Smmmmmmokiiiin! A Deep Green Smokey Eye Look :D

Evening angels! Hows tricks? Hope you’re all having a good week so far? Daaaaym this old girl is dog tired…& it’s only Tuesday. Bwaha! For some reason unbeknownst to me, I decided to choose today to break in a new pair of shoes at work; little did I know that I would be breaking my poor feet in the process also. So I’m currently in a half paralyzed state, doing what every gal does best in this sort of situation & that’s seeking comfort in sweets & CARBS. Lots of em ;)
Have a quick FOTD makeup look that I wanted to share with you beauts today. Lately with makeup, I’ve been pretty lazy truth be told, in that I prefer going down the winged eye liner route these days, as it’s quick & easy but it does end up leaving my poor eye shadows a tad neglected!
However when I do reach for them, there’s nothing I love more than doing a smokey eye, not only is it super simple to do but looks great for both daytime & evening & can be done in a multitude of colours not necessarily black.  And it’s made even easier for me thanks to the beautiful Kaushal’s technique of doing a quick smokey eye, of which she posted an awesome step by step guide on her blog a while back, which is blooming awesome by the way, one of the first beauty blogs I ever followed, her makeup skills are amazing & she’s drop dead gorg to boot! 
Here I used her technique of covering the entire eyelid first with black gel eye liner, this not only helps make whichever shadow applied on top POP, but also makes it last longer. Then after pondering on which shade to do the smokey eye, I decided on one of my favourite shades…a deep dark GREEN.

The gel eyeliner is MAC Fluidline Blacktrack, which I applied all over the lid first, then simply grabbing a lovely deep moss green shadow from one of my palettes & an eye shadow brush, just dabbed the eye shadow straight on top slowly across the lid, blending out in to the crease & outer V. Another little tip that I learned from the lovely Kaushal is using an old credit card to help create a nice sharp V in the outer corners! To think of all the time I used to faff around with cello tape to get a nice edge when I could have just done this! Haha! 

To finish I just applied  a little highlight to the inner corners & brow bone, you can use any pearly white shade of eye shadow for this, added some more Blacktrack along the upper lash line, lower lashline, water line & winged out of course, finally adding a couple o’ coats of one of my fav mascaras’s Rimmel Lash Accelerator :)

Kept the face simple with Garnier Roll On Concealer under the eyes, Garnier BB Cream, a bit of MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Sunkissed Glow on the cheeks & Body Shop Lip Butter on the lips. Done! :)
Hope you liked the green smokey eye my loves! And thanks to the lovely Kaushal for such a fab tutorial!

Are you a fan of smokey eyes?  If so what colours do you like to go for?

Lotsa love to ya!


No7 Fanomenal Lashes Mascara

Bonjour my beauts, how’s everyone’s Sunday going? Are we enjoying watching the Olympic Games thus far? Today’s been a pretty much all round relaxing & productive Sunday, involving a lovely afternoon tea with the bestie who just got promoted at work, go girl! :D We then did a spot of super bargainous shopping where I snapped up a pair of GORG, shiny, black patent pumps with bows on them for £3! Did I mention they were shiny AND had bows on them? *high five* Then I FINALLY managed to complete the task that has been on my to do list for lord knows how long, which was getting some nail polish storage! I think I have it sorted, just need puppa bear to do a bit o’ drilling with his tools here & there, then I’ll finally have an awesome storage set up for my nail polishes fingers crossed! Will def share when it’s done!

I have a new mascara to share with you lovelies that I was, very easily, persuaded to purchase from No7 when I had one of their £5 off vouchers going spare, although let’s face it, it’s really not so hard to persuade me to buy makeup, a fact that’s clearly obvious on my face to many make up counter assistants! 
As you probably know by now, I am a big fan of No7’s polish’s. They have a great range of colours & ever since they’ve improved their brushes & formula, application is beautiful & they’re not too pricey at £7. Even better with the £5 off vouchers that pop up every now & again! I normally always get a polish with these, however this time I thought I would take a little venture into No7’s make up range, of which I already have a few products waiting to be tried out.
Today we have No7 Fanomenal Lashes Mascara, the newest mascara to join the range. First of all, I absolutely love the packaging on this! Very sleek looking in the metallic bullet like tube. 

