Bling Tings With A Few Rings Plus New Bracelet Love!

Hey there darlin’s! You all good & well? Now, I honestly think I must have been a magpie in another life because if there is one weakness I have, umm besides anything beauty/makeup/nail polish related that is, it’s being drawn to all sparkly pretty blingy things in the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets etc like a moth to the flame, that I dream to add to my (ever growing on a worryingly level) collection. In the same way that purchasing a new makeup product that I’ve been wanting for ages & dying to try out makes me feel super warm happy fuzzy inside, I just love the rush of spotting a new stunning sparkly ring or a prettyful necklace catching my eye & eventually after much “umming” & “aaaaahing” taking the inevitable plunge & making said piece of jewellery mine! I’m sure I’m not alone yes?? ;)

So thought I'd share with you lovelies some new bits of bling that I’ve picked up lately from here, there & everywhere, some of them super bargainous to boot & that’s always good isn’t it? ;)
First up are these three beauties that I picked up from, whadaya know? Our good old Primark no less! Not only are they all gorguz but they each cost me no more than £2.50 for the knuckle length gold one & beautiful cat, whom I’ve decided to call Bert & an awesome £2 for the sparkly skull whom we shall refer to as Ernie shall we?  Everyone needs a sparkly skull ring in their collection ;) Bargains! Will deff be revisiting the jewellery stand for sure.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…...well Cubic Zirconia anyhoos! Until the day comes where I can afford me some diamonds I’m afraid good old CZ’s will have to do! This beautiful set I picked up from an Asiana wedding exhibition, where you can always find great jewellery, for not so expensive prices. I love this set which includes a lovely long bracelet, ring & large studs, perfect for when I want to add just subtle touch of ice to an evening outfit :)
I’ve posted about Boots jewellery a coupla times before on here as I’ve been found some seriously lovely pieces whilst there. So whenever I pop in now to browse around the make up or to pick up toiletries etc. I always “accidentally” pass the jewellery stand too & occasionally they even have 50% off! Happy days! I picked up these cute rings on my last visit, the blue beaded one is such a stunning shade of blue, plus one of those elastic, stretchy type rings so fits perfectly :) Love it!
Thought I’d save my favourite ring purchase till last! I picked up this beautiful stone & wire ring from Winter Wonderland in December. I’m not even sure what the stone is all I know is that is just gorguz! So sparkly with flashes of yellow, blue, green, purple….a whole rainbow in different lights! I’ve been wearing this beaut every day since I purchased it :)

And last but by certainly no means least & another fav I have been wearing constantly, is this beautiful Shambala-esque type bracelet that my lovely, amazing friend bought for me recently after she had noticed me positively drooling over it whilst browsing around in Debenhams. Love her muchly <3 :)
I very rarely wear bracelets as I have annoying bony wrists, not made for bracelets at all as they are forever falling off & just end up being a nuisance! But the beauty of this bracelet, apart from the obvious sparkle, is that it has a great drawstring type mechanism, which means I can tighten it to fit my little wrists perfectly!  Happy Aysh! :D
 So there ya have it sweets! Just some new blingy additions in my life :)  Have you made some fab jewelery purchases lately? What's your favourite piece at the moment?
Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Tuxedo Nails Manicure!

Evening poppets & Happy Friday! Oooo I’m happy to see it, that’s for sure.  Let’s just say it’s been an odd kinda week (though I do seem to get a lot of those….) I mean, I even managed to get lost in my OWN town the other day….says it all really doesn’t it?? *side eye* Oh well, moving on, highlight this week definitely goes to that glorious day of the month we like to call PAY DAY of who’s arrival I literally counted down the days, hours, minutes, nay seconds & welcomed with open arms ;)  A bit o’ cheeky yet very necessary hauling has been done this month I’ll admit, but nothing too drastic mind you, plus had to pay off a few bills also, the joys of being a grown up (though that status is debatable… ;p) Have some lovely new bits though that I can’t wait to share you lovelies….there is some sparkle involved ;)

