NOTD - Cherry Blossoms on Chester Square...

Ello ello my lovelies & Happy Friday at last!

Thought I'd throw up a quick post (don't worry not literally of course, you can come closer) before heading off on my travels this Sunday where the blog will be getting some quiet time for a wee while & tomorrow will no doubt be filled with last minute crazed panic packing that is always inevitable with moi! o_O

One of the many things I love about this time of year is the warm berry tones that come out in abundance & is something I always associate with fall. So in these months I'm often reaching for those divine deep burgundy, wine shades for my nails & I've used one such shade, the supremely gorgeous Nails Inc Chester Square in this recent mani I did.

At the moment I'm loving doing two accent nails on my mani's instead of one, not sure why that is. Just another one of my extremely odd acts of randomness I suppose ;) Nails Inc's Chester Square is such a perfect autumn shade, the dark brown red gloss is just gorgeous, such a schmexy shade! Here I've applied two coats on all bar the middle & ring accent fingers where I just did some chevron tips.

As always with Nails Inc polishes the quality was fab with easy application & great formula which dries to such a lovely glossy finish. I just love how dark & vampy it is, almost like blood but in a total non-creepy way if that makes sense? Hmm. Okay...moving on...*cough*

To add to the mani I used these pretty & delicate nail art stickers & stick on jewels which I picked up in Savers of all places would you believe for just a couple of squids! I love using nail stickers as they are such a quick & easy way to create pretty nails! Using a pair of tweezers I just placed a few cherry blossom florals along the tips before sticking on the jewel at the center.

Slick of topcoat to seal & that's it! An Autumn friendly manicure at your service! Hope you liked the mani dolls, thanks as always for stopping by! See you soon!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Models Own Sardonyx from the Velvet Goth Collection

Greetings to you sweet peas, hows tricks? So its only Tuesday & am already bushed to the max, I'm literally counting down the days till my holiday, so week lets be nice & swift pretty please eh?

So Models Own have been busy bees of late & released not one but TWO new collections recently, Fireworks & Velvet Goth, both looking absolutely fabulous of course & naturally creating some serious lemmings. Oh Models Own why you do this to me?! Thankfully though my lovely family were aware of said lemmings & gifted me with some pretties from both collections for my birthday which I couldn't wait to get on mah nails. The first one I have to share with you lovelies today is the one which caught my eye the most, the gorgeously vamp Sardonyx from the Velvet Goth Collection...

*droooools*...ahem! Sorry dolls but...wowzah! Sardonyx is every bit as gorgeous as I thought it would be & more. This collection from Models Own includes five shades in total, all wonderfully opaque warm toned glitters including a black, green, blue & purple as well, which all dry to a rather unique matte finish. However if like moi & matte is not really your thing, though lord knows I'm trying, just whack on a slick of topcoat & hellooooooooo sparkle!

Sardonyx is a wonderfully vampy deep red based shade filled with lots of sparkly red & black glitters, not only super pretty but perfect for the season too. Here I've applied two coats which dried nice & quickly.

I applied topcoat to just a couple of nails whilst keeping the others matte to get a feel of both finishes. Whilst the matte does keep the polish looking interesting & different I'm still a glossy gal at heart & absolute LOVE the finish after a slick of topcoat has been applied, it completely brings the polish to life!

Also I cannot neglect to mention the packaging on these polishes, I confess I am 100% a complete sucker for cute packaging & I absolute adore the soft velvet caps on these beauties! Errrm I may even be guilty of rubbing said cap across cheek once or twice...o_O *cough!*

Thanks for reading dolls! The Models Own Velvet Goth polishes retail for £5 & can be found online & in Boots. Have you tried any polishes from this collection? What's your favorite?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - A Gothic Party with Models Own Ibiza Mix!

Hello there lovely readers, hope you've all been having a fab weekend?

