Vamping It Up With Barry M Red Black plus OOTD

Hello there peaches! Oooo cold enough for ya?? AND they say that snow will be making a return as well! Oh deary dear…well I’m seeking refuge in my bed & blankies for now & I think I shall remain here for quite some time ;) I do love a good old zone out Sunday, made even better with some great murder mysteries on the telly, Poirot being a particular fav of mine, what’s yours?
So I’ve been rocking the fabulous GOSH Holographic on the nails these past few days, but a polish change was deffo on the cards. As mentioned in my previous post, the polish is uber funky & I love it muchly, but sadly the chips do begin to appear a tad quickly. So I decided to channel my inner goth & go for the fabulously vampish Barry M Red Black that recently came into my possession. And honey’s, I think I may have found my new fav polish…well for the time being anyhoo ;) No doubt I will discover another gorguz colour that will make its way to the top of my list, but until then this baby will have pride of place. I’ve been lusting after this shade for the longest time & I can’t believe it took me this long to get it. Like the name suggests it’s the most beautiful deep, dark red burgundy shade & looks so lovely on the nails, perfect if you want to go for a sophisticated, grunge-esque look but don’t wanna opt for all out black. Sorry about the quality of the pics dolls, crummy dull weather made it impossible to get a decent shot...

Application was an absolute doddle in two coats, as always is with good old Barry M polishes. The polish also has the most lovely glossy sheen to it that you don’t really need a topcoat, but I always apply one anyway, because it makes the polish last longer. I also recently purchased some nail art stickers, so bringing out my element of randomness to which I’m sure your all used to by now, popped on a little crown sticker on the accent finger. I really do hope to venture into the wonderfully fun world of nail art, but I’m taking itty bitty little steps. This probably doesn’t even qualify as nail art though! So whatchya think angels? Do you like to go dark??
Here’s my OOTD that I thought I’d share with y’all as it is one of my favs. This prettyfull dress has definitely gotten a lot of love from me since purchased from Topshop last year. I don’t actually own many things from there but totally fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it tucked away in the sales rack. Everything from the fit of the dress, to the skirt & floral pattern ticks all the right boxes for me! I deffo have a weakness for flower prints :) I paired it with some leggings, cardi & pointed kitten heels which I found in M&S of all places! Another place where I don’t tend to venture, but when I do am always pleasantly surprised.
On to other things, I finally went to see Black Swan Friday night. Absolutely definitely recommend you go see it, stunning & gripping, Natalie Portman’s performance is outstanding, which coming from me is a lot as I haven’t been a huge fan of her work, but deffo hats off to her in this. I won’t say much more but what I shall say is if you happen to take in food with ya, make sure you grip on to it! I will confess there was a point where the girl behind me jumped so much, she startled me even more & my poor nachos went a-flying into the lap of my neighbour…& I hadn’t even finished them! Bad times…but awesome movie so do go see it!
Anyhoos that all for now cherubs, hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Oh! & I almost forgot, if you fancy owning a bottle of the fab GOSH Holographic (which I’ve heard has now been discontinued) then just enter my teensy little giveaway if ya like & you could own one too!  Cheerios for reading! Mwah!

Lotsa love & hugs!


Bling Me Up Scotty! A Sparkling Spree plus a Galactic NOTD using “THAT” Nail Polish… ;) (Ickle Giveaway Too!)

