NOTD - Minnie Mouse Inspired Disney Nails!

Ello ello lovely readers! Meeeh serious case of the Monday blues going on here I tells you! But we can't be having that now so I thought I'd brighten things up a tad with a fun & jolly manicure getting inspiration from one of my most favouritist (is that a word? Oh well, I shall make it!) things in the whole world, other than food of course...& makeup...& sweets...& that is Disney!

You know how much I adore all things Disney with a childhood being brought up watching all the classics & basically wanting to be Princess Jasmine when I grew up. To me Disney is just a symbol of pure happiness & joy & gosh darn it you can be sure I'll be forcing Disney on my own children one day like there's no tomorrow! ;) Today I was inspired by Disney's very own little diva for some Minnie Mouse nails...

It didn't actually turn out QUITE how I'd hoped, as I experienced some lovely colour running & not to mention the pretty disastrous free handing but I still went with it anyhoos!

For the base I applied this nameless London Girl polish, which I stumbled across whilst browsing through Shepherds Bush Market selling for a magnificent 60p each & I couldn't resist picking up a few...or 6. This little un is a pretty red toned fuschia pink that oh so reminded me of that little mouse so seeing as it doesn't have a name lets just call it Minnie Pink! Not bad at all for 60p, it applied well in two coats & dried quickly too.

I decided to do alternate nails with polka dots & little mouses using a white polish from Claire's & a hair pin. Well, it was SUPPOSED to be white until it magically turned pale pink once it came into contact with the London Girl Minnie Pink! Not sure which polish was to blame for that little twist but I actually didn't mind so much ;) 

Doing the little mouses is super easy, I used this technique when doing my Lady Gaga Paparazzi mani, just use the hair pin dipped in polish to place 3 dots on to the nail, 1 for the face & the other 2 on top for the ears :)

For the accent nail I went for an all white base with a little Minnie peeking out from the corner that I attempted to free hand....badly & which I had hoped to hide slightly with some strategically placed heart shaped pink stones for the bow. Errr...did it work? ;)

Finishing with topcoat to seal it all & Minnie Mouse inspired mani le fini! I definitely want to try some more Disney themed nails, any ideas? Hope you liked the little Minnie Mouse Monday pick me up mani dolls! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Barry M Indigo & Maybelline Flash Cosmic!

Hiyaaaaa sweetpeas! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend?

Tis been a productive one down this end with moi finally taking on the task I've been holding off for weeks...organising my polishes. It was a wee bit daunting...& I needed to lie down afterwards...but I did it! No longer am I finding polishes by the tv, under the bed, in teacups, within the kitchen cupboards (yup, that's right) but all are happily tucked away in some fab & cheap drawer storage I picked up in Asda's no less. I would of course love to own a helmer for all my polish storage needs but I just lack the space so these suit me fine, I may even do a post sometime?

Moving on I wanted to share with you lovelies one of the nail polish combos I am loving at the moment featuring an old favourite of mine plus a super fabulous funky topcoat that is simply stunning! The trusty favourite in question is my good ol' Barry M Indigo & the special little topcoat is Maybelline's Flash Cosmic.

Starting with that lush Barry M Indigo, this was one of the first Barry M shades I bought into my collection & my love for it is still going strong! A beautiful, vibrant pick me up purple blue, its one of those fab shades that just lifts up my mood so much, I adore it! This was a rush mani jobby so only one coat was applied however as you can probably tell it definitely is a two coater for a fully opaque finish.

Now to this little gem of a topcoat, I don't own many Maybelline polishes but I'm loving a lot of their recent additions especially the Polka Dots range which I recently blogged about. Flash Cosmic has actually been around for donkey's yet only now have I been giving it the loving it truly deserves. A gorgeous iridescent pearly blue glitter suspended in a cloudy base which dries clear, it gives the prettiest opal like sparkle to the nails, a really fab way to jazz up any polish colour & I'm loving it with the Barry M Indigo! I've recently worn it over a pale lilac too & the finish was so beautiful!

I anticipate this little topcoat will be getting a lot of usage, can't wait to try it over a spectrum of different colours!

Thanks as always for reading dolls. Have you tried Flash Cosmic? Do you have any favourite nail polish combos at the moment?

Lotsa love to ya! 



Getting Lippy - Seventeen's Mirror Shine Lipstick in Shouty

Good evening to you my lovely readers, how are you all doing? Friday is almost upon us, huzzah! And not a moment too soon as this week has been a tad more murderous than usual yet I still managed to squeeze in a sesh at the ol' gym because I'm clearly a plonker & sucker for punishment. Great for venting frustration though it is ;)

Today I have another pretty lippie to share with you, a gem that has made it to much favored status with moi & is from the Mirror Shine range from Seventeen cosmetics. It was from within this range I actually first ventured towards when treading the lipstick waters & purchased two of what have now become staple lip products in my collection. I loved Bee Hive & Nudist Peach so much it was inevitable that another Mirror Shine lippie would fine its way into my life, this time in the form of the lovely Shouty....

