And The Winner Is.... :D

Ello ello dolls! Y’all having a good start to the week? I’m sure you’ll agree with me that two days is nowhere near a long enough break! Hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you got up too! I myself spent the whole of Saturday with the matey at her place doing absolutely sod all!! Totally loved it, there’s nothing I love more than good food, good movies, combined with great company & a fluffy duvet & sofa thrown in too, perfick! On Sunday I took myself off into London with a friend to attend The Vitality Show in Earls Court, which I’ll tell y’all about in another post :) So happy the Sun decided to make an appearance too! So all in all not a bad weekend!
But we all have to go back to work sometime I guess! Its only Monday & I can already sense the bags that will no doubt make a lovely unwelcome appearance under the eyes :/ Also remembered I’ve got to attend a meeting tomorrow & haven’t got a blooming clue where it is! So will most probably end up in Timbuctoo & having major violent fallout with the Sat Nav! God, I despise that voice, it taunts me in my dreams… I’ve heard that you can get famous/celebrity voices for them though?? If so I wonder who I’d get…something to keep me calm & not tempted to smash its face in…Haha I think Barry White might be quite interesting? But actually his voice might make me wanna fall asleep & we all know that’s not a good idea when behind the wheel! How about Brad Pitt? Sean Connery? Ricky Gervais? Hmm deffo something to think about ;)
Wow, I’ve digressed rather majorly there haven’t I? :/  Anyhoos as you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post, We’ve got us a winner for the GOSH HOLO giveaway! Woohoo! :D Thanks again darls for being patient with moi. The prize as you know is the bobby  dazzling GOSH Holographic polish! To celebrate the recent blogging milestone, I’ve also thrown in a few extra polishes in the giveaway too, some lovely bright colours ideal for the summer months ahead! :)
The prizes: GOSH Holo & 3 lovely colours from 17 l-r Mint Choc Chip, Orange Soda & Lilac Storm
 I decided to go down the old fashioned route & do the old ‘pick a name out of the hat’ business of choosing the winner ;) So after jotting all your names down, I folded all the little papers up (just in case anyone wasn’t sure how it worked… ;) ) & popped them all into my trusty favourite beret!
 I love me a beret hat, I do. A bit o’ shakey shaking commenced, in the hand went to pick a slip & I can reveal that the winner is………Discovering Beauty!!!! 
Congrats sweety! Please excuse the shameless yet blatant inclusion of freshly konaded thumbnail in pic...had it done at the Vitality Show & loved it!
Congratulations hun! I’ve dropped ya an email lovely! Hope you like your prizes! Thank you so much to all you lovelies for entering the giveaway! Hope to have many more for you fab readers in the future! (Just noticed the crazy usage of exclamation marks…..ah well!!!!!) :D

Lotsa snogs!!


You Crack Me Up... NOTD

Heya dolls! How are y’all doing? Only one more day to go till the weekend! Wooo! Oooh I am literally counting down the minutes until I can just have some chill out time with the matey’s, this has literally been the week from hell! The work colleague has flown off to sunny Miami leaving lots of lovely unfinished work that needs doing & who’s the lucky person who gets to do it??? Yup! Yours truly! Lucky me eh? So this week has been pretty much filled with early starts & late finishes all the while daydreaming I was skipping with kittens outside, enjoying the beautiful rays that have been coming down on us from the heavens. Lets hope this gorguz weather stays with us over the weekend, ha-ha knowing my luck though, the moment I wake up Saturday all set & ready to enjoy my weekend, it’ll start bucketing it down! Gosh I’m so positive aren’t I?? ;)
Before I carry on to today's post, firstly I just wanted to apologize for lack of blogging! Work has just left me so shattered of late that other than skipping in the sunshine, I also find myself dreaming of my bed at work… :/ don’t worry, I am getting help ;) Got lots I wanna share with y’all lovelies though! And just to let you know, I have not forgotten about the GOSH Holo giveaway!! Thanks to all of who have entered for being so patient with me! It is very high on my blog ‘to do list’ though & I shall be picking the winner this weekend! As a little thanks for your patience I’m gonna be throwing in a few extra surprise polishes & treats for the winner too! There’s also another reason for me doing this, I was so wonderfully surprised to log on recently & find that I’ve reached over 100 followers on my ickle old bloggy!! Eeeep! Seriously lovelies thank you all so much! You have no idea how much this made my week & means to me. Have a super strong (& totally non creepy-fied) love for each & every single one of you angels, y’all are awesome! :D
Now moving on, I thought I’d share with y’all my recent nails of the mo :) or actually maybe ‘not so recent’ as this was from about a week back! Lol! I really love having a dig through my polishes & re-discovering a colour I’d totally forgotten about. In this case it’s a lovely polish courtesy of Maybelline New York Forever Strong Professional in shade 19 Brun Immuable Golden Brown. (Blimey bit of a mouthful!) I applied it in the evening hence the umm not so fab pics, but it really is a truly beautiful polish. The brush is absolutely excellent & makes application incredibly quick & easy. Would I even go so far as to say its one of the best brushes I’ve come across in a polish yet?? Yup-ady doo da I would!
The colour is seriously gorge! Its one of those interesting polishes that seems to change tones in different lighting's. A lovely pale golden Beige/Brown with a hint of shimmer, I think it makes a fab nude alternative. But as I said, it seemed in some lighting it looked more goldeny brown at times & in darker lighting it looked more nude! Love it! 
see the different shimmers?
with flash
in darker lighting
Even though this polish is tres awesome on its own I decided the next day, to funk it up a tad with my beloved Barry M Instant Nail Effects & BAM! Some crackling nails baby!