Sharing a little sparkle this Sunday with you lovelies in the hope of easing those inevitable Monday blues to come, nowt like a bit of glitter to brighten things up a tad eh? Twas in the mood for some gothic-y black goodness yet wanted to party it up a wee bit so decided to go for a little glitter gradient using the uber funky Models Own Ibiza Mix

The black base is by W7 & is definitely THE best black polish I have ever used. Its formula is just fantastic, applying so smoothly & dries to a gorgeously glossy black finish. Also love the fact that it comes in a nicely large sized bottle & loving even more that this bad boy is available on fragrance direct for a most awesome £1.50! May be picking up a few extra 10 of these...

For the glitter gradient I dug out Models Own Ibiza Mix which is jam packed with lots of large & small hexagonal glitters creating a sparkly disco party on the nails!

I also love the different colour tones of the glitter in Ibiza Mix, a gorgeous mix of golds, blues, pinks, greens & bronze giving it a slight uniqueness from other glitters in my collection...of which errr...there may be a fair few ;)

To do the gradient I just dabbed on two layers of glitter, which was sufficient enough as you really do grab a lot of glitter on the brush. First coat starting at about half way down the nail before going in with a second coat mostly on the tips.

Finishing off with a coat or two of topcoat, at the moment I'm using CND Air Dry which is bloomin fabulous! Dries super quickly & leaves the nails looking so glossy, love it!

Hope you liked the sparkly mani dolls! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Super Mario Bros Mushroom Nails!

Ello ello lovelies! Woop! Happy Friday feelings! Rejoice! So yeah, in a nutshell thank the looooord for the weekend! ;)

Today thy nails have also helped keep moi in a happy frame of mind for surely as they immediately transported me back to my childhood & one of my favourite parts of it that featured quite often...Super Mario Bros! Who didn't love those two little mustached Italian plumbers? I look back with great fondness the many hours of fun filled adventure game time traveling through Mushroom Kingdom on the quest to rescue Princess Toadstool *sigh* So today I've some Super Mario Bros inspired nails featuring those magic gems that give ol' Mario power ...Mushrooms! :D

Whatchya think? To create little Mushroom nails all you need is a red, green & white polish as well as a black nail art pen for the eyes, simples!

For the red mushrooms I used Nails Inc St James, which is just so gorgeously vibrant & bright, not to mention completely opaque in just one coat, such a lovely red shade.

For my one green 1-Up Mushroom accent nail I used two coats of Barry M Spring Green, an old favourite of mine, this colour never fails to cheer me & is another lovely vibrant bright shade.

For the white face & polka dots I used NYC Pinstripe White which may be my most favourite white polish ever! I've been after a perfect white for yonks & NYC's offering is fab with a great formula & an even better price at just £2.49! *happy dance* Using the brush with the polish I just freehanded the face on the tips & dotted on the three dots above it.

Finishing off with drawing on the eyes using my Models Own Black nail art pen & a thick coat of top coat for a glossy finish & Super Mario Mushroom Mani is finito! :)

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Thanks for stopping by!

Lotsa love to ya!


Glitter Green Goodness with Models Own Emerald City & KIKO

Bonjour lovely readers! Hows the week treating you so far? 
If you follow moi on Twitter you may know that I'll be off on a much needed little holiday at the end of this month with my fam, a Med Cruise to be exact which I'm super excited about! Lordy knows I am in dire need of a little break & I've always wanted to go on a cruise even though I'm not exactly what you may call an accomplished swimmer...I'll just be sure not to watch Titanic, Speed 2 or any other cruise disaster related movies before then...o_O

Bringing a little sparkle to your Wednesday today dear ones with not one but two official 'favorite' polishes of the week. I cannot get enough of these two beauties & I'm an absolute sucker for a gorgeous green polish! Throw in a bit of glitter too & I am in polish heaven. Here we have the divine KIKO Lacquer in shade 423 & Models Own Emerald City for some glitter accent nail action...

