Let's Do The Twist!

Heya dolls! Hope you’re all having a good start to the bank holiday weekend!
Now, given how crazy life is at the mo, there’s nothing I love more than finding products that can make even the simplest of tasks that much easier. I don’t know about you lovelies, but I blooming hate it when the time comes to remove the polish from my nails. Granted it may not seem like the most arduous of tasks I know, but my nails always feel a lot weaker & dry after rub, rub, rubbing at them with cotton wool & polish remover.
Now, erm, this could possibly be due to the *cough!* cheap drugstore polish remover I tend to opt for? I’ve never really tried the more popular & well known Cutex or Sally Hansen polish removers. Are they a lot better & worth the extra pennies? I just didn’t think it was worth spending a lot on something like nail polish remover…(my inner “tightwad” rears its ugly head!)
Anyhoos, I saw this great little invention that is the “Simply Dip & Twist” nail polish remover by Pretty Quick whilst browsing in Boots the other day. 
I remembered seeing the lovely Fee from Makeup Savvy do a post a while back now on this whole ‘dip & twist’ notion to remove nail polish. The one she used was by Sally Hansen & it worked absolutely amazingly at removing not just your bog standard varnish but glitter polishes too, which we all know are a pain in the caboose to remove!! Sadly I couldn’t find the Sally Hansen one anywhere, but figured they all must work pretty similarly, so when I saw this little pot on the shelf at Boots for just a coupla squids, I nabbed it instantly so anxious was I to try it out & after putting it to the test can confirm its utter fab-ness to you my lovelies! It really is a great product! :D
Now, I cannot for the life of me figure out why, so please don’t ask, but the first thing I did when opening this little pot was take a lovely big whiff thus almost concussing myself in the process. I don’t know why I expected it to smell of roses or something, but nope! I can clarify that it has that ordinary nail polish remover smell…. Ahem! Moving on…all you need to do is pop your polished finger into the acetone soaked sponge, making sure you keep the pot upright & twist, twist, twist! 
                                      BEFORE - Please excuse the chipped polish dolls.... :/

                                        AFTER - Squeaky clean & polish free!!! :D
To avoid dislocating my wrist it was easier to just keep the hand still & twist the pot. I found that 10 twists were more than ample, so after twisting away for that amount of “Mississippi’s” out came my finger with all the polish completely removed! 
Another plus point is that my nails actually felt lovely & moisturised after instead of totally dried out like they did before when I used my old polish remover. This is probably due to the addition of Vitamin E? It also says that this can be used to remove falsies too! Fab!
So I think it’s safe to say that I shall definitely be purchasing more of these little gems, which are available from Boots for £2.50. Not a bad price at all I'd say plus I managed to get quite a few goes out of this pot so they do last you a while!
Have any of you beauties tried these little pots? What do you think of them? 

Thanks for reading chicas!!

Lotsa love


Henna-ed Hands! :D

Evening poppets!
Currently writing out this post whilst lying half comatose & attempting to eat my body- weight in sweet food stuffs, of which I will no doubt regret later I'm sure, but for now it seems to be hitting the right spot! Nah, I don’t have me a death wish (though what a way to go...)but let’s just say ‘tis been a looooong day at work & have resorted to seeking comfort in chocolate (as you do) Lucky old moi drew the short straw with doing overtime so I have this week & the one after ahead of me filled with work, work & yup more work! Lovely jubblies! But as a lovely friend reminded me…just think of the pay packet at the end of the month ;) I am slightly mollified… :D And hey at least we have another lovely bank holiday 3 day weekend to look forward eh? Woo! :D   
So anyhoo me lovelies, next week will be the holiday of “Eid” which marks the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan. This is a time where Muslims spend the whole month i.e. 29-30 days, fasting during the daylight hours. Sadly I am not able to fast, as much as I would love too, for health reasons but the rest of my family have been doing so. And on the day of Eid, we all get together, the whole family & spend the day celebrating, eating, visiting friends & relatives & then eating some more!  And if we’re lucky we get presents too! Good times :D (Although maybe not SO great this time round for moi, as I am going to be stuck at work most of the day!!!! *sob!*) On the day though, we also like to get out & dust of our best glad rags to wear & the ladies in particular like to get together the night before & go all arty on our hands with henna!
So what do you think dolls? I’m sure most of you all are familiar with henna/mehndi tattoos as a form of skin decoration. I personally loooooove them! You can have some really beautiful & artistic designs applied to your body but most usually on the hands, arms & feet. Henna-ed hands are most usually associated with brides & weddings of course, but sometimes it’s nice to have your mehndi done for a special occasion also, like Eid for instance! :)
My friend actually does a lot of henna art as a hobby & is considering developing her skill in to a profession which I really think she should do as she is one extremely talented lady! So when she asked me recently to play model to her designs, I was more than happy to oblige & lend her my hands! So I just wanted to share with you beauts some of her lovely work :)
 What did I tell ya? That girl's got some serious skill! The mehndi is applied as a thick paste made from the henna plant through a cone tube that needs to have a small hole at the tip so that the design can be more fine & detailed. It also has quite a strong herbal smell too that a lot of people either love or hate! Lol! But I don't mind it :) 
Its best to leave the henna on overnight if possible, that way the design comes out a lot darker the next day, but sometimes a coupla hours is more than enough depending on the quality of the henna. This time round I'd only left it on for a coupla hours & this is how it turned out the next day
And it actually got darker over the next few days! I'd say you could probably get a good weeks worth out of the henna, but then after that it gradually fades away leaving your hands bare & back to normal again ;)  That's one of the great things about henna, that its a temporary tattoo. So if you're ever considering possibly getting one on a certain part of your body, an idea might be to get in henna-ed on first & see how you feel about it just in case it wasn't what you were hoping!  Because if you don't like it, you'll have nothing to worry about as it'll fade eventually! Haha!
So, that's it for now me darls, I hope you liked looking at the mehndi designs! Have you ever had mehndi applied before? Are you a fan of the henna art thang?
Thanks for reading as always!

