially would love it. You have to work quick with the polish as the formula can get gloopy if overworked hence why its not the best choice for nail art, & the polish dries fast, another bonus of these textured type polishes.

Here's a quick step by step guide on how to create the floating hearts french nails...

To create the sharp edged french tip & to help shape the heart I've used these pointed manicure guides which I picked up in Savers a while back but you can easily find these on Ebay or Born Pretty Store. You can of course do it all free hand but these definitely make life easier! And I'm ALL for that ;)

I start off with a bare nail base as I'll be using the guides & don't want to risk them peeling off a base coat when removing. Plus I find the guides stick better to a bare nail.

Position your guide about 3/4 of the way on the nail, depending on how thick you want your french edge. As I currently have small nubbins I position my guides a bit further down to give the illusion of tips, WHY OH WHY DO YOU KEEP BREAKING NAILS?! I'VE BEEN GOOD TO YOOOOOUUUU!!! ....*cough*....Apologies...my current nail length state is a sensitive subject at the moment...

Start with drawing your heart. Using a fine nail art brush, dip into your polish & free hand two curved line next to each other creating the top of your heart. You can see how the guide helps with the shaping of your heart.

Then using the brush from the polish, apply the polish to the tips. Its good to use a thick opaque shade for negative space mani's like this as ideally you only want to apply one coat.

Once you've applied your polish to the tips, immediately remove the guide, with a pair of tweezers if you have some just to make it a tad easier, whilst the polish is still wet.
Once removed you have your floating heart & french tip! 

Don't worry if some polish has smudged whilst removing your guides, I always do a bit of clean up at this point with my brush & acetone, going along the lines so that the edges are sharp & clean.

I also went over the floating heart once more to get a stronger colour pay off as well as making the bottom point & edges a bit more curved & neater.

I still felt it missing something, so whenever this happens I reach for MAH GLITTAH! Using some glitter red polish I applied some sparkle to the inner edge of the tips. This is of course an optional step.

Because I wanted a super glossy finish & not the textured effect, though to be honest I actually quite liked that too,  I went over the mani with two thick coats of topcoat to get that sheen. 

And thats it! Hope you liked the floating hearts valentines nails lovelies! Thanks as always for reading! 

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD -Valentines Inspired Heartbeat Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

So Valentines is around the corner aka the perfect excuse to reach for those pretty pinks & reds in particular to help romance up those nails which I can never resist doing as I always love an excuse to play around with nail art :) You can see some of the Valentines themed mani's I've done in the past HERE if you're looking or a wee bit of inspo. Today I have for you some skip a beat, Heartbeat Nails!

A bit different eh? I wanted my heartbeat design to stand out so opted for a nude coloured base but you can of course totally have a play around with whichever colours you like!

To start off I applied two coats of this Seche Vite Blanc II, a soft creamy beige, not the most mind blowing in quality or colour, simply the first nude polish that was within reach at the time haha! The first coat was a tad streaky, but managed to smooth out in the second coat.

I then decided to add a coat of Ulta3 Crystallina to just jazz it up a tad. I love adding this pretty ethereal holo white on top of ordinary shades to give them a pretty iridescent pixie like glow!

Next for my heartbeat line I decided to first draw the design using the nib end of my WAH London nail art pen in a hot pink shade as this allows you to draw much finer lines than what could be achieved with a brush.

To do the design just apply the polish across the middle of each nail with your nib, starting with a straight(ish!) line, adding some up & down zig zags along the way, not forgetting to do the heart shaped beat on the middle nail.

I wasn't satisfied with the level of pink so I decided to then go over the lines with this lovely KIKO hot pink glass fleck shade 277 with a fine brush, which gave the design a satisfying shimmer :)

Finish with a coat of topcoat and you're done!

I hope you liked these Valentines themed nails! Thanks as always for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


A Good Nights Kip In A Jar - Temple Spa's Repose Aromatherpy Resting Cream

Hey there my lovely readers,

So here's the dealio...I like sleep...A LOT. Who doesn't?! Kipping is important to me & if there was an Olympic sport for napping I'd be a gold medalist. If for whatever reason I find myself struggling with having a decent nights sleep be it health, work, stress related then I mourn the loss greatly!  Discovering a product that promises to help aid with this & not just that but encourage relaxation & rest then I am all over it...thus let me introduce you to the delightful 'duvet for the skin that is Temple Spa'sRepose Aromatherapy Resting Cream

TempleSpa is brand I was introduced to at an event & intrigued me with its philosophy of combining spa aromatherapy with skincare to create a range of luxurious products that promise to replenish & revive. Being an avid fan of spa-ing & facials this concept definitely appealed & if I could gain such results from the comfort of home then even better! I've had the pleasure of trying out a few of their products lately, one being this little pot of loveliness which has impressed me greatly.

