NOTD - A 'Cath Kidston Touch' Mani With Mavala Madras!

Evening dolls! One more day to go then hey four day weekend! *happy dance* Do you lovelies have anything special planned for the Jubilee weekend? Hopefully the break will be filled with lots of jolly street parties, barbies, afternoon teas & plenty of red, white & blue I’m sure! ;)  I actually have a wedding to attend on Sunday which came around very last minute, so cue panic mode with whole outfit situation! But all’s well as I have something which I think will be suitable, tis an Asian wedding so will be going for plenty of colour with the obligatory heavy eye makeup look :) 
Monday will hopefully see me & a coupla friends on a little road trip to the coast to catch some sun, sea & sand *fingers crossed British weather stays on our side!* Oh & I’m driving…god help us …let’s just say we’ll be hoping & praying that we actually make it to the correct destination :-/ Must remember to hang the prayer beads on rear-view mirror…

Whilst having a sort through the few 1292346123674 photos that I seem to have accumulated on my laptop, I stumbled across this gorguz mani that I had done for me at an event yonks ago that, me being me, of course completely & utterly forgot to blog about! Whenever I see a mani that I love, the blogger in me of course snaps away with the plans to post, but then somehow, conveniently forget…shall put the blame totally with work stress & not memory loss… ;)
Big slap on the wrist for me for not blogging about this divine polish sooner as it is just GORG isn’t it?! I had this mani done at an event last year, which was held by Holland & Barrett at The Kensington Roof Gardens in London & which in itself was a lovely event. Not only did we get a look at lots of beauty products that are now stocked in this health food store, some of which I had NO idea, such as Burts Bee’s, Ecotools, Manuka Doctor & more but we were also offered delightful nibbles, back massages & manicures. Was really lovely & I was fortunate to be able to get my nails done in a cute Cath Kidston-esque mani with this stunning nail polish that is Mavala Madras, a polish that I have been trying to hunt down since but with no luck  :( 
There was a vast choice of stunning Mavala shades to choose from, but this one caught my eye as I adore rich red polish’s & this is just that! A really yummy jewel, ruby wine red, just beautiful. Twas my first go with Mavala polish’s too, pretty impressed & def wanting to try more!
 The Cath Kidston touch was the adorable little rose floral design that the manicurist free handed with acrylic paint! I’ve seen a lot of nail art done using acrylic paint so am thinking that next time I pass an art shop, I’m going to have to get me some as I would love to attempt to re-create it! We were generously given a divine Cath Kidston goody bag to take home with us & I thought the mani went perfect with it! :D  
Will continue on my hunt for this gem of a beautiful red, as well as attempt a Cath Kidston mani, perhaps experiment with different colours, the floral design is just so pretty! If you’ve done any Cath Kidston floral manicures I would love to see! :D
Thanks as always for reading darlings! 

Lotsa love to ya!


OOTD - "Googly Eyed"

Hi there me dears, how are we? Feeling a tad…erm vulnerable at this current moment I’ll be honest with ya, you know those most odd kind of folk who swear that their whole life proceeds to fall apart the moment they lose that life line of theirs that is their phone?? *raises hand* Guilty as charged. Pretty sure I’m not alone in this, yes?…YES?!  In my extreme eagerness to leave work today, too busy was I, skipping out of the work place in a most jolly Disney movie-esqe fashion, I was blissfully unaware until I’d gotten home that I had left my little one behind…*sniffs*

But I’m fine, no really fine…completely, like TOTALLY fine...fine. Dearest blackberry will be back in my possession tomorrow morn, which will hopefully come round before ya can say OCD. :-/
Anyhoo in an effort to take my mind of such predicament, unfold arms currently wrapped around knees & pick myself up from rocking back & forth, here is quick outfit of the day from recent sunny days...