Lotsa Love,


A Tea Rose Trio - NOTD, OOTD Plus Brand New Bag Love! :D

Hello you gorguz lot! Hope you’re all good & well!
Today I thought I would share with you beauties, my current obsession that I just can’t seem to get enough of lately. What may that be I hear you ask? Well…its florals darlins!! Pretty Tea Rose Pink to be more precise!.....Yeeeeah, you must be thinking “Huh? What the view halloo is she on about now??” But at the moment, it seems I am totally addicted to all prints & colours to do with this gorguz floral design, you could say I’m channeling my inner granny me dears! Haha! There’s just something about tea roses that’s so feminine & pretty plus with that lovely vintage-y element that I just can’t get enough of. So I’ve definitely gone a bit floral crazy lately & wanted to share with you all three new tidbits I’ve recently accumulated in the form of pretty nails, flowy maxi dress & a new bag, each with an element of my current favourite floral shade!  
Firstly I’ve got this absolutely booooootiful polish that I got in a gift set last year from NEXT of all places & have only just got around to using! I didn’t even know NEXT did polishes & to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much, but aaah me of little faith….by god I bloomin love it! It’s a truly gorguz shimmery tea rose pink shade with a lovely shimmer running through giving it an almost foil like finish. 

 It actually reminds me of a Zoya polish “Tiffany” which I’ve been lusting after for yonks, but which sadly aren’t available here (except from maybe Ebay, where *cough!* the prices are pretty hefty!!) so happy days with this find! The quality of the polish is fab, a really smooth formula that’s quick drying too, I am mightily impressed NEXT! Oh & did I mention the pretty rose pink colour????? Lol! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I received a few more of these in the gift set which I can’t wait to give a whirl; the only thing worrying me though is the petite size of the bottle & what the hallelujah I’m gonna do when it finishes!! Better start hunting for a dupe…

 Next up I wanted to show you a dress I’d purchased a while back from one of those independent shops that you find dotted around here & there & which had its first outing recently. And yup…you guessed it me dears! Going along with the theme, the dress has the loveliest tea rose floral print that I just fell in love with! And even better I only paid 10 squids for it! Woohoo! I also love the crinkled detail at the front of the maxi, which is a gorguz chiffon-y type material that flows beautifully & even matched quite well with my recently “Enraptured” wavy hairs! :D
And last but by certainly no means least my dears; I wanted to share with you the piece de resistance that is my brand new bag! Oh! Words cannot describe how much I am looooving this new best friend that currently travels everywhere with moi, but they will certainly do their bestest ;) 
Do ya like? And look at the print!!!! Pretty Pink Tea roses!!! (Told ya I was obsessed…) I picked up this beauty from the River Island SALE that took place a while back along with some lovely wedge sandals that I just couldn’t resist picking up either ;) I’d actually gone on this shopping escapade with the mumma to look for a new handbag for her, but what do I go & do?? End up buying one for myself! *blushes* But can ya blame me though sweeties? Not only is the print ever so puuurdy, but I just fell in love with how much space there is inside the bag, where there is also an abundance of pockets for you to easily & securely slot all your lose things i.e phone, keys, sunglasses etc. 
Perfect for yours truly, as I am a person who carries a lot of stuff (ALL necessary though!) yet forever losing them within the confines of my bag. You know that extremely irritating so and so who’s forever holding up a queue of people because they can’t find their blasted wallet in their bag at the checkout??? Errr yeah….that’s me :/ So this bag was a bloomin godsend to put it lightly! ;) And the cherry on the cake, other than the cute little mirror attached to it that is ;), is that I nabbed it for £20 in the sale! Nice one River Island, you’ve made this gal a happy bunny! :D 
And that’s it me lovelies!……Well…for the time being anyhoos! Lol! Who knows what else I might find on my hunt for more floral pretty things! I'm a gal obsessed! :D
What prints/ designs are you loving at the mo? How do you feel about florals? Yay or nay? Go on sweetpeas...channel your inner geriatric! ;)   