See what I mean about the polish changing colour? In daylight it took on a slightly pinkish shimmer! I think I shall deffo be investing in some more Maybelline :) I totally love the crackle polish over metallic/shimmer shades combo. My lovely friend Chelle recently applied her crackle polish over GOSH Holo & it looked awesome! I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it & now they’ve released more crackle polishes! Yay! Can’t wait to get my paws on em!
Oh & I also had one of my extremely random moments &  applied a pearl & gem nail sticker to the thumb nails but errrrrm I think I must’ve been high on the Dr Pepper I was drinking at the time as application super retarded, with it coming out upside down wonky & just looking all round weird…..major fail! Hahaha! Never mind, I kept it on anyways!! 
Have you tried any Maybelline polishes? What’s your favourite crackle polish combo?
Thanks as always for reading honeys! Oh & as I previously mentioned I will (finally! lol!) be picking a winner for the GOSH Holo giveaway this weekend with a few extra treats thrown in to celebrate the bloggin milestone :) so you can still enter if you like!

Lotsa love & smooches!


A Two Part Trilogy :)

Hello there angel cakes! Y’all keeping well? How fab was it seeing our good old friend The Sun this weekend? Definitely made a nice change to all the dull, cloudy wetness that’s for sure. So don’t be a stranger, keep coming on at us with your rays pretty please Mr Sunshine! :)
Now are you lovelies at all familiar with the natural skincare brand Trilogy? I’ll be honest & say I hadn’t known much about them, yet I’d heard the name prop up every now & again & the things I did hear where always on the positive side. The brand produces a variety of skincare products using all natural ingredients, most notably Rose hip & Evening Primrose Oils, to create an assortment of potions for the skin & hair that are said to deliver results. Trilogy also believe in using environmentally friendly packaging & are strictly against animal testing, all of which are big ticks in my book! So when the company kindly offered to send me a couple of their products to try out I was of course most intrigued & more than happy to! :) So here’s moi sharing my ponderings with y’all on two of their products...

Very Gentle Calming Fluid

I have extremely sensitive skin, the type that burns like toast & bruises like a peach so this product was kinda perfect for me! It’s a fragrance free lotion of very light consistency that comes in a small 30ml pump bottle & combines natural spring water with Chamomile, Calendula & Evening Primrose Oil, all known for their soothing properties. Now I’ve been using this every evening as part of my skincare routine, however I have to say I haven’t notice any major changes in my skin. As a moisturiser it is deffo too light for me as I felt I needed to apply an additional cream after, which they do say you may need to do. My skin literally slurped it right up & didn’t feel moisturised enough in this weather. So I think this would make a fab light lotion for the hot summer months as I have to admit my skin felt very cool & hydrated after applying. I actually wish I hadn’t used this every single day looking for some miracle change in my skin now, as I’ve realised this is the perfect little pot o’ potion for me to use when my skin is feeling particularly sore & aggravated. This is pretty much nearly every time I pay the beautician a visit to get the old monobrow & handlebar taken care of ;) Seriously, the moment I step out all freshly threaded/waxed you’d think I’d just partook in a particularly feisty slapping match. Sore red patches here & there…not nice :/  But I came home & applied a drop of this, which was more than enough & right away it soothed my skin wonderfully, reducing the redness rather quickly too. So from now I’ll be using it for this purpose :) The calming fluid retails for around £28.50 though, which I have to say I think is a tad overpriced! Seeing the size of the bottle especially! So all round I think it’s a lovely product, but just a bit on the expensive side!

