Strawberry's & Bling NOTD :)

Evening chicks! How are y'all doing? Hmmm really wanted to make the title of this post a tad more jazzy-fied but it would appear that me brain is going through a bit of a retarded phase...not much change there then. I blame it on Monday! I really do think I'm allergic as I always seem to break out in a rash on this ghastly day! I shouldn't be too harsh though, as Monday is often a good un & allows an extra long weekend here & there with bank holidays of course! (Next week woo!) Anyhoo I first thought 'Strawberry Shizzle' sounded kinda funky but actually quite rude & hey I ain't no Snoop Dogg! Then I thought oooooooh 'Strawberry Vajazzle' sounds jolly funny...didn't register to me till later & click in my ickle brain what a vajazzle actually was...cough! :/ *blushes* So out went that title! Didn't want y'all getting the wrong idea & thinking I was getting adventurous with what I'm posting on my blog! Bwhaha!
So in the end I decided simple was the way to go with 'Strawberry's & Bling' :) *sigh* such tribulations huh? lol! Anyhoo darls, I found myself having a major craving for strawberry's recently but wasn't completely satisfied with the punnet(?) I'd picked up from Sainsbury's so decided to chuck em on me nails too!

What do ya think? Not making ya hungry like it did me is it?? ;) I got the idea from the fab Radiant Makeup's blog, she really does some gorguz nail art designs that are not only pretty but simple too, perfick for eejits like yours truly to attempt!! So thanks for the inspiration hun! I used my usual Barry M 3 in 1 for basecoat, then for the 1st step painted the whole nail in a lovely polish from the 'Wet n Wild Wild Shine' range in Red Red. I got this polish from my gorguz girl Vonnie in our recent makeup swap! Big hugs & kisses to ya my lovely blogger pal-y from the windy city! :D I am totally loving these Wet n Wild polishes, application is an absolute dream with a great brush applicator, plus it dries pronto! Am thinking I need more of these for sure :) 

After the nails were an apt shade of red reminiscent to that of lovely ripe strawberry's, next step was some white dots for the seeds. For this I just used a simple white polish from the Natural Collection range at Boots that cost me a bank breaking £1.89!! ;) Plus an ickle bobby pins tip to dot on some seeds!
  I think I may do the dots a tad smaller next time though as my lovely Uncle commented on them & asked why my strawberry's had mould on them, was I trying to create a realistic effect???.......MEN! *rolls eyes* Someone even thought they looked like toadstools which I guess they kinda do! lol!
Finally to add a little greenery to my strawberry's I used a Barry M nail paint in Spring Green which is a really lovely, vibrant creamy green. 

Just place 3 dots on the tips & use the brush to create leaves & bobs your uncle you're done! The element of bling came in the form of Barry M's awesome Hologram polish on the ring fingers. I finally managed to nab one of these after my inner magpie had been lusting for it big time but was sold out everywhere! But it found its way to moi :)
Hologram is a clear polish jam packed with lovely, big, chunky holographic glitters! Disco! I only applied two coats which looking at the pics now don't think was enough, three'd about do it! I only stuck with two though because I anticipated that as pretty as the holo is, it would be a bit of an arse to remove which was true! Had to scrub scrub scrub away at it rather, but it hasn't put me off though! Still love! So hope you like the Strawberry Bling NOTD lovelies!
Speaking of bling, I just have to share with y'all the polishes that I am currently lemming after soooooo badly! Seriously, am in actual physical pain with the strength of my need for these in my life...you can tell I'm not one for over dramatising things huh? Nail Addicts Anonymous....? ;) But ladies are these just not the most fabulous looking polishes you have ever seen?
                                  left to right - Happy Birthday, Boom Boom Pow & Bad Romance
                                                                          Across the Universe
                                                                            Today was a Fairytale
I am of course talking about the fabulous new Deborah Lippmann polishes which I first stumbled across, only recently, on the lovely May Loves Makeup blog, since then its been lust at first sight. They are all just stunning & I want them all! Sadly however, I suffered a near seizure when I saw the price tag that went with these little gems....starting at £16!! Oh my! Now I'm someone who feels they're being super extravagant & really pushing the boat out when spending a tenner on nail polishes! I dunno, am I being a major el cheapo?? But to me that is a hefty price for a bottle of polish *sob!* So am currently having major debates with myself as to whether I should take that step & purchase...the halo-ed angel on my right shoulder chants 'save, save, save!' whilst the cheeky pitchforked devil on my left says 'pisht! Sod saving you pansy & BUY!!' So that explains the slight strain on my left hand side these past few weeks :/ I think I know who's winning. But judging from all the lovely swatches I've seen, I'm sure they won't disappoint, so next time I'm in London town (just so happens to be next week, coinciding quite nicely with pay day actually...) I may just find myself leaving with if not all, then at least one of these baby's! 
Have you tried Deborah Lippmann polishes? Which ones your favorite? What are y'all wearing on your nails at the mo? Thanks for reading me lovelies! Until next time, ciao bellas!

