Top of the Shops & TOWIB :)

Evening my darling cupcakes! How are you all doing? Is it just moi or does this week seem to be draaaaaging majorly?!? And just looked out the window to see a beautiful downpour reminiscent to that of a tropical rainforest in monsoon season…err that is without the tropical climate :/ So I’m guessing Summer’s well & truly over then huh? Gotta love British weather!
Things as usual are busy, busy, busy, so no change there! I’m seriously aching for a holiday I can’t tell you & have been getting some lovely holiday destination ideas from other lovely bloggers who have been lucky enough to escape away recently! Hopefully will catch a break sometime soon! 

But enough wallowing! Having said all that, things have actually been rather better of late :) This weekend was nice as I merrily skipped on down into London to attend the TOWIB “The Only Way Is Blogging” event that was being held in The Pitcher & Piano in Holborn & was hosted by the fantabulous Hayley aka London Beauty Queen. Thank you muchly for holding such a fab event hun! I’m so glad I managed to make it as it seemed the Gods where determined to prevent me! Not only was it raining cats, dogs, goats & elephants, but the Piccadilly line was also partly closed, which for Miss Majorly Retarded i.e yours truly, did not bode well as I’m such a tourist when it comes to traveling in London! But the good old TFL website came to the rescue & directed me on an alternative route to my destination to which I arrived thankfully in one piece albeit slightly soaked & with hair that seemed to have quadrupled in volume thus resembling a briar patch :/ It was defo worth it though as I had the loveliest time meeting Hayley & other lovely bloggers both familiar & new! Was a tad nervous as I was all by my onesie but I needn’t have worried because as always when I’ve had the pleasure of meeting other bloggers in the past everyone was so nice! We were also joined by the makeup company MUA & Dove who gave talks on new products as well as being kind enough to send us off with goody bags with things to try :) Strangely for me I didn’t take any pics! Doh! But do hop on over to the beautiful Alice’s blog who wrote a great post of the event with some pics thrown in too! :) Already looking forward to the next one!  
Now you may remember in a few of my previous posts I’d mentioned that some major hauling had been going on? So I thought I’d show you beauties all the bits & bobs I’ve accumulated as I’m such a nosy parker & enjoy looking at haul posts myself :) I won’t lie to ya dears….shopping has been my remedy of late. But please don’t fear for my sanity, I didn’t buy ALL of this in one spree, so I don’t think I have a problem yet. But then having said that, some of the items are actually things I found whilst having a clear out of my wardrobe, still in bags with tags intact. Err..haha…anyone else do that?? Buy things & then promptly forget their existence only to be found later with a squeal of glee?? Anyone??......*tumbleweed*  Okay lets move on shall we?! 

 First up are these two dresses which I picked up whilst passing through the Warehouse section of my local Debenhams which was shutting down, hence the big red SALE signs beckoning moi ;)  I love the nude pink shade of the silk dress with the frilly detailing in the front, very feminine, deffo feeling the nude tones at the mo. And I'm sure you all know by now my complete & utter obsession with all things lace! Lace, black, touch of goth & dress.....ticks all the boxes for me! 
Now I'm not sure whats going on in my town, but not only has Warehouse decided to say bye-bye but the Topshop seems to have had a re-vamp in the opposite way in that it seems to have become a huge discount Topshop! But hey ya won't see moi complaining! So on one of my sprees I popped in & came away with this gorguz dress. I absolutely adore the pastel colours & the light soft chiffon-y material. Even though its meant to be knee length, on little old me it's the perfick maxi :)   
Ahhh, now these two are a couple of 'those' ones that I found tucked away in their bags. Please forgive me prettyful dresses for doing such a thing! The first dress was an ASOS purchase, a lovely light cotton maxi that was available in black also, but like I said, the nude shade grabbed me more! The second dress I grabbed from Republic who have the most amazing sales! I think it was around winter time & they were getting rid of all the summer stock for ridiculous prices! I really am loving this maxi , its soft, it flows beautifully, the colours are gorg....LOVE :)
Oh the drama's I went through to get this maxi! I cannot tell you how much I wanted this dress after seeing it in the NEXT catalogue, it was love at first sight if you will. But after seeing it that one time it seemed to disappear in to thin air as I couldn't find it anywhere! I lost count of how many NEXT's I visited trying to find it! After a while I accepted the fact that it wouldn't be mine *sob!* until one day....whilst browsing Ebay...there it was!! My dress! Clickety click went the fingers & wooooo it was mine! :)  Happy ending. 
 The last dress of the bunch :) & quite possibly my fav, yes NEXT dress, you have some serious competition! I picked up this beauty from TK Maxx which is very steadily becoming one of my favorite stores! Me & the bestie (who is the one to be blamed for my love of this shop!) love browsing through & finding gems such as this. Love EVERYTHING about this dress, the kaleidoscope of colours, the soft cotton which is soo comfy....just love! :) 
I think this is one of my favs too for sure! This grey lace light cotton blazer is another find from the awesome Republic sale :) And look, did I mention it has lace detailing on it?!!  I've been wanting a blazer for a while now, they look fab chucked on as an extra layer whilst still keeping smart & this will go with so many outfits! :)
 No haul post would be complete without some shoes :) Kitten heels are deffo my fav as they give you that little bit of height you sometimes want but without wanting to risk breaking the ankles. I picked up the nude pair from Topshop, the cute elfin black pumps are from H&M & are always convenient to have & the sandals in case you hadn't guessed are River Island & perfick to go with the new dresses!
Now I wasn't sure if I was gonna include these in my haul post, but I recently picked up some lovely bits of underwear from La Senza. I dunno....is it weird to post underwear on the old blog?? Ahhhhh sod it! Ima gonna chuck em at ya like a hardcore granny rock star fan anyways! Bwahaha! 
La Senza really do great underwear as well as the usual bras etc. I also adooooore their PJ's! All my current PJ's are from there as they are so cotton soft & comfy with some really great & cute designs so do check em! They usually have their undies on some sort of offer, I grabbed these 3 for a tenner, not bad! :)

