NOTD - Pink Wednesday with KIKO & MUA Fur Effects Fuzzy Fluff!

Hello there my lovelies! How's your week faring so far? Just one more day to go then helloooooo four day blissful break filled with lots of stuffing of ones face & relaxing...just boootiful.

As its Wednesday I have a suitably pink themed manicure for you today dolls, can't let 'the plastics' down now can we? ;) It features a divine polish from KIKO that I absolutely love & I've also dug out the MUA Fur Effects to play with again as I really loved the Boo Boo Fluff Manicure!

This beautiful pink KIKO polish is one of my current favorites, finding myself reaching for it quite a few times recently which is most unusual for me! The shade is rather oddly called number 277 Blueberry Glitter but to me its definitely more or a raspberry with its fuchsia pink loveliness!

277 is a lovely vibrant pink glass fleck shade, I absolutely love these type of polishes, the glass flecks within giving the polish such a pretty, almost foil like shimmer. The consistency is quite sheer so I went for 3 thin coats which applied really nicely.

I decided to reach for the MUA Fur Effects again after having some accent finger fun with Boo Boo Fluff, this time continuing on with the pink theme with Fuzzy Fluff :D

I went for two accent nails this time, covering the whole of the ring finger & doing a quarter moon on the thumb. I wasn't sure if the quarter moon would work but twas really happy with how it came out! Just simply coat the part of the nail you want fur-ing up, then dip in to the pot o' fluff whilst still wet & pat down till smooth.

As a finishing touch I decided to just plonk on some golden dots on each nail using my trusty hair bobby pin & Models Own 25 Carat Gold before sealing with topcoat, except for the furry nails of course :)

Thanks for reading sweets! Hope you liked the Pink Wednesday nails!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - What's New Pussycat? Kitty & Paw Print Nails...

Good day to ya my lovelies! Hope you're all having a super lovely lazy Sunday or 'official duvet day' as I usually like it to go by ;) Those who know me well are aware of the fact that as well as makeup, food & nail stuffs, another thing I absolutely love are cute kittehs! They are for surely my favorite animal & I mean who doesn't adore those little balls of fluff?! I have my own little munchkin whom I adore to bits & is slowly becoming a little regular on Instagram (aysh_xox) I figured it was inevitable that I'd eventually attempt a kitty inspired manicure so that's what I have for you today lovelies! Pussycats & Pawprints Nails...

What do you think? Please excuse the annoying dragging going on there on the ring finger, I was too eager with my topcoat! Gah! At first I wasn't sure how to go about putting cats on my nails, but then I remembered one of my fav cat print dresses (of course I'd own a cat print dress ;p) covered with lots of sitting kitty's so decided to give those ago & was actually pretty happy with how they came out! :D

I started off with my base colour which in this case was two coats of No7's Coconut Ice, a lovely pearly pinky white shade that I love. Once that had completely dried I got to putting on those kittys & paws!

The black I've used here is my good ol' Barry M Black, which is such a lovely & glossy great quality black polish. Using the brush I freehanded the body on the bottom half/tips of the nails by doing two C like shapes facing each other, then simply filling them in. Still using the brush I blobbed on a large dot for the head, then to finish off grabbed my Models Own nail art pen to draw on the ears & tail...done! :)

The paws were so quick & easy to do, using a hair bobby pin dipped in the Barry M Black, I just dotted on 3 big dots in a pyramid like shape then just dotted on 4 smaller dots around it to create my kitty paws, simples!

Finishing it all off with a thick coat of topcoat to seal, but I was obviously too eager & vigorous with mine hence the annoying dragging! *kitty growl* I clearly need to be more patient ;)

Hope you liked the kitty themed manicure dolls! Thanks as always for stopping by :)

Lotsa love to ya!