NOTD - Return To Milan With A 3D Jewel Accent Finger! :D

Greetings to you me lovely readers! Fair thee well?? Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend & managed to catch a few of those gorguz rays! This weekend for me has had a pretty much “doing absolutely sod all” theme to it really….it’s been good ;) Went for a long awaited & much needed hair cut yesterday as the hairs had just about reached that hobo-ish stage, the look of absolute horror on the hairdressers face as she looked at my straggly ends was worth the trip alone. But after much umm-ing & ahhh-ing we decided to keep the ombre hair for a while longer as I just love it too much & wasn’t quite ready to let go yet. So I’m still officially ombre but with a few extra layers & a teensy little side fringe thrown in for extra measure :D 

There’s nothing I love more than having a browse through my polish’s & stumbling across an old favourite & having that “ooooh looky, I remember you!!!!!” moment. Such is the case with this pretty, pretty….oh my , so pretty polish which goes by the name of Milan by No7 :) An absolutely stunning pink foil, with the most gorguz silver shimmers running through, it is a stunner it is & was actually one of my first No7 polish’s! So we do go way back, how could I have forgotten you my precious? Most sincere apologies…
Not that this beauty needed anything more added to it, so stunning it is by its onesome, but I was feeling a bit o’ experimental accent finger action was called for, so after applying two coats of Milan, I dug out some small round black stones from one of my nail art wheels & decided to attempt a 3D effect jewel accent finger! 
Gotta admit it was a tad fiddly tricky! I applied a black base using just a cheapo black polish, and then started adding the stones a few rows at a time with my hair pin, applying a bit of clear polish each time. After a few minutes (or 50) passed during which a coupla stones were lost & many rude words uttered, I eventually got the hang of it & had me my 3D accent finger! Wooo! I really liked the finished effect, now I would love to try it with different coloured stones! Imagine multi-coloured! Now that would be a bobby dazzler of an accent finger! :D

Have you tried No7 polish’s? What’s your fav? As always thanks for reading my bellas, till next time! 

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Emerald Jewel Crackle Smashle Mani! :D

Ello ello my lovely readers! How’s tricks? Can’t even begin to tell ya how good it feels to be typing away on this here lappy top, blogging, catching up on emails & all that jazz as I only had a bloomin power cut yesterday!! Yup, came home after a looooong day at work (what’s new?) to find the entire street shrouded in darkness. Fun times. So with nowt but a freezing cold, pitch black house albeit a few candles dotted here & there & a very angry little kitty for company, what’s a girl to do?? Well escape to Nando’s for a dose of Piri Piri extra hot of course! ;) Hehe! Twas goooood.

So another day, another mani to share with you beauts :D This time we’ve gone down the crackle route using a bit o’ silver, a dash o’ green & a sprinkling of glitter with a mani that, I don’t know why, but kinda made me think it had a sort of Medieval look about it?? Hmmm, must be the added jewel rhinestone in the middle ;) What do you think?
For this Medieval-esque Emerald Jewel Crackle Smashle mani (I really need to work on my post titles…) I dug out 3 puuuurdy polish’s, firstly the gorguz Models Own Emerald Black from the fabulous Beetlejuice collection which is such a lovely deep, dark black green. Of this I applied two coats to each nail.
Polish number 2 was another one from Models Own, the Smash Up Silver to be exact.  Oh yes I’m still loving the crackle ;) However I have to say I do find a lot of crackle polish’s a tad difficult to work with, experiencing gloopiness etc. With this I applied a thin-ish coat to each nail on top of the Emerald Black & whilst I loved the crackle effect it gives, I also wish there was a tad MORE crackle action so that the base colour would come through a bit more? Maybe I’ll try an even thinner coat next time :)
Aaaah I do love a glitter accent nail! For the ring finger sparkle I used the utterly fabulous Adventures Of Alice by BYS that my lovely Chelle sent me & which I’d been itching to try! It didn’t disappoint, a gorguz mixture of glitter in an aqua blue/green base, it is just boooootiful! Two coats of this on to the ring finger on top of the Emerald Black & I had me my dose of sparkle ;)
As if there wasn’t enough going on already, I decided to just finish of the mani with a pretty emerald green square jewel at the centre of each nail, applied the usual way of toothpick & a slick of topcoat to seal! Finito!