First up is this utterly divine sparkly green from KIKO, ain't it just gorgeous?! I picked this pretty up when in Westfields last where there is a KIKO store that I could easily go crazy in....buy all the polishes! I absolutely adore KIKO polishes, not only is there a great range but such bargainous beauties from just £3.90! This shade in particular is a stunning vibrant green with shimmering glitter glass flecks pics really don't do it justice. I'm also wearing this as a pedi colour & have had so many compliments on it, so yup...me likey this un A LOT.

For a bit of glittery goodness I applied two coats of the satisfyingly sparkly Models Own Emerald City which definitely brings that vibrant city in Oz to mind! For some reason none of the other glitters I've tried from Models Owns have the same formula as my favorite polish Pink Fizz, which is almost opaque in just one coat! This you need two or three for proper coverage & a undie is definitely needed but it still looks stunning!

So much love for the two of these gorgeous polishes, even more so together! Are you a fan of green shades? Whats your favorite polish at the moment? Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


Product Love - Bourjois 1001 Cils Mascara Review

Hello there lovelies! Hope you're all having a tip top week?

Today I have a gem of a mascara to share with you pretties that has officially made it to number one favourite HG mascara status for moi, no mean feat let me tell you. Lately I've been mixing & matching, chopping & changing my mascaras, trying to maintain a bit of rotation so that they all get a bit o' loving, however despite that I've found myself reaching for this baby most often of late as dayaaam does it deliver! Mascara in question? Bourjois 1001 Cils!

I discovered Bourjois 1001 Cils when prowling through TK Maxx, one of my favourite hunting grounds & came across a little Bourjois set containing a shadow, polish & this here mascara. Now at first I’ll admit I actually paid the mascara little mind as my focus was mostly on the polish *cue gasps of shock* but when I did finally get around to using it...holy Mary mother of god it was LOVE!

The wand with this mascara is a most funky twisted helix design which is actually quite nifty. Because of the shape, the wand really captures the lashes from the roots so well, lifting them up nicely whilst fanning them out without clumping. The formula of the mascara is also incredibly pigmented & so fantastically BLACK.

Here's a little, extremely blurry before pic, with my natural, mascara free lashes which have just been slightly curled with an eye lash curler...

And after applying two coats of the Bourjois 1001 Cils...

Did I mention how intensely black it is?! I mean I know my eyelashes are dark anyway but this mascara REALLY makes them stand out. So fantastic the formula you may even get away with just one coat but I’m a creature of habit! I also love how creamy it is so that my lashes don't feel dried out at all.

So yup, alotta love in the room for this here mascara. But one thing dear readers, if you do happen to pop along to your nearest Bourjois counter looking for it...you won't find it. Why? Because for some reason this fab mascara was discontinued! *baffled face* But fret not as now comes the good news, you can find Bourjois 1001 Cils on the Fragrance Direct website for a completely & utterly ridiculous price of...£2.99! Saving at least £6.00 from what the original RRP was. God bless you Fragrance Direct!

Thanks for reading dolls, have you tried this mascara? Any favourites at the mo?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - House Of Holland Press On Nails by Elegant Touch

Ello ello lovely readers & happy Tuesday to ya! Today also happens to see this ol' blogger become another year older *wails*...my mission to discover NeverNeverLand continues...Keeping things nice & mellow this year with a few get together's here & there with friends which will be lovely. Tis also a good time to reflect on where life seems to be leading me at the mo & other than thinking that mayhap I should really get my shiz together & do all those grown up things i.e. marriage, babies etc. I can't help but feel pretty content with things right now. I'm hoping to start off with making a few changes career wise which is both exciting & terrifying so looking forward to seeing what the next year shall bring!

Things have been so crazed of late that I've not had a chance to do some birthday themed nails! No matter though as I've actually been wanting to share these fabulous new nail offerings from Elegant Touch with you which I was kindly sent recently & were pretty perfect as I was rushed for time yet wanted something funky on my nails & boy do these deliver!