 Lotsa love,


Wedding FOTD - Chapter 1 Pink & Gold :)

Hello there angels! So I mentioned previously that the month of April has been weddings galore! Its definitely a lovely month to get married for sure, my mums brother actually got married on Easter Weekend last year so it was their one year anniversary last month! They both make such a lovely couple & coincidentally my Uncles new wife has actually become one of my closest friends too :) So a huge congrats to them both & I wish them all the best & many years of happiness together :)
I do love a good old wedding celebration, I do & the ones I attended happened to be relatives so were full on Pakistani affairs which is always fun! The best thing about weddings in my family is that its a chance to have all your relations in one room & you get to have a good old catch up with everybody as sadly, because of life keeping everyone busy (plus a few family politics here & there!) we don't really get to see them often.
I thought I'd share with y'all a couple of the makeup looks I did for the weddings. This FOTD chapter as you've probably guessed is Pink & Gold :) This was actually the outfit I wore to my Uncles wedding last year & is deffo one of my favs, so I can see this one being recycled many a time! 

Anyhoos here's the makeup look I did to go with, as always I focused mainly on the eyes, hope you like it!

I used a simple pale gold & about 3 different pink shadows from my Coastal Scents 88 colour palette. The pale gold I used to highlight the brow bone & inner corners of the eyes & the pinks on the outer lid & crease, then blended it all out into the highlight.

To add dimension & basically bling up the eyes a bit more, I just dabbed on top some Barry M Dazzle Dusts in Yellow Gold & Pink Gold. Next step was to line the eyes for which I used my trusty MAC Fluidline & eyeliner brush along the upper lash line & winged out twice on the outer corners, making the top flick a tad longer. Then I just lined the waterline too plus whacked on some mascara & that's the eyes done! :)
 The rest of the face was kept simples with Barry M Natural Dazzle on the cheeks & MAC Creme D'Nude on the lips. Oh! & almost forgot to mention, the foundation used was, as always with evenings out, MAC Studio Tech in NC37 & MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark. The perfick combo for moi! So thats the FOTD I opted for to go with my outfit. 
Here's the accessories that went with the outfit, can't forget the bling! :) This is probably my favourite earrings & necklace set I have in my jewelery collection, just love the pale pink sparkles! There's also a pretty little headpiece with the set also which can be placed just above the forehead, but as it wasn't a very close relative I decided to give it a miss. I picked the pretty set up from Southall....THE place to go when you want to go Asian clothes/accessories shopping! ;)
And of course no outfit is complete without some prettyful shoes to go with it!
These are deffo up there in the favourite stakes also, my aunt kindly gave me these as she never wore them! So happy we are the same size as she has a pretty awesome taste in shoes! Heheh! :)  Thankfully they are pretty comfy too. And that is it! Thanks so much for reading honeybees! Hope you liked the FOTD :) Speak to y'all soon!

Lotsa kisses!


Asiana Wedding Exhibition :) (pic heavy!)

Ello ello cupcakes! Y’all having a good week me dears? Half down now just half to go! Don’t know about y’all but I truly felt spoiled with the lovely long bank holiday weekends of late, now just a two day weekend does not seem enough! Blah! But I guess I shouldn’t really complain seeing as I actually had a day off today! *cough!* To pay my dear dentist a visit though mind you…but hey, it’s a day off! Lol! & you can be sure I made the most of it by popping into town for an ickle makeup fix which kinda felt deserved after being drilled in the mouth to within an inch of me life! Hmm sorry for myself much?? ;) I’ve actually accumulated quite a few pretty bits & bobs over the past few weeks (ALL of which have been comfort shopping of some sort, yet ABSOLUTELY necessary…) & will hopefully be sharing with y’all lovelies soon!
So whats new? Well I can tell ya that I’ve recently joined the ranks with many a’ other folk for that much talked about workout that is Zumba!! Bwahaha! Yes ‘tis true & by golly am I loving it! My 1st class mind you was a bit of a disaster…a not so good teacher, combined with alotta weight lifting & awkward positions did not make for a good time :/ Hmm not what I was looking for! But my matey & I persevered (with a little help of change of instructor) & now we’re loving it! Such an amazingly fun workout filled with plenty o’ booty shakin & great music. Our new teacher is an amazing woman called Anne who is 50 years old & yet does not look a day over 30! If this is what Zumba can do then I is sticking at it girlfriend! So hopefully before long this here blogger shall be able to shake her caboose hard enough to give Shakira a run for her money…either that or I’ll end up dislocating my hip & be receiving birthday gifts along the lines of Zimmer frames & Stannah Stair Lifts this year… 
Anyhoos moving on, my manager & I both found ourselves at a bit of a loose end one weekend, so we decided to hop along to the Asiana Wedding Exhibition that was being held nearby to us. It was a great place to see some new designers & make up artists in the biz, some of which are quite local to us, which was good to know of. The exhibition also consisted of many wedding planners etc, touting their services, plus a fashion show showcasing some of the latest designs. 