Hope you liked the mani my lovelies! Thanks so much for reading! What are you wearing on your nails at the mo?? 

Lotsa love to ya!


Bourjois Pop Up Boutique! :D

Bonjour lovelies! Aaaah is it really Sunday evening already?? Weekends are definitely not long enough; just when you start relaxing it’s time to get ready for work the next day already! Been a bit of a busy bee of late, it just occurred to me that I’ve spent the last 3 weekends in London! As much as I love the place & spending time there with friends I think it’ll be a good idea to take it easy next weekend (not to mention kinder to the bank account…!)

Yesterday I met up with Saf, Ayshe & her sister Hatty & together we went along to the Bourjois Pop Up Boutique that’s opened in Shoreditch for London Fashion Week which I’m sure most of you have heard of by now & is literally every makeup lover’s dream! A fabulous little haven located at the Beach Blanket Babylon, the moment you walk in you’re surrounded by abundance of beautiful Bourjois products everywhere you look, some stored in the most adorable sweety jars. So cute! There were lots of Bourjois favourites including the amazing eye shadows, blushes, polish’s as well as a few limited edition products & not only were there makeup artists at hand to primp & preen you with makeovers & manicures or a spot of body art if that took your fancy, but all products were a fabulous 65% off!......Oh yes, some hauling was done, I mean it would have been rude not too right?? Bourjois also kindly gave us a little goody bag filled with a few treats to take away with us… But that’s going to have to be a WHOLE other post altogether! ;D 
Here are a few piccies!

Moi, Saf, Hatty & Ayshe

 Sharing a special moment with the golden poodle.... ;)

Hehe, this made me giggle....

We had a really lovely time perusing all the lovely displays of makeup, not only was the atmosphere great but the Bourjois team were all so lovely too. The pop up boutique is only opened for a short while during LFW & tomorrow is the last day! So if you have a chance to pop on down there for a visit, definitely do so! :D

Thanks for reading my beauts! Have you been to the Bourjois Pop Up Boutique?

Lotsa love to ya!



What I Wore.....Black & Gold, Black & Gold....

Evening chicadees! Hope you’re all having a good week so far? Thankfully I’ve had a few hours owed to me from work so I’ve been enjoying a coupla rare weekday lie-ins as I’ve not had to go in till 1 o'clock. Bliss! But back to norm tomorrow though *sad face*
Currently attempting to write up this post with madam kitty aka Hoshi jumping in and out of consciousness next to me…not really an easy feat to say the least, especially with her continuous attempts to lay across the laptop keyboard, rear end shoved in face, in an effort to get a bit of attention. I think she’s just doing it to irritate me to be honest, this must be her form of payback because we bought Tesco’s cat food last week instead of Felix….ashalfhauoefgasehkvrawyfrawurgsfgfos…Alright woman! *lifts aforementioned dead weight off & throws across room*…..I kid, I kid!...Just shifts to the end of the bed ;) Bless her.

Anyhoos, moving on here’s a quick outfit post of what I wore to London this weekend past for the TOWIB event where I had a lovely time meeting lots of wonderful fellow bloggers, some whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before & many for the first time.  Will do a more detailed post later on, including our cheeky trip to that fabulous haven in Covent Garden that is called Laduree… ;) 
Black & gold is definitely one of my fav combo’s, I don’t know why but I always feel it gives an almost Arab-y/Egyptian touch to certain outfits…Hmmm, must just be me. I’ve only recently started loving gold jewellery/accessories more, especially rose & antique-y golds, before being a bigger fan of silver. Next thing on my wishlist….a Michael Korrs Rose Gold watch! Oooooh but I think it will be a while yet…until then I shall hunt for dupe! Seen some snazzy ones on ebay which have caught this gals eye… ;)
The lace dress is from warehouse & which I absolutely love! Anything lace is just pure awesomeness in my book :D I love pairing this dress with a thin blouse in summer, but this time just wore a simple black tee underneath with not one but two pair of leggings on the pins! It was cold me dears. To make the outfit just that little bit more exciting, I just added a simple gold belt round the waist.
On the feet went a pair of flat knee high suede boots which I picked up from New Look last year on sale. They are super comfortable & who doesn't love a bit of stud detailing & tassels…? ;)
Finally the bling that went with the outfit, keeping with the black & gold theme of course...
 Feather Earrings - Boots, Black & Gold Beaded Chain & Choker - Xmas gifts, Antique Rose Ring - Accessorize, Black Diamonte Ring - Primark 

And that’s all folks! Till next time me lovelies! Thank you so much for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Having Fun With Fimo....Florals & Fruit!