       Dress - Bay, Trousers - River Island, Cardi - H&M, Slingbacks - Debenhams

‘Googly Eye’ dress, previously referred to as ‘The Dress Has Eyes’ but immediately vito-ed as I don’t DO horror movies, so that would’ve just been hypocritical really. Picked up on sale many moons ago from that old store Bay Trading which sadly closed down! *sad face* Tis a lovely light material perfick for the hot spells England has been enjoying lately & I do love the print ;)
 The peep toe kitten heel slingbacks from Debenhams are a fave of mine, paired with many outfits as they are muchos comfy & kitten heels are def my favourite type of heel to opt for, giving a little added height without making you feel half paralyzed at the end of the day. Fabulous.
                                         Glass Beads - Gifted, Earrings - Gifted, Rings - Primark

The accessories to go with the outfit included some pretty pearly beads lovingly bestowed upon me by my sweet cousin of four who kindly cast me in the roll of Princess in our most recent game of dress up & every Princess needs a necklace of beads don't she? Hey, I wasn’t complaining, thought they went well with the outfit & it made a nice change from the roll of evil witch that I’m usually cast as…was beginning to think she was trying to indirectly tell me something…Hmm.   :-/

Thanks for reading gems! Time to get back to an evening of withdrawal symptoms…fun times & Family Guy on the telly, always feel a bit better after a dose of  Stewie ;) Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


FOTD - An Everyday Smokey Eye Look - 'Nude & Blue'

Aloha my beauts! Enjoying the glorious weather we’ve been bestowed with at last? Finally bonny ol’ England has become re-acquainted with the Sun :D Happy days. After suffering a week of near depression at being stuck at work, watching everyone outside enjoying the rays, ya can be sure that most of the weekend was made in the sunshine! :)
Paid my favourite city that is London another visit on Saturday to spend the day catching up with a lovely friend, throwing in plenty of nom nom food, a pampering mani & a spot of tea & macaroons. Bliss. Really didn’t want the weekend to end! Already waiting in anticipation for the next one, especially due to the fact that it’s an extended four day bank holiday weekend thanks to the Diamond Jubilee! *high five!* Do ya lovelies have anything special planned?

So I’ve not done an FOTD in a while, to be honest I haven’t been giving my eye shadows the love they deserve lately, often going for quick & easy make up looks, with plenty of eye liner of course ;) However when I DO reach for them, this is one of my fav ways of incorporating them in a makeup look, a very quick & light nude Smokey eye with a dash of colour blended & smoked out in to the crease, perfect for day time wear when you want that added extra touch to ordinary makeup. This is the look I tend to go for the most as it’s so quick & effortless & you can literally use any colour you want in the crease! Hope you like!

 Products used:
Garnier Roll On Concealer in Light – over the whole eye area
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW25 – under eyes, on lids & any blemishes
RMK Foundation shade 102 – applied with fingers & buffed in with kabuki brush
Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzer – along jawline & contour
BYS Blusher in Coral – apples of the cheeks
Coastal Scents 88 Colour Warm Palette – 3-4 of the nude coloured shadows mixed together & applied to the entire lid, with blue shade added in to the corner crease & blended out in to V
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner – along upper lash line, waterline & winged out
Clinique High Impact Mascara – two coats on upper & lower lashes
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink – dabbed on to the lips

The RMK foundation is definitely a big love of mine, great coverage yet doesn’t feel heavy on the face at all! I purchased my two Coastal Scents palettes yonks ago, in Warm & Original & they are definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made. Both palettes contain 88 colours for you to have many hours of fun playing around with, the qualities of which are really quite awesome, especially for the price! And psssst…just had a browsey on their website & the palettes are on offer too! :D
This time I opted for blue in the crease, but like I said, you can use any colour you’re in the mood for, or to co-ordinate with your outfit. In the past I’ve done this eye look using purple, green, pink, black & more!
Think I’ll be dusting off the poor, neglected palettes & start having a play around again, I actually have a wedding to attend this Sunday so will have to think up a suitable make up look to go with outfit…

Thanks as always for reading my lovelies! Till next time!  

Lotsa love to ya!


Monday, Tuesday...Batiste Day!