So lately I’d been seeing lots of pics of the absolutely awesome “Tuxedo” style nails that Zooey Deschanel wore as her mani to the Golden Globes this year, I absolutely fell in love with the design, thought it was just brilliant & really wanted to give them a whirl!  
When you think of Tuxedo’s the colours that come to mind are of course black & white but sadly & quite shockingly for this here nail polish addict…I don’t actually have a white nail polish in my collection! :-/ Oooops! That’s something that clearly needs rectifying ASAP, not just that but I STILL need to purchase me a proper nail art pen. But lacking those tools didn’t stop me from whacking a man’s suit on my nails, call for a bit o’ improvisation using instead “Coconut Ice” a beautiful pearly polish from No 7, a few black nail art beads & of course my trusty & ever resourceful liquid eye liner, here’s my first attempt at Tuxedo nails :)

What do you think? Not too bad for a first go? The bows & tips were a bit scruffier than I would’ve liked & definitely need working on but with a bit o’ practice I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it as I’m gonna be wanting to try this design again! After using a basecoat, I applied two coats of the Coconut Ice, sticking on the black button beads with an orange stick whilst the second coat was still wet. Once that had dried I then attempted my bows & black tips using the eyeliner, finishing it all off with a slick of topcoat to seal! Finito!

Looking at it again I think I actually prefer the use of the pearly polish rather than a matte white, gives it a bit more of a pow factor if ya like! Haha! ;) And maybe I WILL just stop dawdling & get a nail art pen in my life, just to see if it makes things easier but until then I still have big love for my eyeliner! Same can definitely be said for this mani design, received lots of lovely comments on it this week which always means so much & makes my day! :D So will be giving Tuxedo's a go again for sure!

Hope you like! Have you tried Tuxedo nails? Let me know, would love to see! Thanks for stopping by, till next time lovelies! 

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Chinese New Year Inspired Mani :)

Greetings to ya dear readers & Happy Chinese New Year to all of you lovelies who are celebrating today! 'Tis the year 2012 which means it’s the Dragons turn this year, hope you’re all having a wonderful day with your friends & families eating plenty of yummy food & receiving lots of lucky red envelopes :D  
                                                                               Source - Google Images

I always like to do a Chinese New Year inspired mani, incorporating the beautiful, traditional red & gold colours, such a wonderful combo. I did one last year using a gorguz red Revlon polish in “Blaze” & Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold & absolutely LOVED the finished result! I’d totally forgotten about using those fab dazzle dust’s for nail art lately, they create such an amazing looking effect, so I think I’ll go have another dig through the few that I own & get to playing around again :D Here’s the one I did last year if you fancy a looky CLICK HERE.
This time round I dug out an old yet super pretty red polish from Collection 2000 called “Blazing Red” which I blogged about HERE. It’s a lovely slightly shimmery hot red, almost foil like when on the nail, really nice. I applied two coats on to each nail, then when dry free handed some quarter moons on to the tips using my fav gold polish which has appeared on this blog a few times now! Yup ‘tis the booootiful Revlon 118 CARAT :)
I wanted to jazz up the mani a tad more so to finish just applied some pretty flower nail art stickers with a pair of tweezers as well adding some cute little butterflies on the thumb & ring fingers as….well…. I didn’t have any dragons handy… ;) Hehe! Finish with a slick of topcoat to seal & done!

Hope you liked! Thanks for reading as always sweets, have a great evening! :D

Lotsa love to ya!


What I Wore.....Black Cats and Al Capone OOTD

Bonjour lovely readers! You all having a nice weekend? Currently typing up this post in my most favourite blogging position, which is in front of the box with a good movie on the telly, today it’s Back to the Future (never gets old!), with a bucket sized cup o’ tea next me & a sufficient supply of sweet food stuffs! Bliss! :D  Yesterday I went to visit my old school friends beautiful new baby boy who was a wonderful surprise Xmas present last year as he arrived in to the world on Christmas Day! & such a cutie he is :D I guess we’re all growing up now….eeeep! ;-)