Everything Balm

The Everything Balm is said to be one of those innovative multi-task products & you know how much of a fan of those I am! Firstly, I totally loved the cutesy packaging it comes in with the drawstring bag & box (all environmentally friendly of course!)
The product itself comes in the form of a lovely soft balm that just requires a bit of body heat to simply melt into the hands & can then be used just about anywhere on the body that requires a bit o’ soothing. It deffo has a yummy list of softening ingredients including, Marula oil, Rosehip oil, Jojoba, honey & vitamin E to just name a few! The balm also comes with a little spatula which is great as you don’t have to dig into it with your hands. I found it to have quite a herbal smell which didn’t bother me the slightest as I love those aromatherapy type scents, however it may not be to everyone’s taste I think as it can seem a tad over powering? 
So following the description I’ve been using this balm just about anywhere I can think of! I’ve used this mostly on my lips & cuticles as they have been horrid dry of late, but after applying the balm regularly they’ve become a lot more smoother & healthy looking. I’d also recently had a patch of sore, dry skin on my wrist where my watch had rubbed against quite badly. All manner of potions where used…E45, Aqueous Cream, Cocoa Butter & nothing seemed to be working, but a scoop of this rubbed in & my skin had healed within a coupla days! :) I’ve just gotten out of the bath & used this as an all over moisturiser too & loved it as it sunk straight into the skin beautifully without too much work. The herbal smell makes it very soothing to rub into sore limbs of which I do get quite frequently! Must be the old age catching up…! So I think it’s safe to say that the Everything Balm gets a great big tick from moi! It’s been a lovely product to use & my skin certainly loves it. Its available in two sizes, a large 95ml tub for £20.50 or a smaller (& more affordable) 45ml pot for £12.50, which is what I’d probably go for as not only that, but it would be perfect for carrying around in the handbag. All Trilogy products can be purchased when registered online however you can also get them from selected Boots stores :)
 Oh & a little heads up to all fellow nail polish lovers out there, just thought I’d let y’all know that for next month Trilogy have teamed up with Orly to create a limited edition specially designed nail polish in ‘Trilogy Red’ inspiration clearly being the colour of the brand! The shade looks totally scrumptious. The polish comes free with every specially marked 20ml bottle of Trilogy’s certified Organic Rosehip Oil which will be retailing for £16.50 at House of Fraser & participating stores so keep a lookie out! :)
Have you used any products by Trilogy? What’s your fav skincare brand of the moment? Thanks for reading lovelies!

Disclaimer - these products were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)
Lotsa love & smooches!



National Beauty Bloggers Event :)

Evening sweetpeas! Hope you’re all having a good week so far? Luckily me had a day off Monday (to pay the dear dentist a visit mind you, but a day offs a day off right??) so hopefully this week will be shorter than normal! Before I get on to telling y’all all about the NBBE I attended not too long ago I should tell ya that I had actually planned on blogging my kaboosey off this weekend, I’ve got so much to share with y’all! But with all the terrible things happening in Japan right now I just wasn’t feeling it? I’m sure you’ve all heard about the awful earthquake that struck the east coast of Japan on Friday 11th March which then triggered a tsunami leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Seeing it all on TV really makes you so very thankful for what you have in life, a home, loving family. Me & the mumma bear had a huge clear out yesterday of things that we are going to donate, its not much but its something, just wish I could do more! I know that there are some lovely bloggers out there who are very kindly holding blog sales of which the proceeds will be donated to Japan. One lovely blogger in particular who is donating 75% of the proceeds from her shop is the beautiful Eki. If you have a mo, do go check her site, where she has some absolutely beautiful pieces of jewellery for sale all handmade by her lovely self! My thoughts & prayers are with everyone who has been affected by the devastation. 
On to todays post my lovelies, you might remember me mentioning the NBBE a while back? I was very fortunate and super excited to attend the National Beauty Bloggers Event that was held at Excel London recently. So a coupla weeks back saw moi hopping on to the train & making my merry way into good old London town with mumma bear in tow as she had the day off also & loves coming into London, bless her cotton socks! :)
Now thanks to the silly conductor man making us get on the wrong train (cheers mate!) I was err a tad *cough* late arriving :/ I guess it didn’t help that I got hopelessly lost at Excel, the place is bloody huge, cue some very frantic tweets to the wonderful Beth who was one of the lovely ladies organizing the event, she is such a gem! Thanks again for everything lovely! Eventually I made it in one piece ;) The event consisted of a variety of talks from makeup artists & brands as well as having stalls set up showcasing some of their new products. Sadly I missed out on seeing the celeb makeup artists Daniel Sandler & Jackie Tyson, who have worked with the likes of Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss doing their thing *sob!* But I did manage to catch Carol Churchill, who is the makeup artist for TV soap Emmerdale & gave us all some in depth insider info on working with makeup in television. After the talks, we then had the opportunity to have a little browse around each of the stands & have a closer peek at the products. The brands present at the event were:
  • ArtDeco
  • Batiste
  • Broadway Nails
  • Medik8
  • Monu Skincare
  • Nailease
  • Natura Bisse
  • RMK
  • Tan Organic
  • The Gentry Grooming Co 
 The brands were so wonderfully kind & generous & gave each of us some lovely goody bags to take home, filled with pretty bits & bobs to try! I’m especially excited about having a play around with the Kiss products as well trying RMK as I’ve wanted to try their makeup for the longest time. All in all it was a really fab & informative day!
All the lovely bits we were sent away with :)
Kiss nails 