Lotsa floral pink love!


Boots I Did It Again....

Good evening cupcakes! Hope you’re all having a great weekend! What’s everyone been up too? I’ve spent the past week doing early shifts at work so you can be sure I totally relished a lovely long lie in today! Hope to have another one tomorrow if it’s not too trouble oh great powers of the universe, please & thank you ;)  I also popped along to watch The Devils Double at the cinema this week. Bloomin’ insane movie but defo worth watching just for a dose of Dominic Cooper’s amazing performance…his appearance is not half bad either…NOM! ;)
So I confess, a bit of hauling has been done recently. Well I say recently, but you remember that little thing I mentioned where I often stumble across little bags of goodies every now again that have been shamefully & ceremoniously chucked in the wardrobe after being purchased?? Well….haha…this was a bit of a similar case I’m afraid… *blushes*. As I was cruising along in my little brum brum (i.e my car Rolo) I took a corner a bit faster than was probably necessary but hey a lot more fun right?! ;)….. I kid, I kid, I’m actually quite the careful driver *big grin*.... Anyhoos I heard some odd sounding clunking goings on in the boot so off I went to investigate & what do I find but an old Boots haul I’d forgotten all about!! Whoopsie! But cue major high at lovely new products to try & share with you! Here’s the bits & bobs I got:
First up we have this lovely polish from No 7 in Coconut Ice. I absolutely looooove their nail polishes! They apply beautifully & the range of colours & quality is great. Whilst this may not be the brightest of shades for sure, my eye was still drawn to it as I don’t think I own anything like it! It’s a gorguz pearly shade that reminds me of seashells! Hehe can’t wait to give it a whirl! The polishes retail for around £7 but hey ho...those £5 off vouchers that we love & adore are back me lovelies so you can grab a bottle for just 2 squids! Wooo! :D
Now ‘17’ isn’t a counter I normally stop at whilst on my many browses within Boots, but whilst passing I saw these “Vintage Love” eye shadow palettes on display & thought “Ooooo, those colours are mighty pretty lookin!” then when I swatched them on my hand, was totally blown away by the quality & pigmentation of them! 
There are two palettes, one “Perfect Pastels” & the other “Metallic Nudes”. The shadows are such lovely shades & so smooth to the touch! And like I said the colour payoff is just incredible, see for yourselves in the pics below! I especially love the gold one in the metallic palette! Can’t wait to get working on some looks with these babies! The palettes were £5.49 each but sadly I think these were part of a special collection & no longer available :( but if this is the quality of 17 eye shadows then I’m defo gonna be hunting down some more!

When I bought these palettes there was a 3 for 2 offer going on so I also picked up a “17” Maximum Volume mascara to try out as I’d heard quite good things about them. :) I’ve heard that the “Wild Curls” mascara is very good too? The “17” mascaras retail for around £6-£7 so thought they’d be worth a try out!
If Boots is good at one thing its definitely their 3 for 2 offers! Actually, hold the phone...that might not be such a good thing as I always succumb to it!!! Waaah! But there it was calling to me again with Models Own this time...I ended up getting the Silver crackle, the 3in1 base/topcoat as my Barry M one just doesn't seem to be cutting it at the mo & lastly the AMAZING looking Champagne which I saw on SuperGorgeous's blog & have been lemming after for yonks!

 Lastly in the makeup haul I picked up Maybelline’s new (or maybe not so new now! Lol!) gel liner Eyestudio Lasting Drama Eye Liner in Intense Black. 