There were also many jewelery stalls covered with prettyfull bling to which I was drawn to like a moth to the flame & inevitably parted with my money’s at… ;) So all in all not a bad day out & it was deffo a pleasure testing all the different cakes & wedding menu meals of course….no hardship all! Hehe!
                                                                 Mmmmm, NOM! :D

Though I have to say, it did get a tad trying when I was continuously being asked when my big day was…expected yes of course…yet trying nonetheless. Hmm, eventually got so tired ( & a tad depressed maybe) of saying that “No, I’m actually single, just browsing!” thus embedding a hint of pity in a few eyes, my manager & I retards that we are thought, sod it, switched ring fingers & continuously sprouted from my gob random dates for next year! Bwahahaha! Yes, I know….I know. Help is being currently sought :/ Thank god I didn’t put my name down for anything, otherwise I would be looking forward to having over six differently themes weddings next year, including a trashy Vegas casino wedding at a number of different venues each with its own specially designed cake & menu plans! And that would rack up to quite a sum I would imagine....!
Anyways dolls here are some piccies I snapped from the day plus the fashion show :)
                                                                      Love the gorguz fabrics! :)
                                                                                 Pretty Jewels! :)
                                      What every wedding needs...a chocolate fountain!
                                            Myself  & one of the lovely wedding planners
                                                                         Bling a Ring!
                                                    Me & one of the MUA's lovely models
                                                      Love this medieval design!
                                                Stunning, had to put in two pics ;)

Wooooo! Got there in the end, thanks for sticking with moi, didn't realise how snap happy I was!! Lol!  Cheerios for reading darls! Which outfit did you like best? Any (actual *ahem!*) brides to be out there?  What style dress have you opted for? And are you all set & looking forward to your big day? :D

Lotsa love & hugs!


Well Hello There! :)

Greetings my lovelies! Long time no speak! How the devil are y'all? Happy May tidings to ya :) Wowzah, I have been a majorly bad blogger of late, it feels like its been blooming yonks! Are y'all well? I hope everyone has enjoyed the two lovely long bank holiday weekends we've had here in England & for those overseas I hope you've had a top weekend too! Such gorguz weather as well huh? I'll be straight & say I've actually truly enjoyed & needed this mini break. Work & everything had been getting so manic & on top of me that it felt so good to have a teensy breather you know? But it feels good to be back with the blogging mojo! :)
So whats everyone been up to? I myself have spent the break doing some of me favourite things which include, picnicking, sunbathing, trips to the beach & overall catching up with mateys :) Its really felt like the mini holiday I needed! In the words of Justin Lee Collins...good times! :) Yesterday I popped into London town for a dose of culture with a trip to the Tate Modern to check out the Ai Weiwei exhibition (fab!) & was also treated by my lovely brother to some Dim Sum in Chinatown. One word....yummo! Also I've discovered I'm a bit of a nab hand at the old chopsticks if I do say so myself! :D
Now it would appear that April is clearly the month for wedding season as we've recently had two in our family which I attended plus an Asian wedding exhibition all of which I'll post about soon! Not forgetting of course the Royal Wedding too! Gosh didn't she look just amaze?? I thought the dress was just perfick & hats off to her for doing her own makeup! I mean lets face it, that's an extremely brave thing to do for any bride, but in Kate's (sorry Catherine's!) case, knowing you're going to have thousands of cameras on you must be daunting! But I thought she did a fab job :) How did y'all spend the big day? My friends & I had planned on traveling down to Blenheim Palace to watch it, but in the end we decided to stay at home & watch with the families whilst drinking cup after cup of tea & demolishing leftover hot cross buns & Easter eggs! Sadly I couldn't find any cucumbers otherwise sarnies would've been on the menu too no doubt! lol!
Anyhoos loves, just thought I'd check in & catch up with y'all. Looking forward to returning to work? Nnnnnnah! Me neither :/ but hey at least it'll be a short week. I think that's gonna be my new thing for this month...try to see the positive aspect of things! :)
I'll leave ya with the mini haul I did on a recent trip to Bicester Village. Thankfully most of the trip was of the window shop variety...although that didn't stop moi from trying on countless pairs of Jimmy Choos...one day Aysh, one day...What I did get however was a prettyful pair of earring from Accessorize that tick all the boxes for me! Big? Yes, Dangly? Very, Pretty ethnic design/style? Yup! Colourful & summery? I'll say! & to make the purchase complete these babies only cost moi £2! Woo indeed! 

I also got this gorguz bag which I couldn't resist. I'd been wanting a new summer bag for which I could chuck in all me essentials (suncream, sunglasses etc) & this seemed to fit the bill nicely :)

I love the nude pinky beige colour & you can never go wrong with a bit o' bling with jazzy sequins & shimmer can ya? This gem was also on sale for £10 cut down from £35 so didn't do too badly eh? :)
Plenty of space for all the summer essentials :)
Okey dokes sweetie's, me off now to chill out in front of a movie I think before checking out for the evening, hope y'all had a lovely day! By the way, I've just had me one of those Frubes strawberry dessert thingamy-bobs from the fridge?? Err yum?!!! A quick, healthy dessert in a tube...no need for spoons so obviously no washing up required...genius...& on that dose of pure randomness I'll be saying good night! Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love & hugs!