Ello ello my beautiful readers & well hey there to you too Summer! I knew you were hiding there somewhere, but not sure I appreciate your timing as I can’t really enjoy you when stuck indoors at work (with no air con may I add *cough*tightwads*cough*) now can I? Let’s just hope you last it out till the weekend then I can go skipping & frolicking happily in the sunshine along with everyone else :D

The words “Today is a Batiste kinda day” are ones that are probably seen tweeted by yours truly quite often. Yes, I am officially a member of the dry shampoo fan club! At first I confess I was a tad dubious of the whole concept but after giving it a whirl myself I am now a happy convert to this fab & innovative little product :)

The purpose of dry shampoo is basically to give your hair that extra boost in between washes, leaving it feeling fresh, clean & revitalized without the need for water. Perfect for this lazy so & so! I’m quite fortunate in that I only need to wash my hair once a week…errrrm, I’d just like to point out that this is necessary otherwise it would just get too weighed down & NOT because I lack in the personal hygiene department *side eye*
But even so, my hair does sometimes get to that “dull, lifeless, in need of freshening up, what are you trying to be, a hobo?!?!” stage in between washes, enter at this point Batiste!
The way to use is simple, just give the can a nice, vigorous hippy hippy shake (accompanying music of a suitable beat to help with shaking action is optional) then spray into the roots from a distance of about 30cm (....I MAY have used a ruler... :-/) Now don’t panic when you look back in the mirror & see an image of yourself but aged 50 years looking back at you…your hair is meant to look that white after all that spraying.  At this stage just go in with your fingers & give your noggin a good ol’ massage, distributing the product well into the hair & putting you in a nice, relaxed state of mind at the same time, then just go in with brush & comb through the hair, done! I also like to just tip my hair upside down & brush through that way giving it a bit of extra va va voom volume too :)

There are quite a few dry shampoos on the market but I find myself drawn to the Batiste brand especially, not just because of the divine packaging on the bottles (I am a sucker for pretty packaging!) but also the wide range of lovely fragrances that are now available. So far I’ve tried Wild – a strong & spicy Oriental fragrance, Blush – soft, floral, feminine & very pretty & Tropical which is my fav as it makes my hair smell like coconuts & transporting me straight to the Caribbean! A little holiday in a bottle ;) And Batiste has added a brand new addition to the collection, Lace.
Look at the packaging! Isn’t it divine? And the smell is lovely too, a not too overpowering, elegant & sophisticated pretty fragrance. Batiste is available from a wide range of supermarkets as well as Boots & Superdrug & retails between £2.99 - £4.99 for 200ml or 400ml as well as coming in a cute mini version for £1.53, great for carrying around in your bag on the go! :D

Have you tried Batiste? Which one is your favourite? Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - product was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


I Need Dollars, Dollars...NOTD, OOTD & Bling!

Hey there sweetpeas! Hope you’re all having a good weekend? Been pretty uneventful yet relaxing down this end, just spent a lot of time resting & getting back to my normal self after this joyous flu that’s been keeping moi company this past week, but thankfully it seems to be on its last legs :) Woo!

After having a sift through my polish collection, it became apparent to me that I have an obvious weakness & am particular drawn to turquoise/teal shades as I found quite a few that are almost identical in colour! Haha! But it is true, I DO adore this colour muchly, not just on the nails but in the form of jewels & dresses too as you’ll see, & one of my favourites is this polish I have to show you today, the gorguz Dollar by No7…

I’m already a huge fan of No7 polish’s, the stunning Milan being one of my favs! However this is a close runner up too. Dollar is a gorguz teal sea green with pretty turquoise micro glitters giving it the most divine shimmery finish, so pretty! Application was lovely & smooth with the help of the new improved brushes which I love & the formula is great too with even coverage in two coats. Now the most odd looking black squiggle you see on the nails there lovelies is my absolutely tres abysmal attempt at a dollar sign…thought I’d go along with the theme of the polish name ya know? To anyone who asked what the hell that was meant to be (more people than I would’ve liked) I just replied, hey it’s an arty black squiggle okay…it’s ART… now let’s move on shall we…*cough!*  ;)
The earrings pictured are one of my all-time FAVOURITE pairs, I adore them so much & receive such lovely comments when wearing them. I picked up these beauts from Southall yonks ago where you can find lots of stores selling some really quite nice artificial jewellery. I’ve dropped these countless times, losing a few stones in the process, but good old super glue came to the rescue & solved that little disaster…they go with the polish beautifully!
 Lastly the outfit part of the post & final dose of turquoise/teal action ;)  I got this dress from what is fast becoming one of my favourite places to browse, TK Maxx. A previous hater, my bestie has totally converted me in to a lover of this store having found some lovely pieces there, this being one! The dress is in fact actually a maxi skirt, which I do love wearing it as also, but cinch it up a little, whack on a crop cardi & voila! Pretty thigh length dress! Two outfits in one! :D
       Dress - TK Maxx, Cardi - H&M, Leggings - Dorothy Perkins, Shoes - Dolcis

So yup, in conclusion I think we can confirm that yes indeed…I LIKE turquoise-esque shades. A LOT.  What do you think about Dollar & teal shades? What shades are you loving at the mo? Thanks as always for reading sweets, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - The Most Amazing Glitter Polish In The World - LA Colors Jewel Tone!