The highlight of the day however for me was definitely meeting up & chatting away with all the other lovely blogger babes! It was so wonderful to see the gorguz faces behind the blogs I follow & also meeting some lovely new bloggers too as I now have some fab new blogs to read! Everyone was so super duper lovely & I deffo look forward to another meet up soon as I had a fab time with y’all! Here are a few piccies of the day I thought I’d share with y’all :)
The gorguz Sriya & Roshni
Me & Roshni
Moi & the lovely Amina
Me & Sriya
A quick posey with the lovely Shifa
Ha ha sweety Gulnit having to bend down to take a pic with midget moi!
Sryia, Roshni, Gulnit, Amina, Me, Livia, Shifa
 Thanks so much for reading angels! 

Loves for now...


A Touch O' Vintage….T K-ing it to the Max! :)

Hello there my lovelies! Wooooo it’s been a while hasn’t it? Y’all having a good week? Hope so dolls, not long till the weekend now! As y’all will know by now from all my ramblings, work is stress central & majorly crazy at the mo, hence the lack of posts, but I shan’t bore you with details! Hopefully though I think I’ve found a way where I can squeeze in some blogging AND work too, with a coupla recent purchases I made.
My friend & I popped into that ‘marmite’ of shops that is TK MAX recently. I call it this as it seems that everyone either loves or hates it? I’ll admit that I was one of those who could not stand this place, it just seemed like a humungous jumble sale to moi!! However, the bestie dragged me in not too long ago & after very grudgingly perusing the shelves, came away with not one but two very surprisingly prettyfull finds, items of clothing to be exact that have actually become firm faves in my wardrobe! (Oooo may do a post on those too actually?!) And the rest as they say is history & this store is now a regular pit stop on my many, many, many (far too many) shopping escapades. Now really, I should still dislike this store immensely for making me part with my moneys so! But I can tell ya I am deffo a TK MAX convert. It can really be a little treasure trove of a place & I do having a good old browse around hoping to find something special :)
Whilst is there the other day, I managed to come away with this bootiful notebook….
Isn’t it puuuuuuuuuurdy??? The moment I saw it on the shelf, I knew I had to have it. It was literally one of those “total world blankout, slow motion approach with perhaps some ‘hallelujah’ type music going on in the background thrown in” type moments…it’s alright, I worry about myself sometimes too. But I totally fell in love with the beautiful vintage-ey design of it with the lovely drawings of the Eiffel Tower & the pretty little postcards, just my kinda thing. And look, it’s got some bling too!! :) Result! Then whilst in the queue waiting to pay, my friend found this gorguz pen & bookmark set that went perfectly with it!
Now I don’t really have any kinda organisation going on when it comes to writing on my blog, so I’m hoping to keep the notebook handy & write up all my draft posts, ideas etc, which I can do in my spare time (not that I get much these days!!) at work & home. Normally I just switch on the old laptop & start writing away at a post :) But it can be quite time consuming sometimes just even trying to figure out what to write! I also get far too easily distracted & start reading away at all the fab blogs out there, not to mention browsing online, lusting after prettyfull things that I can in no way afford…I’m sure I’m not alone ;) So hopefully, by writing in my free time I’ll be able to post more often as the material will be all there for moi, all I have to do is type it up! Well…lets see how it goes anyhoo…haha! But I love my pretty new notebook either way :) I’m thinking this could also be ideal for jotting down any new recipes I happen to come across, as those who know me, are very aware of my fondness of channelling Nigella Lawson in the kitchen (in cooking though darls…cooking!) although I’ll be honest & say its ended up a tad Fanny Craddock-ish more often than not on a few 'rare' occasions... :/ *cough!* But I do love me a spot o’ cooking, baking especially & am always on the hunt for something new to try out!
Getting back to the subject of the ‘marmite’ shop, I also love having a browse around in the beauty section of TK MAX as they occasionally have some interesting brands hidden in there such as Stila & Tigi to name a few, for quite good prices. Also the home ware part is defo worth having a lookie through as I’ve managed to find some really lovely, unique pieces in the past including beautiful photo frames, candle holders & a sheepskin rug too!
So whats the verdict ladies? Are you a fan of TK MAX? Have you ever discovered any special finds? Would love to know :) Thanks for reading angels!