Evening lovelies, hope you’re all having a good week so far, don’t worry…almost reached halfway point! A bit of a sparkly themed post today, in case you hadn’t guessed that already from the title ;) I think we all of us girlies may possibly have been magpie’s in a previous life. Its deffo a huge possibility for moi as I, as I’m sure many of you lovelies out there have an incredible weakness for all things that shimmer & sparkle. Recently picked up some lovely blingy bits on a naughty spree that was done not long after Xmas, although you’ll be proud of me when I say that all things were either on sale or purchased with that wondrous thing that is Boots Advantage Points!
I was drawn like a moth to the flame to the Accessorize fab 70% Sale, I admit I DO look forward to this every year as you can really grab some amazing bargains. Did you honeys manage to get anything? These are the few bits n bobs I managed to nab.
without flash
with flash
I really love these pieces as they are very different to anything I currently own. Except for maybe the black dangly ones, but in my world a girl can never have too many pairs of black earrings! I love the cream & gold combo, especially the little birdie cages! The necklace was deffo an eye-catcher for me & I thought it went really well with the other pieces too? So into the basket it went!
I recently saw a most gorguz statement piece of jewellery on the beautiful Kaushal’s blog. When she revealed that it was in fact from good ol’ Boots I was so surprised, certain it was designer! Resistance was futile & so of course I hurried on down to have a lookie at the 
jewellery section there & came away with these beauties. 
What do ya think...feathers...Yay or nay?? It’s a definite yay from me. Already excited to pair these with some outfits I have in my mind. Their definitely statement pieces & I adore the lot, the gems in the middle one are such a beautiful shade & super duper sparkly! And to top it all off I paid absolutely nothing for em! Well almost…a loyal Boots customer you might call moi, I hadn’t realised that I’d accumulated a nice bunch of points on my little cardy until the assistant told me AND that I could use these points to buy things! I had no idea you could do that! Haha! Was deffo one of my ‘few slices short of a loaf’ moments…
Anyhoo on to the NOTD of the moment, I am definately chanelling my inner spaceman you might say? I'm sure you've seen this jazzy polish pop up here & there recently on the blogosphere. It is of course the renowned GOSH Holographic & once I saw its unique prettiness, I just knew I had to have this polish in my collection. So off I hot footed it down to Superdrug to find it & luckily they had a few left! Phew! Couldn't wait to get home so's I could try this baby out! Here are the obligatory pics, apologies for the poor quality, because of this dreary dull weather we've been blessed with, pics seems to be coming out super crummy.
Sorry about crummy application, was a bit of a rush job...!
I can honestly say that pics do not do this polish justice at all. It really does create the most fab sparkly effect, but the polish is completely smooth with no gritty glittery bits. As you can see I had one of my random moments & painted my ring finger black. But I've gotta say that it can be very easy to loose patience with this polish as application isn't such a doddle. The first coupla coats were incredibly streaky, but easily rectified with a 3rd coat. Luckily because of the effect of the polish once its dried, (which didn't take long at all!) if you do still have a little streakiness you can't even tell! I think my big mistake however was applying a base & topcoat. It actually looked a lot better without it! Adding a topcoat actually dulls the effect a little but word of warning dearies...prepare yourself for chips the next day! Sadly this polishes lasting power isn't great, but I'm willing to overlook this due to its complete & utter grooviness! Deffo a great polish for a night out :)
I mentioned before that my local only had a few of these left & a little birdie told me that this polish is soon to be discontinued! So, addict that I am, I grabbed the lot! I plan on giving one to a friend & that leaves me with one to spare so I thought I would have my first very teensy giveaway! Just to say a humungous thank you to all you lovely ladies out there who read & follow my little blog. It means so much to me I can't even begin to tell you, that y'all take the time to read & comment on my rambles means the world to moi! & I love ya all soooo very muchly!!! So would you like to jazz up your nails & own this bottle of galactic dazzle too? If so then just follow these very simple rules to enter!
  1. Be a follower of my blog
  2. Write a comment telling me what your all time favourite nail polish/colour is! Hope to get some ideas on new ones to try!
  3. Leave your email at the end so's I can contact you if you win!
That's it! In the words of comparethemeerkat.com..."Simples!"  Good luck angels, thank you so much for reading! Mwah!