The wand on this mascara has a unique star brush made up of cogs shaped in such a way, so as to help fan out the lashes, hence the name I suppose, whilst at the same time lengthening , separating & volumising the lashes.  
I found the brush relatively easy to use, I mean I didn’t poke myself in the eye, almost blinding myself in the process, as is the norm when I apply mascara so that’s a bonus!  The fact that the brush is thin & quite small helped with this. I usually always curl my eye lashes before applying mascara to lift them up & give them more of a nice curl. I then apply one coat on top of the lashes, brushing along the whole length, then going under them & brushing upwards in long strokes, sometimes using a zig zag motion to help separate the lashes & avoid clumping. I normally go for two coats, and then quickly after applying the 2nd coat, just lift the lashes a bit more with my index finger, I find this really helps fan out the lashes even more :)

Here are some before & after piccies!

The No7 Fanomenal mascara definitely fanned out my eyelashes nicely, adding a bit of extra length too, giving a nice fresh, wide awake look to the eyes, however I couldn’t see much volumising action? I guess you could apply more coats if you want, but for me two is definitely my limit. I did love the finished effect of the mascara, very suitable for daytime wear & if you like your mascara subtle & not too heavy. 

No7 Fanomenal Mascara retails for £12.95 from Boots, which IS a tad pricey in my opinion. However the packaging IS gorguz on this, I can’t deny & I did like the finished effect. I’m certain I wouldn’t pay full price for it, but with the £5 off vouchers it’s definitely worth a try to see if it’s for you :)

Have you tried the new Fanomenal mascara? Thanks for reading angels, have a fab weekend!  



NOTD - An Ozotic Pro Disco! The Galactic-esque 205

 Ello ello me lovelies, Happy Weekend!! And a pretty big one for London town what with the kick-off of the Olympics tonight, exciting times for sure, haha despite all my complaining about the traffic, transport conditions etc. ;p so I guess I’ll be settling down to watch with the fam in a bit :) Before that though I have a suitably party themed mani to help get in to the celebratory mood to share with you beauts using an absolute stunner of a polish that my darling friend Chelle sent to me in one of our swaps, the gorguz Ozotic  Pro 205, which I decided to layer here on top of Barry M Black… 
Isn’t it just awesome? Like a little disco in a bottle! Or as someone else thought, galactic nails! :D Haha I guess it does kinda remind me of outer space with the little glitters within looking like far away stars! Galaxy nails are on my (ever growing) list of mani’s I want to try out, but until then I am loving this polish for a quick & easy way to achieve super galactic-esque nails. 

Ozotic Pro 205 (no name! *sad face* I’m weird in that I NEED polish’s to have names…) is just so beautifully unique & I’m so happy to have it in my collection, name or no name. It is packed full of pretty bar & hexagon holographic rainbow glitter pieces as well as teeny tiny purple blue glitters running through a purple toned clear base. So in other words…a pretty ace topcoater! Couldn’t wait to whack it on top of some black courtesy of ever faithful Barry M & it didn’t disappoint me! :D Love. It.

My first experience with Ozotic Pro polish’s is definitely a hit I'd say ;D Thank you so much my darling Chelle for introducing these pretty polish’s in to my life :) Ozotic Pro polish’s are available to purchase online from Picture Polish who ship internationally too, happy days!

Thanks for reading sweets! Have you tried Ozotic Pro polishes? Excited for the upcoming games?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Found My Mojo...& Picnic-ing in Hyde Park!