The Repose Aromatherapy Resting Cream is a lusciously rich formula containing plant extracts, anti-oxidants & a heavenly infusion of essential oils including Frankincense & Lavender to name a couple, creating a sensuously soothing & calming aroma. If you are a fan of herbal spa scents then you will love this too.

The cream functions as both a day & night cream, but I've only been using this in the evenings when I am in need of some extra pampering. As mentioned the formula is rich however does not feel overly thick or greasy at all, instead gliding like silk on to the skin, leaving my skin feeling cashmere soft.

After completing the obligatory evening skincare steps, makeup removal, cleansing, face oil etc, I then introduce this as the last step of the ritual. A little goes a long way, I like to dot the cream onto the face, then slowly massage it in, focusing on the temple areas so it feels like I'm almost giving myself a mini facial treatment before bed. I also make sure to inhale those soothing scents whilst doing so.

I'll be honest with you, I'm quite the cynical person & was ready to think this cream to be yet another gimmicky product however, after using it & experiencing some of the most lushest sleepy times I've had in a long time...well. I am in LOVE & I can understand now why Temple Spa products are so praised. 

The Repose Aromatherapy Cream retails for £39. You can find the Temple Spa range in Harrods, Selfridges and online. Definitely a brand worth checking out, I know I would definitely be happy to be gifted some Temple Spa! 

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


ZAP! Liquid Latex Nail Art Skin Protector Review!

Hello lovely readers!

You may remember I did a post a while back on Masking Fluid & how it can be used for easy clean up when doing messy nail art? The idea is that you apply masking fluid to the skin around the nail, wait to dry, do your nail art, then simply peel off! Taking with it any messy splodges leaving you with a nice clean mani.

Another means of doing this & the more popularly known & used is liquid latex. I recently acquired a bottle of ZAP! Nail Art Skin Protector (RRP £6) from Rainbow Connection to see how it differed from the masking fluid. ZAP! is a liquid latex available in light blue, clear or pink shades & comes in a nifty polish bottle with brush applicator making application much easier.

I of course needed a gradient to test this baby out on so I used ZAP! whilst doing my Louboutin inspired gradient nails from my previous post.

Once I'd applied my base coat/colour, I then applied the ZAP! liquid latex, on to the skin area around the nail, making sure I went right up to the edge of the cuticle. The brush makes this task very straightforward & its a good idea to apply it quite thickly & about 1-2cm in width as this will make the peeling off part much easier!

Next leave the liquid latex to dry completely. The masking fluid tends to dry clear but as this latex is coloured it obviously won't do that! But it's not too difficult to tell when its dry & ready for you to continue. The ZAP! took around 5-10 minutes to dry completely.

Then go ahead & do your nail art, be it marbling, stamping or in my case...gradienting! Is that even a word?? Oh well. So I sponged away, not worrying about keeping it neat as I had my protective mask on the skin. Apologies for forgetting to snap a pic of nails just after doing the gradient...!*slaps forehead* What an eejit...

When your finished with your nail art, grab a pair of tweezers & begin gently lifting the latex from the skin, being careful not to grab any of your actual skin! If applied thickly enough you should be able to lift the whole layer of latex in one go which I was happy to find the ZAP! did do on most of my fingers with only one or two requiring two goes. FYI...SO SATISFYING...remember peeling glue from your hands after art class in primary school? This takes me back to those good old days :)

Once peeled away, you may be left with a little bit of latex right by the nail & also a little bit of polish, but this can be easily cleaned up with a a brush & acetone which I always finish with anyway. And hey presto, gradient nails done without the crazy mess!

Compared to the masking fluid, ZAP has done good! I'll definitely continue to use liquid latex for this method, however also take into note that those with a latex allergy will of course not suit this! You can find it easily from various online retailers such as Rainbow Connection & it comes in small bottles which is good if you are wanting to just try out. However once this runs out I'll be re-stocking from Ebay as recommended by the lovely Sammy at The Nailasaurus as its a tad cheaper plus you get more! *thumbs up* 

Thanks for reading dolls, till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!