Lotsa dazzle dust love,


Lushaholics Anonymous

Happy Sunday darlings, hope you’ve all had a lovely jubbly weekend! Find myself in a bit of a giggly, happy go lucky mood at the mo, rather strange for me on a Sunday as I’m normally mourning the end of the too short weekend & dreading that Monday morning early wake up call. This could be due to the large quantity of chocolate caramel Santa’s that have been recently consumed amongst my person with the extra-large mug of caffeine induced coffee with it…couldn’t have the poor little things go to waste now could I? The poor suckers looked so neglected on the shelves of Hotel Chocolat with their 50% off sign so I did the polite thing & took them home with me  ;) So got me a nice buzzing thang going on! Just finished watching Aladdin too which will never fail to put a smile on this face, you will never be too old for a good old Disney movie in my opinion, we all went through a faze were we wanted to be Princess Jasmine or one of the many other beautiful Disney princess…actually err I think I’m probably still going through it! Also just had a funny moment were one of the password verification words that you have to type in to comment on a blog was…ya ready for it? Bumfluf!! Hahaha, so that deffo kept me entertained for a short while ;) See? Told ya I was in a nutty mood!
Anyhoo lets continue shall we…so, “Umm, Hey there everyone, my name is Aysha…& I am a Lushaholic.” Phew! Am glad I got that off my chest. Yes its true dear ones & I’m sure I’m not alone here? The day I discovered this wonderful place was a happy one for sure! Every time I’m near a LUSH store the excitement & joy takes hold & the heart starts beating nine to the dozen...a slight exaggeration perhaps. But I do love nothing more than perusing the many shelves filled with brightly coloured, yummy smelling bath stuffs, old & new, pondering on what my next fix will be. I’m sure the staff are probably a tad frightened of this strange girl who’s forever popping in & sniffing away like there’s no tomorrow!
I thought I’d share with y’all a couple of my fav LUSH products plus some goodies I picked up recently. Number one on my list has to be the absolutely scrumptious ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’ soap. If there is only one thing you try from LUSH I would deffo recommend this. It smells of deliciously yummy Honey & Toffee & is such a treat to use in the shower, I love using this with a pair of exfoliating gloves & it lathers up really nicely. I use this religiously now as before, whenever using other shower creams/gels my skin would be horribly dry after. Not with this though! I was delightfully surprised with how moisturised my skin felt after using this as I’d always thought soap to be very drying? I should mention I also used to have pimple/marks on my arms as well as dry skin patches which have all but disappeared since using this. And did I mention it smells absolutely delicious as well? God, if they only made an edible version of this…I insist do try!
pic taken from google images as mine is in quite a sorry state! need to re-stock asap
Next item is definitely the amazing bubble bars at LUSH, ‘The Comforter’ to be exact :) A most enjoyable past time is deffo a bath filled with pretty, sweetly scented bubbles. I’ve only tried a few so far & plan to try them all! However, of the ones that have been tested, ‘The Comforter’ stood out the most for moi. 
pics from google images
Not only does it look totally funky with its swirls of pink & white, I mean it definitely caught my eye in the shop, but it also smells of gorguz sherbet sweets & blackcurrant, really fruity. It also creates lots & lots of lovely bubbles that last a sufficient amount of time & turns the water a lovely pinky/purple colour. Can’t wait to try lots more which I shall be doing with my recent purchase! During the sale season I managed to nab The Gingerbread House Tin which contains not one but four lovely bath bars/bombs for me to try! Can’t wait to get cracking, haha I’m definitely a Winter baby, as you can tell for my love of baths. Are you a bath or shower gal?
Such a cute tin! Now I have something to store all my LUSH goodies in!
Clockwise from top - Lil Lush Pud, Gingerbread House, Cinders & Candy Cane
 And finally I just HAVE to mention my most recent LUSH purchase, As I've mentioned before, I suffer from the most horribly dry lips. Lately they haven't been behaving at all & I'd heard a lot about sugar scrubs for lips. I knew that LUSH had recently bought out something along these lines so went to pick up Sugar Scrub in Bubblegum yesterday. And oh my golly gosh girls! Its soooo yummy!! Seriously this is one addictive product...not good for a lushaholic. I have literally been using this all day, rubbing it on the lips & then joyfully licking it all off. Already I can tell a difference, my lips are feeling much smoother & I was able to apply some lippie today without lipbalm which is a 1st! Am really gonna enjoy using this baby, but lets get serious here for a sec. Could I make sugar scrub like this myself at home for a fraction of the price??? "Yeeees, I most probably could" WILL I make a sugar scrub at home for a fraction of the price?? "NNNNNah! Most probably not because I am just too lazy!" Shame on me but its true!
  So there ya have it lovelies, sorry went on for a bit there, but what can I say? I love my LUSH! :) Are there any other fellow Lushaholics out there?? You aren't alone angels, let yourselves be known to me! Hehe, as always thank you so much for reading lovelies. Thought I'd leave ya with some sneaky before & after pics of yummy choccies, as you probably know by now I also suffer from a mild case of chocaholic-ism...very very mild.
Poor buggers didn't stand a chance
Lots of sweet love & hugs!