Thought I’d share a quick outfit post with you lovelies today which I wore on my last trip to London, the BINTM Live Event at Excel to be exact which I blogged about a few posts back? I have a real soft spot for this cutesy dress, it’s definitely up there as one of my favourites & the reason for this being entirely that it’s patterned with lotsa cute little black kitty cats!  :D
I picked up this lovely dress from a shop in Westfield’s Shopping Centre called Color Color? Every time I pay visit to Westfield’s I always pop in to this fab clothes shop for a browse around as it is filled with lots of gorguz, unique style pieces. This particular dress immediately caught my eye the last time; it’s such a lovely lightweight white net chiffon-y type material & did I mention that it has black cats on it???? Such a cute print! :D 
I paired the dress with my usual combo of black tee & skinny trousers, then added a bit o’ sparkle to the outfit by whacking a sequin beret on to the noggin & cinching the dress in at the waist with a sparkly silver belt. 
            Dress - ColorColor, Trousers - Dorothy Perkins, Shoes - Zara, Hat - Accessorize

For the shoes I wore my black & white lace ups, or my Al Capone shoes as my uncle likes to call them! I confess I do feel a tad mafia-esque in them! ;)  Love them a lot though, they’re actually surprisingly comfy & I picked these babies up on sale from Zara. 
Thanks for stopping by darlin’s! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Strawberry & Chocolate Polka Dot Frostiness!

Hey there angels! How are you all? I honestly have no idea how I’m managing to type, other than VEEEEEERY slowly, as I’ve a coupla popsicles in place of hands right now :-/  Blimey, cold enough for ya?! & of course my one & only pair of gloves would choose this time to go walkies… So my poor hands are really being put through the wars, especially at work, I think they’re feeling a tad neglected & channeling alotta hate towards their owner. They are definitely in need of a major pamper sesh that’s for sure, I’m thinking of maybe getting a pair of those soft cotton gloves that are supposed to be worn at night after you’ve lathered your hands in lashings of hand cream? Plus wearing gloves at night doesn’t seem like such a bad idea at the mo ;)

So Pink, Brown & Polka Dots are the theme for today’s mani dolls & lordy, I haven't the foggiest why but every time I looked at these I just got so darn hungry! :-/ Maybe it’s because they reminded me of chocolate & strawberry cupcake frosting….I don’t know…or maybe it’s because I’m just weird. Most likely the latter. 
For this mani I dug out the gorguz polish “Rustic” by Wet N Wild that the lovely Vonnie sent me in our makeup swap, which is a beautiful shimmery almost foil like chocolate-y brown. Not a colour I thought I would go for in a polish but damn I love this! Applied like a dream too in two coats. Just yummy! :D

After a coupla days wear I wanted a bit of a change, so taking off the “Rustic” on the middle & ring fingers I applied a coupla coats of my absolute fav rose pink shade of polish which I got from a Next gift set & blogged about here. I seriously dread the day when this beauty runs out… :( Once dry I applied a couple of those French mani tips that I picked up from Boots yonks ago but overlapped them over each other to create a sort of stencil, so that it left a triangular shaped corner of the nail free. 
Into that space I just applied opposite colours, so the brown on the pink & vice versa, then finished by removing the strips once the polish had dried & sticking on some simple yet always fun polka dots using a hair bobby pin. Add a slick of topcoat & done! :D

Thanks as always for reading my lovelies! Till next time :)

Lotsa love to ya!


What I Wore....A Touch Of Grey OOTD & FOTD feat Garnier BB Cream

Good evening sweets! Are you all enjoying your Sunday’s? Been a lovely, relaxing one down this end :) I mean I don’t think I actually shifted from the bed at all yesterday other than to attend to the belly’s demands!  Oops! But won’t lie to ya….it was a good day. If there is one thing I know I’m good at, its total veg-ing out time, ooooh yes! ;D Plus what with all this frosty chilly weather we’ve been experiencing the desire to venture out from the warmth of the house is just not that strong!