Lotsa love and smooches!


Shim Shimmery??

Bonjour mon petit choux! Having a tip top week? Hope you are cherubs. Have to say I am blooooomin knackered…& it’s only Tuesday! Friday get your booty on over here now mister, pretty please! I’ve been totally bogged down with work at the mo, whilst studying my pharmacy modules hence the distinct lack-ness of posts so a thousand apologies my lovelies! Have many bits & bobs that I wanna share with y’all, including the NBBE (National Beauty Bloggers Event) that I was very fortunate to attend yesterday & uber excited about! :)  Just need to get my lazy behind in gear & get to working on some posts! Bear with me dolls!
I wanted to share with y’all today a product I brought not too long ago with my Boots £5 off voucher. Don’t you just love those? Boots most kindly bring them out every now & again & I always look forward to it as it means another polish to add to my ever growing collection! The vouchers can be used on either No.7 or Ruby & Millie products but as my local Boots doesn’t have an R&M counter (which I’ve heard is going to be discontinued??) I always use my voucher to purchase a prettyful new colour from the vast array of No.7 polishes of which the quality is great! However this time, lordy knows why,  I decided to be a bit of a rebel & try something new & I’d had my eye on this product I wanted to try for a while now so I parted with my voucher plus £2 change & came home with No.7’s Anti-Ageing Shimmering Lip and Eye Screen within my possession. 
Hmmm, you know those times when you get something new & you so badly wanna love it, but it just doesn’t seem to cut it?? This seems to be the case for me with this product. I wanted to try it because there’s nothing I love more than a multi task product & I thought this shimmer stick would be perfect for a quick & easy natural makeup look as it says it can be worn on both eyes & lips. There was also the added appeal of it having an amazing SPF level of 30! 
a slight shimmery sheen when swatched on hand....
However once I’d applied it onto the lids, a tad awkwardly might I add due to the shape of the stick, & then blended out with my fingers, instead of getting a shimmering effect like I’d hoped, it just looked like I’d swiped a layer of oil across my lid, making my skin look greasy. Not a good look :( Then after a little while I noticed it sinking into crease lines on my lids that I wasn’t even aware that I had! Needless to say I was a wee bit surprised considering it has ‘Anti-Ageing’ in the title… :-/ But I deffo did not see as much shimmering as shining going on. I don’t know, perhaps maybe this product would suit fairer skin tones more? All this said however, I did use it on the lips & was happy with how smoothly it applied! Worn alone was a bit ‘meh!’ for me but I applied some over my MAC Crème D’Nude & it really glosses up the nude polish nicely & stops it from drying, which is a major problemo with moi. 
I will deffo be wearing this over other lippies so at least it wasn’t £2 wasted! Ha-ha! And of course I am impressed with the SPF level in it so can see myself bringing it out in the hot months to come & would imagine it would be a great lip protector to take with ya on the holidays :) Gotta look after your skin, tres important! But for surely I shan’t be using it on the eyes again, somehow I don’t think oily lids is on trend this season… ;)
Have you tried this product? If so would love to know your thoughts as always my lovelies! Oh & FYI honeybees….the vouchers are back!! Woohoo! Oh sweet, dear polishes forgive me for walking past you the last time! I’m coming! Although…..having said that, I’ve heard the blemish stick is rather good too?? Hmm decision, decisions! Has anyone tried it?? Thanks for reading loves!

Lotsa Smooches!