Do Anything You Wanna Do…Just Don’t Step On My Pink Suede Shoes. A Tickled Pink Themed Post…Why Not? :)

Hey there cherubs! Hope you’re all well & having a lovely weekend :) What’s everyone been up to? So y’all are probably wondering about the slightly weird title of this post? There are shoes involved…but more on that later. Now who doesn’t mind a bit o’ pink every now & again? I certainly don’t, there’s just something about this pretty shade that puts a cheer to ones disposition no matter how dull a day, so I thought I would just share with y’all the few elements of pink in my life at the mo…
Soap & Glory Hand Food – if you’re a regular follower of my blog you will know all about my obsession with this delicious hand cream. Well the love affair continues! Not only does it smell so simply scrumptious that you just wanna gobble it up, but this luxurious cream leaves my hands feeling baby soft & moisturised, without none of that greasiness regularly associated with thick creams. And its pink! I just love the pretty eye-catching packaging, with its hint of retro-ness, it would certainly make you wanna stop & have a closer peek at the array products on offer :)
Pic taken fro Google Images
Pink pinkies – I went to get the locks trimmed the other day as they were in dire need of a cut & whilst there I saw on the counter a bowl filled with nail polishes. I was obviously drawn immediately to these so went to have a closer peek & noticed they were a foreign brand called Venezia that my hairdresser had bought back from Lebanon! Always one for trying new things I picked up a bottle for the shocking price of….50p! Ha-ha you know me, I do love me a bargain buy! I’ve been on the hunt for a while now for a pretty pink polish after seeing this gorguz manicure that the amazingly talented ‘Chelle’ from Cosmetic Cupcake had done & this colour caught my eye immediately as it’s almost the exact same shade! Yay! Now I didn’t really have high hopes for this polish, seeing as how much I paid for it but have to say I am pleasantly surprised! The formula is lovely & smooth, no gloopiness whatsoever & application was a doddle in just two coats! I also used the fab 3in1 Barry M base/topcoat which gave it a lovely glossy finish.

I just couldn’t stop looking at them all day, reminded me of bubble-gum! :) One thing I should mention though dolls, I applied a coat of Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth in the evening & this DID loosen up the formula a bit, so I had to wait a while, flapping my hands like a maniac for it to dry again. But that’s no biggie for me, may pop back to the salon actually to see if there are any left! I also had err a bit of a Barry M fix (cough!) & also picked up a coupla shades that I've wanted for a while, Black Red & Raspberry. I've seen these on a few blogs & loved, so of course they had to be in my possession! Black red is a stunning deep red that can be perfect if your feeling a grungy look coming on but don't wanna opt for black & Raspberry is a gorguz deep fuschia/magenta. Both look totally yummy & can't wait to use em!
And finally on to the shoes that were so blatantly referred to in the title…no I have not joined an Elvis Presley fan club, but ever since picking up what is definitely my bargain buy of the century, just cannot seem to get the damned song outta my head. They are not blue however but a beautiful, gorguz pink! I suppose now would be a good time to show you my new shoesies?? One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go! 
"SIGH!" Aren't they just prettyfull? And look! Did I mention they were pink?? Okay I may possibly be having a case of mild 'overthetop-ness'...apologies dolls. But I'm in love! These glorious bootsies & I found each other at the French Connection Sale that was on recently. Thank you to my aunts for dragging me in otherwise I wouldn't have these in my life & what a catastrophe that would be. The major plus point however has to be the price, I managed to nab these lovelies for 30 squids! Cut down from £120 I'd say that was a bargain to top bargains! The tight-ass cheapskate within is nodding its head in approval...I tried them on in store, did a few struts & they seem uber comfy too, but I guess the real test will be when I take them out for a night on the town. Speaking of, I have absolutely NO idea what I'm gonna wear them with as I've just realised I have a rather limited selection of pink clothing in my closet, but for now I'm happy to just admire them from a distance until that time comes....I know....I'm pathetic ;) haha!
Anyhoos that's all for now darlins, What colours are you loving at the mo? Are you a fan of the pink tones? Whats your most favourite pair of shoes? Thanks for reading sweetpeas, mwah!