Speaking of chilly weather I’ve obviously found myself reaching for the thicker, warmer items of clothing in my wardrobe only to find I actually don’t have that many! :-/ I think this maybe because I went a bit crazy last year accumulating a lot of summer clothes in the Sales & conveniently forgot that I would actually need any suitable wear for Winter….*cough!*  But having said that though, I’m not actually that big a fan of jumpers & hoodies as weird as that sounds, being very much a dress girl ;) I guess I’m more about the layers, with shirts, dresses, cardi’s etc.
However with this OOTD I’ve got to share with you today all the boxes are ticked for moi in that not only is it a dress but also a lovely thick grey wool material, that’s so lovely soft & succeeds in keeping me warm too!
I picked up this dress from one of those independent boutiques’ you stumble across every now & again? I absolutely love browsing around in those sorts of clothes stores as you can come across some truly lovely, one off type pieces. This dress caught my eye as I just love the design of it, with the scooped neckline & how it flows out really nicely towards the bottom. Plus it’s the loveliest soft grey wool material that’s really comfortable. I paired the dress with simple black tee & skinny trousers as well as these cute pixie ankle boots that I picked up from Matalan
I’ve mentioned on Twitter my absolute LOVE for the Garnier BB Cream which I’ve been using in place of foundation lately after receiving some samples & that love is still going strong dolls! I’ve been using the Light shade which I think suits me well enough, which I apply quickly with my fingers then just buff in with a kabuki brush. Super quick with a really nice, not too heavy coverage which I like.  Am just debating now whether to purchase the Garnier one or maybe try out one of the other brands that have released BB Creams such as 17 & No 7? 
Anyhoos here’s a quick Grey Smokey Eye FOTD I did with the outfit using an old Estee Lauder palette I found on the lids, MAC Fluidline Black track for eyeliner, the BB Cream & a little MUA Mosaic Bronzer on the cheeks :) 

Have any of you lovelies tried the BB Creams? Which ones have been your fav? Thanks for reading! Have a great evening dolls!

Lotsa love to ya! 


Britain & Irelands Next Top Model Live Pics, Haul & Goodies!

Hello pumpkins & Happy Weekend to you all!
Okay, so this another case of SERIOUSLY late posting…quite a bad habit of mine that clearly needs working on! A new year’s resolution idea perhaps? Will see how we get on shall we? ;)
Anyhoos, back in October I popped in to London town to attend the Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Live Event that was held at the Excel Exhibition centre with my lovely friend Saf aka Miss Stylicious who had a coupla tickets & kindly invited me to go with her :D Thank you so much my sweet! Twas an absolutely wonderful day out & we really did have such a great time! Thought I’d share with ya some pics & bits from the day :D

On the same day as the event, I think there was also a comic book/computer game type convention going on also? I mean I began to suspect this first when I boarded the train that was to take me to the Excel Centre & found myself sitting next a dude dressed as a hobbit…but I figured hey, London is filled with lotsa unique styles, maybe the hobbit look was in right now? But then after a few stops when we were then joined by a coupla elves, a Viking & Wolverine my suspicions were confirmed that some sort of convention was definitely going on too! Have to say it was quite amusing to say the least to one minute seeing these stunning, 6 foot models walking past ya, then turning around & bumping in to the Super Mario Brothers! :D

The event itself was great, with lots to see & do throughout the day including open catwalk shows featuring some lovely collections, live music, pamper rooms, workshops & of course plenty of fashion/beauty/lifestyle shopping which we definitely partook in! Superstar Saf also managed to get hold of tickets to the main BINTM Live Tour fashion catwalk show with performances from all the contestants including the winner of the show Jade as well as live music from Bluey Robinson. Here are some pics from the day!
 Also mentioned a bit o' cheeky hauling was done on the day also *blushes* ;) Here's the goodies I got :D
                                                                                Fashionista Magnetic Polish's
                                                                                 Blixz Nail Foil Wraps
         My first Stargazer polish's! :D Look ya can see me in the bottle*waves!*
 Some lovely FAMOUS eyeshadows that came in our goody bags in Shade 9 & Betty Green
                           Fashionista Eyeshadow in Nude & Blush in Amber Glow

Phew! That was a bit pic heavy wasn't it? Lol! Big thanks & well done if ya made it to here! Can't wait to try everything out especially the Stargazer polish's as I've wanted them for yonks! I also picked up some goodies from MUA as well which I'll be doing a more detailed post on soon! 
Did any of you lovelies go to BINTM Live Show? Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!