As you can see the Mirror Shine lipsticks have had a bit of a re-vamp which I am loving! The previous vibrant blue bullets have been replaced with this much sleeker black packaging which not only looks fab but also include a nifty little addition in the form of a slide out mirror in the lid which is such a great added touch, perfect for touch ups on the go!

On to the lip colour, the name of which I just love, whilst Shouty looks rather intense at first glance its actually in fact a rather delicate creamy fuchsia pink, such a pretty & flattering shade & applies like a dream on to those lips...

Can you see why I love it? Not only do I just adore the delicate pink shade but this, like the other Mirror Shine lipsticks, is so creamy & moisturising giving a smooth & glossy finish, they truly are a delight to wear on the lips. I still like to add a bit of balm beforehand for that added moisture because believe me I do need it, but when on the go I can easily skip that & go straight on with this little baby & not worry about my lips drying out. Mwah!

Mirror Shine lipsticks are available to purchase from Boots for a most bargainous £4.79. Fab price for a fab little lippie I'd say! Thanks for reading as always dolls! Have you tried Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Sci Fi Alien Nails!

Greetings my fellow earthlings, hope you are all well!

So its that time of the month again darlings...Polish Days! When I found out what this months theme was, “To Boldly Go...” my inner sci fi geek squealed in delight as I absolutely LOVE all things Sci Fi! Star Wars is up there as one of my all time favourite films (the classics obvs, not the recent CGI filled disappointments) so I was excited to get my thinking cap on & decide which way to boldly go for my Sci-Fi manicure. An obvious option was of course the much loved Galaxy nails but for some reason they scare the bejesus out of me! I will attempt them one day but for today I went down another route & did me some holographic Sci Fi Alien nails instead!

What do you think? This design really made me smile & my inner sci fi geek was definitely satisfied! :D

To start off I applied two coats of Eyeko Cosmic Polish which was pretty much perfect for my 'outer space' base! Galaxy effect without the effort ;) By the way, who else really misses the old Eyeko products? They may not have been everyone's cup o' tea but I personally loved the cute range with its anime-esque style which has sadly been discontinued *sad face* Cosmic Polish is a fab black with multicolored holographic glitters giving the effect of hundreds of stars suspended in deep dark sky...

Next for my aliens I grabbed another suitably sci fi like polish, the most awesome GOSH Holographic. There are now quite a few holographic polishes out there but this was one of the first I got & its still a firm favourite of mine. Using a nail art brush I free-handed the oval like alien head before filling in with two coats of the GOSH Holographic.

To complete the design I added two bright green oval rhinestones for my alien eyes & finished with two coats of topcoat to seal. Done!

Thanks for reading, hope you liked the Sci Fi manicure lovelies! Can't wait to see everyone's sci fi nails!  be sure to check them out! Until next time....live long & prosper!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots in Speckled Pink!

Ello ello sweetpeas! Currently on my 27265th cup of tea of the day so far, still going strong & making the most of things with enjoying a muchos chilling lazy Sunday, aren't they just the bestest?

Today I have an absolute GEM of a polish to share with you lovelies, so gorgeously divine it is & is one of the recent offerings from Maybelline. I've had my little eye on these Color Show Polka Dots polishes for a while yet every time I visited the counter they were sold out! Luckily however I finally managed to get hold of one when in London & now Speckled Pink is all mine! And dolls...it is a BEAUT...

What did I tell you? I can't get over how in love with this polish I am! Speckled Pink is one in 4 shades in this collection of indie style polishes which include that fantastic looking white & black glitter!

Speckled Pink is the most fabulous bugglegum pink shade, its actually quite sheer so you'll need 3-4 coats to achieve opacity but the finished result is a gorgeous jelly like finish so yummy I just want to eat it. Suspended in the pink are small & large matte black & white hex glitters which look bloomin fantastic, it almost looks like a splatter effect on the nail!

Even with the large glitters in there, application was a doddle with the glitter easily distributed across the nail. I applied three coats here which I thought was sufficient yet for a more opaque finish it can also be applied over a base colour.

Maybelline have totally aced it with these polishes, the other 3 in the range look equally fantastic & I predict they will find their pretty way into my collection in the very near future! Even better news is that these babies retail for a most awesome price of just £2.99! Like, seriously?! How can I possibly say no to that?! You know I love me a good bargain!