WARNING…GLITTER AHEAD... but before that…Well hi-di-hi to ya my lovely readers! Tis been a while, hope you’ve all been keeping well? The reason for the tumbleweed-esque quietness on the blog front is all due to that nasty arse that goes by the name of flu & his partner in crime chesty cough. I guess I finally paid for my smugness at being the only one at work NOT to fall ill, well clearly they were having none of that & have decided to keep me company these past few days :(  Fun times. And not just that but it seems to have had a sort of Mexican wave type effect & spread to the folks too making this house a glorious incubus of viral plague. The neighbors probably think we’re all having a competition on who can sneeze the loudest…Pappa bear is currently in the lead with a whopper of a one not too long ago that not even I can compete with, nearly stopping the damn cats (& everyone within a 10 mile radius) heart in the process.

But enough of that, I am seriously…like SERIOUSLY excited to show you lovelies this absolute stunner of a polish today! Yes, it is glitter…& oh my days my fellow magpie tendency polish lovers, it is FAB! Plus it has the amazing ability to make even the most ill of persons to brighten up considerably! I tweeted a pic of when I wore it last & had so many people wondering what it was that blogging it was inevitable. I went a bit carried away with the pics & this is me cutting it down majorly! Lovelies, may I present L.A Colors in Jewel Tone…


POW! What did I tell you? Isn’t it just insanely B-E-A-UTIFUL?! Believe me these pics do not do this polish justice at ALL. Tis even more dazzling & sparkle-icious in real life. There are a lot of reasons why I absolutely HEART this polish, not only is it such a gorguz mixture of colours with funky blue, purple & fuschia glitters in a clear base, but they are so densely packed the nail was nearly opaque in just one coat! I used a simple black base (17 nightshade) to really bring out the colours & could have gotten away with just one coat like I said, but then I am an absolute glitter freak so threw on another coat for full on dazzling action :D But the best thing of all about this polish has got to be the fact that it cost a grand total of 99p! Yup, found this gem of a brand that is L.A Colors for the first time in Staines shopping centre in a little store called Beauty Base where these babies retail for 99p. Such fantastic value, as not only is the polish good quality with an amazing range of colours, but the size of the bottle is pretty fab too! I’m amazed I didn’t pick one of every colour! In fact I am already planning a return pilgrimage to this cave of wonders...


Phew, think I need to go lie down now after that glitter overload…on another note, I think this is also a pretty darn good dupe of Models Own Disco Mix non? And cheaper too, huzzah! If you don’t have a Beauty Base near you then L.A Colors polishes are also available online from the website Cherry Culture, with whom I’ve made polish purchases before & they ship internationally too!

Have you tried L.A Colors polish’s? Any favourites? Thanks for reading as always, till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


Catch Up & OOTD - Portobello Road & Pretty Prints...

Hola mis bellas! How’s tricks? Aaaah you know when you get that Friday feeling…on a Thursday? Hmm yes that. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will fly on by like a jet plane & the weekend will have finally arrived for all our chilling needs :D 

Last weekend my friend & I visited London city for some random adventures involving a pleasant stroll down Portobello Road (my fellow Disney fans…I’m betting you’re singing that song from Bedknobs & Broomsticks like I did aren’t you…AREN’T YOU?!) where we had a lovely time browsing the prettyful jewellery stalls, lovely antiques & some very diva-ish furs which I sadly did not buy…what I DID buy however has me absolutely squealing with delight every time I gaze upon them…yes they ARE shoes…you may have seen me tweet them if you follow me on there but oh I can’t wait to share them with you lovelies & I WILL do so…as soon as I can find the pic that I know is on this computer somewhere…*cough* Sadly we only made it halfway (I mean, it is a VERY long road) before our bellies began demands to be fed, so we found a little Malaysian café Makan which at first looks to be a bit of a greasy spoon but oh my gosh the food was fab! I won’t even attempt to repeat what the dish I had was called, not that I’ve forgotten what it was called you understand, I mean I just wouldn’t want to pronounce it wrong…but it involved lots of noodles & chicken & was damn delicious! 
                                 NOM NOM NOM-INESS!! (NOT WHAT IT WAS CALLED THOUGH...)