Greetings my darling ones! Hope everyone’s Monday was not too blue after the glorious weekend? Spent another lovely spell in my fav city London this weekend to partake in a spot of crazy golf on the roof of Selfridges with my beautiful friend Jene, then squeezing in a spot of random retail therapy, the result of which was a packet of Lucky Charms & liquid marshmallow…the look on my mother’s face when I came home with a Selfridges bag with THESE items within was worth it alone, I don’t know what she was expecting, makeup?? ;) But seriously, I may have a new addiction with Lucky Charms, I’m ashamed to say I ate them straight from the packet without milk…*pats belly* 

 A little break in between holes...turns out golfing is actually quite a strenuous sport...who would've thought???
A little later on I met up with my fab girl Dazzling & together headed off to Hyde Park for a bloggers picnic which was a lot of fun. Good food, fab bloggers, sunshine & a cute playful doggie made for an awesome time! Thank you so much to all the lovely girlies who organized it, was so lovely meeting a few of my fav bloggers plus lots of new ones too! :D Good times & great weekend but probably the last I’ll be spending in London for a while…until the Olympics are over that is! I anticipate it is going to get a tad crazy to say the least & I…ermm…don’t really do well in crowds? Hmm, how are you all feeling about the upcoming weeks? :-/

  No your eyes are NOT deceiving you...the pup & I are engaging in a "high five"....*special moment*

 Now I’m cheating a tad here as this NOTD I did as a guest post for the fab Adrienne aka The Sunday Girl Blog, who was kind enough to allow me on her fab blog one day last week, which was so lovely as she is one of my favs! But in case ya missed it, I wanted to share this pretty polish with you too as I really do love it!
Even though this weekend saw some Sun, the weather in the UK HAS been pretty tragic lately, I mean it would appear the seasons have decided to give Summer a vacation this year & skipped straight to Autumn from Spring *le sigh* However there’s nothing I like better than brightening things up a tad with a suitably bright & happy colour on the nails…enter at this point the absolutely GORGUZ Mojo from No7.

 The moment my eye caught this lovely, unique colour I made a beeline straight for it, the bottle didn’t stand a chance really. I absolutely LOVE No7 polish’s & have blogged about a few of their shades before. The formula is lovely & with the new improved brushes, application is an absolute doddle in two coats! Mojo in a nutshell is a beautiful coral-y, peachy orange with the most pretty golden macro glitter running through giving it a glorious golden shimmer, especially when it hits the sunlight, so stunning! 

Even though Mojo is divine all by its onesie, I wanted jazz it up a bit, so added one of my favourite glitters at the moment, Models Own Disco Heaven from the Hed Kandi collection (RRP £5), which is a lovely fine golden glitter with larger turquoise & blue glitters thrown in there too, I cannot get enough of it. I just dabbed this onto the tips for a gradient look & the whole ring finger.

Thanks for reading me lovelies! Mojo is available for all your nail needs from Boots for £7.00

Have you tried No7 polish’s? What’s your favourite bright summery shade?

Lotsa love to ya!


Outfit Of The Evening - Its A Mystery! TFNC London Scallop Dress & A Weekend In The Country...

Good evening sweetpeas! Hope you’re all having a good week? Twas with a heavy heart & many deep accompanying sighs that I found myself back at work yesterday after a delightfully long weekend in the country with the matey for a most awesome murder mystery break. On Sunday into the car we got, loaded with all our bits & bobs, armed with Skittles, MaccyD’s & of course the incredible invention that is the SAT NAV (god love it) & made our way to Down Hall Country House Hotel in Hertfordshire. The hotel itself was just beautiful, set in stunning grounds like it was snatched right out of a Jane Austen novel. 

                                                                                         Our Hotel :)
There was also a delightfully quaint little village nearby where we enjoyed visiting the lovely little tea shop for a spot of English Breakfast & cakes, before exploring the picturesque churches & heath. We had actually planned on doing the whole “country” thing & go for a country walk, but we hadn’t made it halfway down the (very long!) driveway before we both looked at one another & just nodded in unison…   “Errr yeah...I’ll go get the car shall I?” …Haha! What can I say…we’re city girls through & through. And of course I would be the only person stupid enough to wear knee high suede boots to the country…*side eye* :-/
                                                                                      A Room With A View... :)

                                                     A life size chess board...there are no words...
    Frolicking in the forest...in knee high boots...coz that's how I roll...as I'm an eejit...