Hey there me lovelies :) Did you all have a nice weekend? Hope so! Brrrrrr but haven't you also had enough of this cold yet & then some??! I want some Sun pretty please & thank you! Though I’m surprised at myself for saying this as whenever Summer does eventually come around every year, guess who’s the first to start complaining about not being able to cope in the sweltering heat….? Yeeeah, yours truly. Hmm, I guess the conclusion of all this is that I am obviously a fan of the Spring time season, just the right mix of cool breeze & sunshine…bliss. Can’t wait ;D
For the time being however I thought I’d brighten things up for now in my fav way…with a mani! Why not? Who knows, if my nails are bright enough, it might coax the Sun out a teensy bit? ;)  *puts on shades*
Watchya think? Bright enough? ;) Hehe! For this mani I decided to finally have a play around with some of the fimo sticks that my lovely friend Chelle sent me a while back to try out. I’d seen her fabulous nail posts using fimo pieces & they just looked amazing, so couldn’t wait to give it a whirl! This is how they come & can be purchased from Ebay :)
I had to slice them of course, which was a little tricky at first! I mean I didn’t want them too thick or too thin either, but after a few hit & misses (more misses than hits admittedly) I think I got the hang of it okay :D For this mani I used the pretty flower fimo stick as well as a circular pink & white striped one that kinda reminds me of rhubarb & custard! 
I needed a suitably bright base for the mani of course so the nail polish I went for was a shade by No7 called “Pink Grapefruit”, a truly lovely, vibrant coral-y pink gloss. Just beautiful! I used two coats of this, and then whilst the second coat was wet, applied one flower & one rhubarb & custard to each nail using a tooth pick dipped in a bit of clear polish to grab & place the pieces on the nail. Once in place, just a slick of your fav topcoat (mines still the No7!) to keep the pieces in place & you’re done! You can probably see a bit of glitter on there too, well the next day I stumbled across some glitter eyeliner & decided to just add a few swipes of that over the mani too for an added sparkle! Boom! :D
I just love the 3dDeffect the fimo gives the finished mani, really eye catching & I did receive lots of lovely comments whilst wearing :)  & there’s just so many designs & patterns you can play around with! I’m keen to try maybe a fruit salad mani with a mixture of fruits….my only worry is that it will make me hungry every the time I look at it… :-/ 

Anyhoos, hope you liked my lovelies! Thanks for reading as always. Have you ever tried nail art with fimo sticks?  

Lotsa love to ya!


Haul of Wonders... ;)

Ello ello me bella chicas & Happy Friday, we made it! Got a bit worried for a minute there that the snow had come back with a vengeance but thankfully, tis nowt left but a light smattering of white pixie dust down this end. Oh gosh, I know this is probably making moi sound like such a boring old fart right? But believe me the novelty & excitement of a heavy snowfall wears off very quickly when faced with a perilous drive in to work! Plus there is also the fact that I nearly always fall flat on my arse every single time we have this kinda weather…this time was no exception *rubs sore behind* Another reason I’m glad the weathers cleared up is that I’ll be heading to London again tomorrow for The Only Way Is Blogging Event :D This is the 3rd TOWIB event, the previous ones were absolutely fab & I’m very much looking forward to it & meeting lots of lovely bloggers! :D