Elegant Touch have excitingly teamed up with hot London designer Henry Holland who has decided to branch out into the world of nails & created a fab range of press on nails incorporating House of Holland's playful personality with some great & fun designs.

I absolutely love the different & quirky designs available of which there are 9 in total & especially love the fact that there are a few stiletto shapes incorporated too which is a nail shape I've been wanting to try for ages!

I decided to give the Tweed set a whirl because well...ya know, I wanted something subtle & application couldn't be easier. Each set comes with 24 nails in different sizes, nail file, glue & instruction leaflet. Once I had my nails all lined up neatly in a row like little soldiers I just applied a thin coat of glue onto the nail before sticking on the falsie, holding down for a few seconds to secure in place.

POW! Psychedelic enough for ya?! Bwaha! I must confess that I DID file them down a wee bit because as you can tell, I have quite thin fingers, so at risk of looking more madame Medusa witchy rather than sophisticated lady yet still keeping the trendy stiletto tip, a bit of filing was required. Other than that though I absolutely love them & they were also a huge hit at work!

I love how Elegant Touch & House of Holland have incorporated stiletto & oval shapes with these fun & unique designs, creating something really different from other press on nails out there & bang on trend. There's definitely something for everyone, I've already got my eye on the Classy Nude, Get Nailed & Heart Breaker sets...heck I just want them all!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies! The House Of Holland Nails by Elegant Touch will be available from this month at most Boots & Superdrug's priced at £7-£8.99 . Have you tried these? Which design is your fav?

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - product featured was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


NOTD - OPI Black Spotted...Remember that un?!

Good morning sunshine's & happy weekend! Find myself up with the birdies & as much as I do slightly mourn the loss of lie in that my body will not allow today at least its given me some blogging time so its all good!

Speaking like the polish addict I am, when it comes to special effects polishes I pretty much love them all, crackles, feathers, velvet etc & now you can find many interesting & fun effects polishes on the high street to jazz up those nails. However there was one special effects polish that was released a good while back that had all polish addicts hyperventilating over...OPI Black Spotted. Reason for insanity was that not only was this a new type of effect/topcoat but it also happened to be limited edition & available only at Sephora France! Such was the eagerness to get hold of this coveted polish that I even heard stories of it selling on ebay for over $50, wowzah. Fortunately my lovely French work colleague chose at this time to pay a visit home so I asked (begged) if she may be able to attain it & angel that she is she did! *happy dance* I knew I wanted to try the Black Spotted over a vibrant neon so before going on to that I just wanted to take a moment & share the gorgeousness that is this neon yellow with you...

*whips on the shades* Dayaaam if I wasn't awake before I surely am now. Is that an insanely immense yellow or what?! Aptly named Neon Yellow by Kleancolor, my matey bought this polish back from the states & it definitely delivers on neon factor! Though as much as I adore it, unfortunately application was a bit of a bum. Gloopiness galore with a few streaks thrown in too but the end result was worth the hair loss & curses uttered on applying. Next step was to Black Spot that neon!

What do you think? What gives OPI Black Spotted its unique quality is the interesting oil on water effect it is said to give on application which is pretty much spot on. Its definitely different & perhaps may not be everyone's cup o' chai but I absolutely love it! Almost giving a water marble like look to the nails without all the hassle.

The best way to apply this I found was to go for one thin coat over a dry base, as thicker coats created less spots. I absolutely love the finished effect, I do feel very fortunate to be able to own this little gem! I think neons go beautifully with it but I wanted to try it out over something else as well so I tried it over a dark red & oh my goodness...

How vampily gorgeous is that?! Ungggh I do love me a good gothic-y mani now & again & this just completes me. LOVE! In fact in all my excitement I forgot to do a quick clean up jobby, whoopsie! I'm anxious to try the Black Spotted over a holo or shimmering foil now too!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Do you own OPI Black Spotted? What's your favourite effects polish if any?

Lotsa love to ya!