Anyhoos exploring done we made our way back to our hotel room for some chill out time before getting ready for the murder mystery dinner which was a lot of fun! :D If you haven’t been for one, I deffo recommend it! Not only is the whole experience enjoyable, you get to meet lots of delightful people plus of course get your glad rags on which finally get us to the subject of this particular post! After much tossing of clothes, this is the dress I finally decided on for my Outfit Of The Evening, which I actually won on the lovely Milly’s blog last year! I cannot tell you how over the moon I was to have won it, as not only did I fall in love with prettyful dress, I also NEVER win anything! And to have won it on Milly’s blog, who also happens to me one of my FAV bloggers, she & her blog are both awesome, was just the cherry on top really :)
The dress is from TFNC London & I just love it! It has such a 20’s vibe to it which I love not to mention the lovely scallop detailing & pretty nude & gold colours. The style of the dress is actually quite loose fitting, which seemed to drown me a tad, so I just cinched it in at the waist with a gold plaited belt :)

To add a bit more sparkle to the outfit I wore some super glittery shoes from New Look picked up during the Xmas sales last year & kept jewellery simple with my Swarovski pendant & a pair of long gold drop thread earrings both of which were birthday pressies . 
And finally for makeup I went for the usual smokey eye, bronzed cheeks & nude lips look which seems to be the route I tend to go down a lot these days for make up looks, I’m sure you used to by now! ;)

So all in all not a bad weekend break! But back to reality now I guess...*le sigh* ;) Thanks as always for looking dolls! Have you ever been on a murder mystery break before? Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


A Bit O' Top Shoppin Make Up Haulin!

Hey there my lovelies & happy weekend! I know I am being typically British in my going on with the weather but damn it’s depressing isn’t it? It’s enough to make one wail in despair, especially when ones plans fall through because of it. But hey, I’ll look on the positive side of things & be grateful for the extra day’s bed rest of which is currently going splendidly. Just had the most amazing nap, probably the most exciting thing that will occur today but aren’t nap times bloomin awesome?! Excited for tomorrow as the matey & I will be heading off for a murder mystery break at Down Hall Country House Hotel in Hertfordshire! Cannot wait, never been to one before but its something we’ve always wanted to do so looking forward to it! :D

Whenever I’m out shopping & a lovely big Topshop comes into my line of vision, I immediately do an about turn & speed walk my way into that glorious land. But instead of heading towards the clothes & jewellery, of which I AM a fan, I promise to visit those parts later & make a beeline straight for the makeup section *cue gasps of shock* I have always loved the look of Topshop’s make up range & heard many good things, but sadly the one in my town doesn’t stock any! So the last time I visited one of the bigger stores, I had a little browse around & picked up a few goodies!

First I picked up this divine looking highlighter powder in Sunbeam (RRP £9) which is such a pretty pale golden shade & unlike any highlighter I own. It is extremely pigmented & when blended in on top of the cheekbones, gives such a pretty glow & I can imagine using it on the eyes as well. I’m actually wearing it today & love it! And the size of it is pretty immense too so can see it lasting yonks.

Next up is one of Topshops now pretty infamous cream blushes. After seeing these pretty’s pop up on many blogs I’ve been itching to try em myself, having never tried cream blush’s before, so picking one up was inevitable! The shade I went for was Flush (RRP £6) which is a lovely bright pink.
 As you can see it does look a bit blooming terrifying in the pan! Well to me anyways ;) However once dotted on the cheeks & blended in it actually gives the most lovely rosy glow without making you look like a cabbage patch kid at all! The cream to powder finish is lovely too & I adore the colour, I’ve been wearing it every day for work makeup & now I want ALL the shades!