After our bellies were satisfied we made our way back up Portobello Road where aforementioned shoe purchase was made, a little time in a Moroccan treasure trove was spent, with a mini pilgrimage to the Hummingbird Bakery thrown in too. We ended the day in one of our favourite of places that is Harrods for a bit o’ tea & scones & of course the inevitable prowl through the glorious make up halls where my friend picked up some Estee Lauder goodies & I purchased my first Paul & Joe polish! I blame Chelle for this entirely…the cheeky little enabler, but I’m glad she did ;D  All in all...a good day.

                                                                    I THINK WE MIGHT BE LOST....
                                                              I HEART TEAPOTS...WHO DOESN'T?!
                                   RUB-A-DUB-DUB...ANYONE HOME?...I GUESS NOT *SIGH*

  Here’s what I wore on the day, this top was an immediate purchase the moment I saw it in Matalan, not only did I fall in love with the colour & the glorious print, but the bat-winged sleeves just completed me! As the Sun appears to be on vacation at the moment I just threw on a cardi & my Reiss jacket to keep me warm! (first pic) Needs must.

                                         Top - Matalan, Trousers - River Island, Shoes- Clarks

 And of course a little accessorisation cannot be neglected…

                                  Turquoise Stone Necklace - Boots, Earrings - Accessorize

Thanks as always for reading my lovelies! Hope you’re all having a good week. Catch up with ya all soon!

Lots of love to ya!




NOTD - New Nails Inc Limited Edition Polish In "Power Pink"!

Hello there my beauts & a happy 3 day weekend to ya! Yup I do love these bank holidays that bless us with an extended weekend, I do :D Do you lovelies have anything planned? Looking forward to heading in to the big smoke that is London town tomorrow with one of my very dear & darling mateys for a day of random adventures where there will be a lot of (window!) shopping & eating done no doubt…ahhh we do love those…the eating especially ;)

Now I don’t normally blog about things straight away because well…I’m just a lazy bum, but I knew I just HAD to share this absolutely divine nail polish(s) with you dolls as it is just so blooming GORG & limited edition only! If you’re a regular visitor of my blog then you’ll probably remember how ridiculously, pathetically excited I was when Nails Inc did their fab collaboration with Diet Coke a while back & released some gorguz nail colours? Well they’ve only gone & concocted 3 new exclusive colours for this month’s issue of In Style magazine! *does happy dance*  
What do ya think? Aren’t they lovely? As I mentioned, each colour is limited edition & worth £11 which is around what Nail Inc polish’s normally retail for, but pick up a copy (or 3!!) of In Style & they could be yours for just £3.80! Bargain city baby :) Obviously the moment I heard of this most glorious news, I made it my mission of the day to hunt those polish’s down! Luckily I didn’t have to travel far as I found them at my local Sainsbury’s…good ol’ Sainsbury’s, I’ve always like you ya know *hides Tesco’s clubcard*

Once there I tried to be good & picked up just 2 copies with the two colours that most grabbed me, which were the blue & pink, however…I can’t stop thinking about that peach one I left behind…oh dear. Anyhoos, I couldn’t wait to get one of these colours on my nails, so today we have the utterly divine Power Pink…& oh how pretty it is…
Power Pink appears to be quite lilac-y toned in the pics but in real life it is definitely a pretty, creamy pink with pow factor. I’ve always found the consistency of Nails Inc polish’s very thick & took quite a bit of getting used to; however the creamy & glossy finish really is lovely :) This here is two coats with topcoat. I absolutely ADORE this shade & I cannot wait to see how Bluebell looks! And err like I said…I can hear that poor Peach Sorbet calling out to me…fret not little one, I’m coming for you!!

So do you like the limited edition colours my lovelies? Then go get yours with In Style magazine this month! On a side note…don’t ya think Eva Green is just a beaut? *girl crush right there* ;) Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!