Thanks for reading my lovelies! Have you tried Maybelline's Color Show Polka Dots polishes?

Lotsa love to ya! 


Fruity NOTD - Kiwi Fruit!

Good evening to you lovely readers!

Today I've another fruity mani to add to the collection of fruit nail art manicures I've done so far, which have included Cherries, Banana's & Raspberries. This time its that super funky dunky Kiwi Fruit! :D To create this design I again used one of cutepolish's fab YouTube tutorials as inspiration, who's awesome Panda Nails I recently gave a whirl too!

Do you like? Now please do forgive the following god awful pics my dears, I did this mani in the evening where the lighting was abysmal, but wanted to include a little step by step of each stage on how to create kiwi nails!

For my base I applied two coats of 17's Juicy. I know...in this most unflattering lighting Juicy looks absolutely AWFUL with its essence of bogey doesn't it? However in daylight its in fact a much nicer light lime green shade & hey I needed a pale green polish for my kiwi fruit & this was what was at hand! ;)

Next I used my Barry M Nail Art Pen in White to draw ovals in the centre of each nail. Although I'm thinking it may have been better to do this step with white polish as the nib of the pen is quite thin!

However the thinness of the nail art pen tip is perfect for the next step which is to surround the circle with white lines. I may have gotten a tad overexcited & drawn my lines a wee bit longer than necessary but lets assume that these are genetically modified kiwi fruits...

To complete the fruit I then went in with my Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black & placed lots of little dots in between the white lines for the seeds.

Finish with a coat or two of topcoat to seal & you're done! As you can see Juicy looks much nicer in daylight, all traces of booger gone, phew! ;) And I am looooving the Barry M nail art pens!

Thanks for reading lovelies, hope you liked the fruity mani! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


NYC Big Bold Mascara Review

Ello ello lovelies, how are we all doing this fine Tuesday? Hope the week is treating you well!

So...mascara. Who doesn't love them? A lovely little product that instantly makes those eyes stand out oh so prettily, I can understand why it is a 'holy grail' staple for many! I'll be honest & say that in the past I've often bypassed the mascara step in my everyday make up purely by the factor that I'm just so bum lazy to remove it! However I've become reacquainted with them of late & noticed what a humongous difference it does make & now wear it pretty much every day! Lately I've been having a play around with a few different ones, most recently this lovely little offering from NYC's range, the Big Bold Mascara...

NYC or New York Colour is a brand that’s often caught my eye when strolling through Superdrug, with its affordable & eye catching range of products. So when I saw that always loved 3 for 2 offer going on I couldn't resist picking up a few bits to try one of them being the Big Bold Mascara in Extra Black.

The wand on this mascara comes with a whopper of a brush that's NYC's fattest brush out of all their mascara's, its a bit of a beast isn't it?! The aim of the big brush is to deliver up to 12 times more volume to those lashes of ours with a little help from a hydrating keratin-rich formula plus volume fixation technology. But the truth is in the testing non? So here's a before & after pic...



Quite the difference eh? At first I thought the big thick brush would be quite awkward to use but that wasn't the case at all & in fact caught & coated each lash well, lifting them up nicely giving a slight curl, intense black colour & volume after two coats. Not bad at all especially considering that this bad boy retails for a most bargainous £3.99! Lovely jubbly!

NYC Cosmetics can be found in Superdrug's & various pharmacies. Thanks as always for reading dolls! Have you tried any NYC mascara's?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - A Blue Odyssey...

Good day lovely readers, hope you're all having a lovely lazy Sunday!

Recently I blogged about that infamous polish Fantasy Fire by Maxfactor (RRP £3.99) that had all beauty lovers including moi in an absolute tizz over last year. Fantasy Fire was actually one in a collection of pretty shades released which, in all the hype over Fantasy Fire taking center stage, were left to take a bit of a back seat, one being Odyssey Blue which I have to show you today & I can honestly say is equally as beautiful!

Odyssey Blue is a stunning little bottle of blue goodness! A gorgeously vibrant royal/cyan blue with glass flecks within making it shimmer & sparkle, its a beaut of a polish. Like Fantasy Fire the formula is very sheer so I've applied two coats here on top of black to really make it pow wow.

For a touch more sparkle, not that it needed it, I added some bright blue hex glitters from a cheap glitter polish I picked up in a set from Poundland. Odyssey Blue looks just so stunning over the black & I'm tempted to try it over an indigo blue to really bring out that blue shimmer!

Along with Odyssey Blue there were a few more little gems within the Maxfactor Max Effect range which I think I may have to seek out, especially if they're anywhere near as puuurdy as this un!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you tried Maxfactor Max Effect polishes?

Lotsa love to ya!