NOTD - Its Not Easy Being Green...Fun Frog Nails feat Models Own Toxic Green! :D

Hello there lovely readers!

Today I have another quirky & fun manicure to share with you that was just so completely random I can't even explain it. Twas sat there twiddling my thumbs, as usual pondering on what to put on my nails & just thought hey...I'd quite like me some cute little frogs on them...as you do. So here we are...

For my little froggies I of course needed a green polish & thought it was the perfect chance to dig out Models Own Toxic Apple which I confess has been pretty much scaring the bejesus out of me every time I look at it. Its vibrant neon-ness did look terrifying to say the least but I actually really love it! The photo's haven't captured it so well but its more bright in real life & definitely eye catching! Creating the frog design was super easy, again it was just a case of some free handing & strategically placed dots!

I started off with a base of Barry M Nude of which I applied just one coat.

Next I free handed some circles on to the tips using Toxic Apple for the froggy heads going for two coats to get desired opacity.

Now its time for the dots! First using a large dotting tool, the end of a brush or whatever you have at your disposal to create big dots, just dip in to the same green polish & place two on top of the large circles for the eye lids.

Then using a black nail art pen, or black polish & a hairpin, place two small dots inside the green dots for the eyes & two on the tips for the nostrils.

To add more definition to the eyes place a smaller white dot on top of the black for the pupils using a white nail art pen or white polish.

Finally I used my Models Own Nail Art pen in pink to give my frogs some pink cheeks for an added detail..I guess these are very cheeky little froggies who have been up to mischief ;)

Seal it all with a coat of glossy topcoat & you're done! For some reason I experienced some slight bubbling but I actually thought it made my frogs look more frog like so I wasn't complaining!
Hope you liked the mani dolls, thanks for reading!

Losta love to ya!


Product Love - Loreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Tempting Lilac

Ello lovelies & Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Hurrah for long weekends! Today will be mostly made up of family time with copious amount of food & tea involved, perfick. Finally went to see The Great Gatsby this weekend also & whilst it seems to have received mixed reviews, I definitely enjoyed it as I've always loved Baz Luhrmann films with their vibrancy! Beautiful outfits, soundtrack & of course the presence of one Mr Dicaprio made for a fab cinema experience ;)

Today I have a BEAUT of a lippie to share with you, Loreal's Rouge Caresse in Tempting Lilac which has become a firm favorite of mine & was actually bought to my attention by the lovely Helen from Just Nice Things. You see I was having a debate with myself on Twitter whether to purchase the much hyped Clinique Chubby Sticks but I'd heard they can be muchos drying, not to mention the hefty pricetag! Helen recommended the Rouge Caresse range of which I'd heard fab things but the shade I wanted was constantly out of stock! But again Helen kindly came to the rescue & offered to send me the shade I wanted, what a doll!

I honestly cannot praise this lipstick enough & for me that is a BIG deal as you know I'm not a huge lippie wearer. Tempting Lilac is the prettiest pale mauve pink shade & the formula of the Rouge Caresse lipsticks is just LUSH. So smooth, light & creamy, its almost balm like in texture & just glides onto the lips beautifully giving a wash of colour leaving them feeling lovely & moisturised.

The colour is absolutely gorgeous, extremely flattering & I love how it gives the lips a subtle tint that can always be built up on for a stronger colour. It feels delightful on the lips, applies like a dream & doesn't feel sticky but just buttery smooth & moisturising.

Thank you lovely Helen for introducing me to these absolutely gorgeous lipsticks! I will definitely be paying a visit to Boots to pick me up some more of these gems for sure. The Loreal Rouge Caresse range are available to purchase from most Loreal counters for around £8.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried Loreal's Rouge Caresse Lipsticks?

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Vampy Rose Gold Glitter Gradient

Greetings my lovely readers! How are you all? Enjoying the lovely long bank holiday weekend? Find myself up & wide awake much too early than should be allowed on a Sunday, typical! But I plan on countering this with a nap later so its all good, one things for certain...I am clearly going to be SO good at being old... ;)

Today I have another glitter gradient to share with you lovelies, I absolutely love them & think its a great way for adding a hit of sparkle to your mani without going the whole hog. This time I went for a vampy burgundy base with some pale rose pink & gold glitter tips & am so happy with how it came out!