Now you know how much I love my eyeliner! My HG one that always comes out when some heavy duty lining is called for is my MAC Fluidline Blacktrack. But I thought I’d give this new kid on the block a whirl as it’s had some pretty great stuff said about it & I have to agree! Not only is it easier on the moneys compared to the MAC at £7.99 (the MAC one retails for around £13.50) it also comes with a really great brush that makes applying the liner very easy as it’s quite stiff, so you can create a smooth wing, yet still managing to stay soft too! The gel itself is lovely to work with & a gorguz deep black so it seems that the MAC may have some serious competition! It’s great to know that a good quality gel liner is available on the high street as a back-up if the need arises as I don’t have a MAC store near me! :D I’m also quite keen on trying the ELF gel liners too, I’ve seen so many swatches of the different lovely colours & they look gorguz! 
Almost done honeybees, the last of this haul post is actually some pretty bits of bling I picked up yesterday & wanted to share with ya! Boots have seriously impressed me with their jewelery selection, they really have some truly gorguz pieces that are deffo worth checking out! I’ve bought some lovely earrings from them in the past & this time I picked up these 3 beauties….all of which were on sale! Result! :D
 My fav is definitely the turquoise stone one on the long gold chain, such a beautiful colour! I’m thinking I deffo need more turquoise jewelery in my life. My matey liked it so much she went & grabbed one too!
I’ve also been wanting a nice, long, casual, gold chain to wear with a few everyday outfits so this chain was perfick!
And finally I saw this lovely fuchsia pink set & noticed it went perfectly with my fav Next pink maxi dress, as well as a coupla other tops…so into the basket it had to go! And the best thing loves is that they were all a fab £2.50 each! Yay for sales! :D 
And there ya have it my beauties! Have you tried any of these products? If so, let me know your thoughts! Have you been on any makeup/beauty/bling hauls lately? As always thanks for reading!

Lotsa love & hugs!


Gothic Glittery-ness with Revlon Facets of Fuchsia....possible Deborah Lippmann dupe?!?! :D

Ello ello & Happy Friday lovelies!
Now, you are seriously going to have to forgive me here me darlings as I am going to absolutely inundate you all with pics left right & center of the polish I'm going to be showing ya today, as I am just so blooming excited & in lust with it! *gasp, deep breaths Aysh, deep breaths* Ladies, I give you Revlon’s “Facets of Fuchsia” a gorguz gothic-y glitter medley of deep pink, black & purple :)
Ooooo isn’t it puuuuurdy?? Now you know I’m not one to get over excited about little things…..*tumbleweed*….but there is definitely something special about this polish for me in particular. What may that be I hear you ask? Well besides being such a beautiful, unique addition to my collection, the moment this polish came into my line of vision in all its sparkling glory whilst browsing in my local Superdrugs, I was immediately drawn to its beautiful blingy-ness like a moth to flame (or magpie to sparkle if ya like!) as not only was it amazingly eye-catching, but I also noticed that it seemed to be incredibly similar to another polish I have been lasting after for the longest time….the equally beautiful yet more expensive Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance….???
                                                                                         source - Google Images

Anyone who knows me well knows that it is my dream to have ALL the gorguz Lippmann glitters! I may have done a few peoples head in on Twitter about it too….But could it be? Had I found me a perfect (& even better, more cheaper) dupe? Well, haha I couldn’t have grabbed it fast enough!! So excited was I that I rushed home immediately to get that polish on my nails!!
Absolute love is the verdict from moi! “Facets of Fuchsia” is jam packed full of lovely, sparkly fuschia pink glitters of different sizes in a black/purple jelly base. The colours contrast so beautifully, I even had a few people ask if it was two different polishes & it looks totally gorguz in all different lightings! Apologies for the pics, looking at them now I can see that they really don’t do this polish justice! I’m happy to say application was wonderful, not gritty at all like you’d expect from glitter polishes. It’s recommended you apply two coats, but I went for three as I wanted to get as much sparkle as possible! :D  I’ve really had nothing but great experiences with Revlon polishes; the quality is really fab. I can’t understand why I don’t have more of these beauties!
And after comparing it to many swatches of the infamous Lippmann ‘Bad Romance’, I think it’s safe to say it’s a pretty darn good dupe! Hoorah! Priced at £6.49 I think you’ll agree that it’s definitely easier on the credit card than the 16 odd pounds that the Lippmann polishes retail for :) Although, I should probably tell you….I caved in!! Don't judge meeee!!! I just couldn't resist ;) Yup, I have me DL polish that is just waiting in the wings for a mani, I cannot wait to try & share with you all, it really is might pretty ;) But for now let me leave ya with some more pics of this new stunner in me life…like I said, got a bit snap happy…. ;)

Thanks for reading chica's!
Lotsa love & sparkles!