Aaaaand that my darls ends this haul post! Jaaaayyyysuus! I know, I know, but like I said, it wasn't all in one go! Promise! And is it just moi or did there seem to be a recurring theme going?? Lol, I think its safe to say I like my dresses *blushes* ;) I had been hoping to give them all an outing these past months, but its seems after what seemed about 3 days, the cheeky bugger Summer has already skipped off giggling mischievously into the horizon leaving us to embrace Autumn with open arms! :/  Hmmmm....

As always thanks for reading my lovelies! Hope you liked my hauling! Have you bought any pretty new purchases recently?? :)
Lotsa love & hugs!


Some Sparkle & Stripes! :)

Hey hey honeybees!! Hope your all having a lovely weekend! So I’ve got me a new NOTD I wanted to share with you beauties :) 
I have had the polish ‘Milan’ by No.7 on my “lust-have” list for absolutely yonkers! Every time I’ve walked past the polish section my eyes were always drawn to this prettyful shimmering pink shade. You know you need to take action when you start to have re-curing dreams about something, as was the case with this! (That action could also include booking an appointment with local psychiatrist…) But thankfully with a little help from Boots £5 off voucher ‘Milan’ is now all mines! It’s a gorguz pink polish with lotsa lovely shimmers running through thus giving it a wonderful sparkle! Its definitely a super jazzy polish for certain & a unique addition to my (err rapidly growing *cough!*) collection!
I wanted to have another play with the whole nail art business (& from all your lovely comments in my last nail post I do feel a tad more confident so thank you my angels!) so I decided to add some candy-esque stripes on top of the pink shimmer after coming across the fab design that the super talented Shortiee did on her blog a while back. Thanks for the inspiration hun! 

Unfortunately I don’t own a nail art pen, so the occasion called for some improvisation & after having a dig through my makeup drawer, which in its current state, looks as if not one but several  bomb’s have hit it so this task took a while… :/ I found what I needed which was my Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner. The tip is pointed so makes it perfect to use for drawing on the stripes :) Had to add my normal touch of randomness of course & went for a whole black ring fingernail albeit applied extremely retardedly with just a random black polish…

Haha needless to say the left hand came out a lot neater as I am right handed but overall was well chuffed with the result! I really think I’m getting the ball rolling with this nail art for sure! One small step....one giant leap & all that! ;)

Hope you like it my dears! What nail colours are you loving at the mo? Have you tried any nail art designs lately? Do let me know as I would love to see! :)

Lotsa love & hugs! 


Bloggers Let Loose! Plus OOTD, FOTD & A Catch Up Thrown In!