The base is VIVO's Looking Glass, a beautiful deep dark red brown, such a gorgeous vampy shade! I picked up this little beauty for just £1 whilst browsing their make-up which is exclusive to Tesco's, shame on you Tesco's, I don't know whether to love or hate you for creating such a wonderful distraction from the grocery shopping! This was two coats applied & dried to a gorgeous glossy finish...not bad at all for pound!

For the gradient I used this absolutely beautiful glitter from Essence, Time For Romance which my darling Chelle sent me, thank you doll! Time For Romance is a mixture of glitters in the prettiest mauve rose pink shade, its such a beautiful & unique colour I adore it! There are teeny tiny iridescent glitters in there as well as large pink hex glitters in a pinky jelly base, beaut!

My inner magpie was calling for a wee bit more sparkle so I obliged by adding a touch of Jordana's Funky Gold Town on the tips, one of my favorites, a most awesomely named glitter made up of big huge golden hex glitters, love!

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Thanks for reading! Are you a fan of gradients?

Lotsa love to ya!


Need A Little Motivation? LUSH Liquid Eye Liner Review!

Ello there darling ones! Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Now we all need a little motivation every now & again right? And what better way than with a bit o' colour & a vibrant bright eye to pick ya up a tad? Enter at this point this gorgeous liquid eye liner from LUSH, whom I already adore for their fab fun bath products & they've ventured towards make up too! I really do love my eye liner so twas very excited to give this pretty a go which I was fortunate enough to receive in a goody bag from a blogger event a while back.

Firstly how adorable is that packaging with the teeny dropper bottle & little hand written label giving it a delightful Alice In Wonderland like feel? Motivation is one of a range of coloured liquid eye liners available & is a stunning vibrant two tone peacock blue green shade.

The eye liner comes with a thin brush & makes creating a fine line on the upper lid muchos easy & this liquid liner, which is creamy in consistency definitely glides across the lid nicely. The formula really is lovely & looking at the ingredients which include rose petal infusion, almond & jojoba oils I can see why.

The creaminess of the liner allows you to blend it if you want to for a more vibrant make up look, however I've been loving simply teaming it with my usual cat eye flick black eye liner for a hit of colour. Starting from the inner corner just draw your line, going along the upper lashline, applying it as thick you wish, till you reach the outer corner. A simple yet stand out eye make up look that's super fast & great if you're not in the mood to reach for the eye shadows.

Definitely a pretty little eye liner offering from LUSH & the colour is right up my street. I managed to get a whole day's wear & didn't experience any of that annoying transference of liner on the upper lid that's quite common in eye liners. There's only one downer for me though & a big one at that...& that's the price...a wince worthy £14.50! Ouch. Hmmm yeah...that be not so nice LUSH & is something that seriously needs working on please & thank you? Lets just hope the longevity of it makes it worth it...a year at least! ;)

Thanks for reading as always dolls! Have you tried LUSH's eye liners? What did you think?

Lots love to ya!


NOTD - Peek-A-Boo Panda Nails!

Hello there my beauties! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Okay, I am absolutely in love with this mani I have to share with you today...Peek-A-Boo Panda Bears!! Haha! I got the nail art itch & as usual wanted something relatively simple to do because I'm a bit of an eejit ya know & for these I was inspired by the amazing cutepolish. Now I'm not usually a fan of YouTube, personally preferring blogs, but I can definitely make time for this awesome ladies vids, not only is she super talented but I just love how her designs are not only stunning but fun & not too difficult to create. So here's my first attempt at re-creating one her designs, these super cute Panda Bears...

Do you like? And creating them in a mani as so easy, all you need is a base, a white & a black polish & some strategically placed spots! For this I used the Revlon Nail Art French Mix polish duo in Miss Perfect which I picked up in a set in TK Maxx.