Lotsa rosy pink love,


A Quickie Arabic Eye for those rushed (i.e. lazy) times…We all have em! ;)

Hello peaches! How are we? Fiiiinally the weekend is upon us! Woohoo! Is it just moi or has this week just dragged?! Well I’m certainly feeling that Friday feeling now, having just partook in some heavy duty but extremely satisfying feasting with one of my besties. Nando’s Peri Peri chicken was involved of course (must remain loyal to the covenant now…) extra hot all the way (had the special Pepto pink potion on my person so all is well) Chilli fix taken care of, we then hot-footed over to the new Deans Diner that has recently come to our town to get a hit of sugar rush American style :) The relief came in the form of some deliciouso pancakes covered in sweet strawberries, bananas, maple syrup & ice cream all drizzled in chocolate sauce...getting a visual? ;) Let’s just say it was special nom nom times :)
Hmm I have an extremely bad habit of digressing from the point of my posts don’t I?? Sorry my dearies… So moving on, do you ever find yourself getting ready for a night out & wanting to doll yourself up, however just not feeling in the mood for applying any of the spectrum of eye shadows within your possession? I’ve found this happening to moi quite a few times of late, so instead of going for a full on look I reach for my fav makeup item…the HG eyeliner, to create a quick & easy Arabic style eye look suitable for boogie nights on the town. Here’s my take on it, hope you like!
What do y’all think? It really is quick & straightforward to do & the added pop of colour really brightens & completes the look. I don’t know about y’all but I prefer to do my eyes last in my makeup routine? So after the concealer, foundation & blush steps had all been followed through, I reached for my eyeliner of choice, which in this case was my trusty MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. Using my pointed liner brush & a (fairly!) steady hand simply lined the entire eye, starting from the inner corner, across the upper lashline first, then along the lower lashline before winging it out on the ends of both the top & bottom lashlines (Hope that made sense!) Then to make the look a tad more exciting, I used a lovely teal/turquoise shade cream eyeshadow, that works better as a liner in my opinion! to line above the blacktrack on the upper lashline & wing out on the outer corner as I was wearing a similar coloured dress. To finish just line the waterline, add a coat or two of mascara & that’s it, you’re done!
My current love cream liner!
I picked up this fab eyeliner/shadow a while back from that wonderful Aladdin’s Cave of a shop that was B Never to Busy to be Beautiful. Do y’all remember that shop? It was owned by the same people who bought Lush into our worlds & I for one absolutely loved perusing this treasure trove filled with stunningly packaged, albeit rather pricey beauty products. Was really sad to hear that all stores were to be closed down! :( However I made sure I stocked up on this cream eyeliner as I really thought it was one of their best products! The brush is very fine & pointed allowing you to create a gorguz thin line that you can always build up on if you prefer it thicker & the colour payoff is just incredible, a really rich, deep turquoise that brings peacock feathers to the mind! 
Haha isn't it funny the things ya notice in pics? I know..the mantelpiece is in desperate need of a paint job! lol!
Love this prettyfull colour :)
My only worry is what I’m gonna do when it runs out! Must go on the hunt for a dupe now…any ideas honeys? Anyhoo hope you like my take on a quick & easy Arabic style eye look, sorry if my explanation was crummified! Will you be trying? What quick makeup looks do you go for? Do you have a fav eyeliner product? Would love to know! Thanks for reading sweeties! Mwah!

Much loves to ya!
Aysh xoxo