Well heloooo there beautiful strangers!! Bloomin nora ‘tis been a while non? How the devil is everyone? Hope you’re all well. Is it really July already?! Really?!? And 4th of July to be exact, so Happy Independence Day to all my American lovelies out there! :D 
Oh gosh, it does feel good to be blogging again as I have missed it muchly! Life just seems to be throwing all sorts of hurdles & tests at me lately, hence the rather long absence. Work has been so insanely frustrating in all aspects, with some high as well as some very low points thrown in too, I’m just trying to keep a grip on it all! Anyhoo, it’s all left me a tad un-motivated at the mo, but I shan’t bore you with the details! ;) Let’s just say some major assessing has been going on in the old noggin with regards to life changes, work etc. Hopefully things will sort themselves out soon fingers crossed, touch-wood & all that.
Before I go on I just want to say a humongous thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post! You guys are awesome! Hearing all your lovely words really made my day & I’m so happy you all loved the nail art! Its deffo given me more confidence I can tell ya so thanks again my darlings! You know I always love to hear from you all, you sure do keep me smiling! :) 
So whats new? Well recent weeks have seen me heading into Coventry for a work conference at The Ricoh Arena. I won’t lie…the conference itself was a bit of a snooze fest but I did my best to pay attention honest I did! But then in the evening we all donned our glad rags & dolled ourselves to the max for the Gala dinner which more than made up for it! Good food, fab music, plenty o’ booty shaking plus Mr Jack Dee stopping by to give us a few laughs deffo made for a good time! I think I’ll do an OOTD on what I wore in another post?

But one of the main highlights for me recently has definitely got to be my trip down to London last month to have a good old catch up & chillax session with some of my fav bloggers ladies! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, the thing I’ve loved most since starting blogging, is all the lovely gals I’ve gotten to know & had the pleasure to meet & with who I’ve established some really wonderful friendships with. Big love to all you beauties :D So, as I was saying (before I got all emotional on you all for a minute there!) I managed to get myself down to London to spend the day with these lovely chica’s. Once we’d all managed to locate one another in Queensway, 1st things 1st….our bellies needed filling! Priorities & all that ;) So we all made our merry way to a lovely Lebanese restaurant led by Amina, who deffo has good taste as the food was delish! After we’d spent a lovely time chatting & munching, we then pondered on what to do next. I had planned on heading down to Hyde park for some super chilling in the sun time, but the British weather decided it was gonna be a bit of an arse as usual with its rain! Son in the end we decided to take Halima & introduce her to that shining beacon of hope for all shopaholics that is Westfields, as it was her 1st time in London :) And from there commenced a fab afternoon of shopping, chatting some more, posing with mannequins, taking a large abundance of bog pics, whilst having regular pit stops involving cocktails, crepes & Mr Pretzels! In actual fact, I think it was the 1st time I went to Westfields & left without buying anything! Deffo a first I can tell ya! But I guess such a good time was being had with these lovely ladies with the convo (& cocktails!) flowing that spending had to take a back seat…maybe not such a bad thing! I know that Halima managed to grab some lovely bits from INGLOT & MAC, lucky thing! :) Oh & I’m still waiting for that lovely blue dress that Mrs Designer Spray picked out for ya to make an OOTD debut on you blog Miss Amina….you know what I'm talking of non?? ;) So all in all ‘twas a fab day, big thanks, hugs & smooches to all of y’all for such an awesome time, can’t wait for the next one! Oh & also a big thanks has to go to Mr Designer Spray for acting as photographer & putting up with all of us crazy women all day! Hats off to ya my friend! Lol!
Right, well it seems like I’ve rambled on for donkeys now, but I guess after a long absence it was inevitable! ;) Just gona throw in a quick OOTD & FOTD I wore from the day plus of course some of my favourite pics from the trip! 
 Just did a quick version of a purple smokey eye using an old Victoria Jackson palette I found, using a nudish colour for the lids with a little dark purple added in to the crease :) Finished off with eyeliner & mascara with a bit o' Benefit Dallas blush on the cheeks.
I decided to stick with the purple theme & opted for a purple dress I picked up from Oasis yonks ago in sale! Have alotta love for this dress, I do :) Teamed with my fav pair of purple suede shoes from M&S (turns out I have a strong love for suede) & a cardi from Primarni & I was good to go!  And finally here are some piccies from the day :)
                                                                            BOG PIC!! :D
                                                                 Me & the lovely Naz :)
                                                                     Tass & Moi
                                             LOL Sriya having to bend down to take a pic with me!!
                                                        Naaaaaw LOVE this pic Halima ;D
                                       Another group pic!! And yes...this was in a bog also... :/
                                      Getting a bit TOO friendly with the mannequins maybe....
                                         LOL! Had to throw in the crazy 'BEFORE' pic ;p......
                 ....'After' :D L-R- Tass, Halima, Naz, Moi, Sriya & Amina

 Woooo if you made it to here!! HAHA! Honestly, I went seriously snap happy as usual, these are just a few if ya can believe! Thank you Halima my lovely for the pics as well, I am officially in love with your NIKON. Let me know if you ever fancy a swap ;) Thanks so much for reading honeybees! It feels good to have my mojo back, just hope it sticks around! Till next time loves!