Got a (pic heavy) haul post for ya today lovelies, filled with a few pretty’s I picked up here & there as the month of January saw a bit of cheeky spending done ;) But it wasn’t my fault honest! The awful, horrid, absolutely EVIL sales as usual lured me in to their clutches & I was dragged kicking & screaming on said shopping excursions…*tumbleweed*  Yeah, even I couldn’t convince myself…Anyhoos moving on, here are the bits & bobs this gal grabbed recently…
Hello brightness! I’ve been on the hunt for a casual blazer for a while now to add that extra edge to an outfit & I’ve also wanted to introduce more bright colours in to my wardrobe. This beaut seems to tick both boxes, it’s a lovely soft silky material that flows beautifully & such a stunningly bright blue! I have a pair of blue suede heels that I know would go perfick with it :D Picked up from the NEXT sale where I also had a gift voucher so ended up paying nada for it! Woo!
This simple yet sweet dress I picked up from the New Look sale. Absolutely loved the cutesy print & collar!
Oooooh sparkly! A sequin dress filled with sparkles is something that has been on my wish list for a long time now, I just hadn’t found one that I liked or could actually walk in as half of them were so incredibly heavy! Lol! Too much bling for little ol’ me obviously. Then I found this bobby dazzler in a vintage-y shop near me, not only does it have just the right amount of sparkle factor, but I just loved the combo of red & black sequins! Down magpie!
These boots were made for walking…& walk they shall! Suede, black, knee high, perfect length heels…every girl needs a pair like this in their collection & I finally found mine at Clarks, not only on sale but my awesome mum managed to get me an extra discount due to some slight scuffing at the bottom. What a super star haggler she is! :D
OMG, these cute ballet pumps I picked up from Zara are quite possibly the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet! The fact that they are just so super puuuuurdy in that gorguz rose gold shade just makes it all complete. Thank you Zara, you are awesome :)
Errr, yup. Another pair of shoes….*blushes* But look! They sparkle! And you can be certain that these will get A LOT of wear :D Like the sparkly dress, I’ve wanted a pair of blingy shoes also that can go with many an outfit & these were just perfect! So comfy too, I found these stunners in New Look
 Errrm Zara? Did I mention how awesome you were?? They've done it again for me big time for sure as I finally have the perfect leather jacket I'd been wanting for yonks! But every single one I came across was just too bulky, or too grungy... But this one fit so perfectly when I tried it, I just new I had to take it home with me :) It is LOVE
& last but not least…my new bag! It really is as soft as it looks ;) I totally could not stop rubbing it against my face…*cough!* err don’t worry, I didn’t make a spectacle of myself in the shop…just at home…in front of the cat…who just gave me her standard exasperated look filled with sorrow & pity….quite normal then. I found this beauty in the River Island sale, I really do have a soft spot for their gorguz bags, my current one is from there also which I also blogged about & I still love it immensely!  

And there we have it! A months sale hauling in one post :D Phew, hopefully that’s me done now for the next few years or so… ;) Hope you liked! Did you lovelies acquire any new pretty things lately?? Thanks as always for stopping by angels!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - A Quick Simple Champagne Mani & A Catch Up! :D

Well hey there my lovelies! How are you all doing? Did you all enjoy the, albeit slightly delayed, winter wonderland we were gifted with this weekend? I’ll have to admit though, the weather did get me a bit Scrooge like as not only does the thought of driving (hell even walking!) in snow scare the holy bejaysus out of me as I’m such a clumsy arse, but I also had to cut my weekend in London short for fear of being stranded & unable to get home! Yup….like a typical British, the first sign of a snowflake has me in palpitation panic-mode with thoughts of train delays & all that :-/  *sigh!* 
But anyhoos, as I mentioned & as you’ll know if you follow moi on twitter, this weekend saw me spending some quality fun time in London town with some wonderful people including my gorguz blogger pals Halima & Amina, whose birthday celebration was also on the cards & a fab weekend it was. I really have a lot of love for these girls, such truly amazing friends who always promise a fabulous time within their company & I already cannot wait to see them again :) You’ve been warned ladies…muchos big hugs to ya! :D
                                                           My Beauts - Halima, Moi, Amina :D

On to the post dolls, I thought I’d keep it short & sweet (bwahaha!….sorry) with a quick & simple NOTD I did using a super pretty champagne toned polish that I attained through a NEXT gift set last year. Was mightily impressed with the polishes for sure, especially the rose pink shade, I only wished they sold them too! But sadly I haven’t seen them since :( This nameless polish in question is a lovely satin-y cream shade with a subtle hint of yellow gold running through it. I actually find it quite similar to No 7 “Coconut” which I used in my Tuxedo Nails mani recently, so there’s me dupe! Huzzah! :D
This here’s two coats over what is obviously a not so good base coat judging by a coupla those cheeky bubbles that sneaked through!  :-/ To finish the mani I kept it simple by adding a pretty nail art sticker & diamante stone onto the ring & the thumb fingers, still my most absolute favourite way of doing nail art. So super quick & easy yet such a pretty finish I think! :) Hope you like!

Thanks as always for stopping by my angels!

Lotsa love to ya!