I started off with applying a couple of coats of base colour using the pink polish in the Revlon Nail Art Duo, you don't really need to do this though, instead going ahead with creating your pandas but I like having that base to work on plus the white polish applies on top better for me.

Then using the white polish in the the Revlon Nail Art Duo I free handed on a roundish circle on the bottom half of the nail for the head shape.

Next for the ears I used the end of one of my nail art brushes as I don't have a dotting tool large enough to create big dots but this works just perfectly! Dipping in some black polish, I used Barry M Black, I just placed on two large dots on the top edge of the white circle for my ears.

Then for the little noses I just used a hair bobby pin dipped in the black polish to place my pandas noses on the tips.

Again for the eyes I used the black polish & a slightly smaller sized dotting tool to place two eyes in the middle of each white circle.

And then finally I simply added a white dot in each of the eyes using my Models Own Nail Art Pen to give my pandas lovely bright eyed pupils!

And that's it! Happy Panda Nails! Not forgetting to seal it all in with a coat of topcoat & you're good to go. The Revlon Nail Art French Mix Duo was perfect for this mani, if a little watery in consistency but I'll definitely be using it again for this kind of nail art!

Hope you liked the mani dolls & a big thanks again to the fab cutepolish for her awesome tutorials! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Fruity NOTD - Raspberries & Peach Sherbet!

Greeting sweetpeas & happy Friday! Up to anything nice this weekend? I was holding out for some good weather, not sure why exactly I should know better really eh? But if the Sun chooses to visit elsewhere I may pop along to go watch The Great Gatsby, I do love a good Baz movie so looking forward to seeing it!

Another fruity mani today dolls! I previously blogged some Banana Split Nails using one of Models Own yummy scented polishes also coincidentally called Banana Split ;) I don't know what it is about fruit inspired mani's, I just love them & think their perfect for the season & brightening up your nails! I remember doing some Strawberry Nails too a while back which I'm itching to try again! Today I've opted for some yummy Raspberries with a touch o' Peach! :)

For the base colour I reached for another Models Own, this time the yummy Peach Sherbet which is a lovely pastel-y pale peach crème, such a beautiful soft spring/summer time shade & a really nice alternative to nude polish. Its formula is quite thick but I still went for my regular 2 coats.

Then for my raspberries I simply grabbed my dotting tool (you can of course just use a bobby pin) & the suitably titled Raspberry from Barry M & dotted on the fruit using a pyramid like pattern starting with 3 dots, then 2 underneath & 1 at the bottom.

For the green leaves I just used an old dark green nail art pen to roughly draw on the greenery before adding a touch of red glitter on a few raspberries here & there because you can't go wrong with a bit o' sparkle! ;)

Finishing with a coat of topcoat to seal & shine & that it! Hope you liked the fruity mani dolls! Now which fruit to try next...? ;) Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Bourjois Rouge Diva 22!

Bonsoir lovely readers! Are you all well? Hope you're Tuesday's back to work weren't too troublesome!

Today I'm keeping it short & sweet (quite a feat for me non?) with a simple manicure for you using a gorgeous offering from Bourjois going by the name of Rouge Diva 22, a perfect polish for when you're in the mood for a simple & sophisticated red nail fix. With that touch of timeless classiness about them I absolutely adore red nails & this one ticks all the right boxes.

Rouge Diva is from Bourjois's So Laque Ultra Shine Range (RRP £5.99) & is one of those beautiful deep berry wine red shades that every girl needs in her polish collection, its one of those polishes that you can never go wrong with, goes with pretty much everything & suits everyone! I adore it!

The formula of these polishes is gorgeous & the accompanying brush is great quality making application a doddle. This here was two coats applied which dried in nicely quick time & the polish definitely lives up to its high shine name with that super satisfying glossy finish! Lush!

I really am feeling a soft spot for Bourjois polishes, a dream to use, good quality & consisting of a fab range of colours that I think I need to go out & explore them some more! *cue visions of donning Indiana Jones style gear & venturing into the often perilous world of nail polish....*

Thanks for reading dears, have you tried Bourjois polishes? Till next time! *cracks whip*

Lotsa love to ya!