You know me well by now & no make-up haul is complete without a polish purchase! I have to say the polish stand in Topshop is just mesmerizing, there are so many divine polish’s in the range, mighty impressed (RRP £6) After standing there like a dodo, ogling the beautiful sight I decided to take home with me the gorguz looking Hidden Treasure duo chrome that I’ve wanted to try forever as well as the pretty looking crackle Frosty, a divine rose gold like colour that I think will look gorg over a baby pink? Can’t wait to try!
Before leaving I made one last quick impulse purchase when my eye caught these mini Dr Bronners liquid & hard soaps, a product that has had me intrigued, how could it not? Look at that awesome packaging!
These interesting looking magic soaps come in a wide range of scents/flavours(?) the two I picked being Peppermint & Rose & are said to have a grand total of 18 uses, some downright strange to say the least! To name but a few, you can use these multi-purpose soaps to clean surfaces, wash hair, brush your teeth, as a shower gel & even in laundry! Like I said…weird. Haha! However I have also heard they make fab cleaners for makeup brushes? So I think I’ll be using them for that, but if any of you lovelies have tried this interesting product & found any other great uses for them, I would love to know!

Thanks as always for reading dolls! Have you tried Topshop’s makeup range or Dr Bronners products? What are your favorites? Any recs? 

Lotsa love to ya!


Pink Wednesday Party Nails with NYX Carnival!

Good evening lovely readers! Hope you’re all having a good week so far? This week has been a pretty hectic/crazy/stressful/frustrating/hair being pulled out of ones scalp type of week with a lot of things going tits up but I won’t bore you with the details ;) I guess it’s just one of those weeks! Let’s hope things pick up, least of all the weather that’s been like a bloomin yoyo all day! One minute we have bright rays *wacks on the sunnies* then turn your head away for a second only to return back to the sight of a downpour of monsoon proportions…*meekly folds sunnies away & puts back into bag* :-/

But hey! Its Wednesday lovelies, so I think this calls for a hefty dose of pink with a nice big helping of sparkle to brighten things up! Now I know that there are MANY multi coloured glitter bomb polish’s out there, the most popular & well known ones being OPI Rainbow Connection, Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday & most recently Models Own Ibiza Mix to name but a few!  However the one I have to share with you beauties today is a most awesome dupe of all these, not only does it deliver JUST as stunning a rainbow glitter effect as the others, but it also happens to be the cheapest out of the lot as well at just under £2! Here we have the gorguz disco party of a polish that is, the aptly titled NYX Carnival…

NOMNOMNOM such sparkly goodness! :D Isn’t it just awesome? Such a kaleidoscope of colours, it really is a mini carnival in a bottle! For base colour I decided to go for a nice vibrant pink, using one of my mums vintage Revlon polish’s in Fiery Magenta. Totally love this as its one of those awesome hot pinks that has the most pretty, opalescent violet blue shimmers running through it? Gorg. Then out came the NYX Carnival which is jam packed full of different sized multi coloured hexagonal glitters, of which two coats was applied on top, finished with No7 topcoat to give a nice smooth surface :) Hey presto party nails!

In my obvious excitement, I clearly suffered a little glitter seizure & ended up smudging the little finger & was too busy (lazy bummed) to redo but let’s just pretend that didn’t happen… As I mentioned, the awesome NYX polishes are available for around just under £2 from the CherryCulture website, where I got mine from. You do have to pay shipping charges but in my eyes it’s totally worth it as there is such a HUGE range of fab polish’s to choose from including quite a few other Lippmann dupes too if you remember my NYX haul awhile back? And seeing as DL’s retail for almost £20…FYI Cherry Culture have a sale going on now too…& seeing as I have a wish list as long as my arm…well…I think I may be in trouble ;) I also recently acquired the hit that is Models Own Ibiza Mix so will def look into trying it out & see how it compares! Here’s one last pic for ya with added flash for even more awesome & amazeballs party effect. Disco!

Thanks for reading glitter babes! Are you a fan of multi-coloured glitter polish’s? Which ones have you tried? 

Lotsa love to ya!