Halloween Nails - Pumpkins & Ghouls!

Good evening lovely ones! Hope you've all had a good weekend & that everyone in the UK is keeping safe & well in spite of this storm that's gracing us with its most unwelcome presence! I opened the curtains this morn to a surprisingly calm breeze & sunshine & thought that thankfully my town, aka the place where absolutely nothing happens...EVER , had escaped the brunt of the storm only to look across to the road opposite to find the way blocked by rather large tree...not quite escaped then! Wherever you are though stay safe.

I thought I'd squeeze in one last Halloween mani as I really love doing them! After pondering on what manner of scariness to put on thy nails this time I ended up going for some evil pumpkins & ghoulish ghosts! Mwaha! *cough*

For the base I used two coats of Eyeko's Vampira polish which is pretty much perfect for the Halloween theme non? Do you remember these cute Eyeko polishes? Sadly they are no longer available since Eyeko had their brand re-vamp but I'm sure they can be hunted down on ebay & such! Vampira is a gorgeously gothic black filled with vampy red glitters.

The rather jolly looking ghouls there who look as if they are party to some secret joke were done by using some simple white polish & free handing the rounded shape before dotting on the mouth & curved eyes.

For the pumpkins I used a rather lovely orange glass fleck Color Club polish I picked up in a set from TK Maxx, its so sparkly beautiful I cant wait to try it just by its onesie. Here I've freehanded the pumpkin-like shape before adding more detail with a stronger orange Collection Hip Hop & using a sparkly brown Wet n Wild polish for the...stick bit on the top? My minds gone completely blank on what that's called! o_O

To make my pumpkins a wee bit more Halloween-sque & suitably evil looking & I added two tear-drop shaped nail art stones for the eyes before using a nail art brush & black polish to freehand a creepy grin on the tips.

A thick coat of topcoat to seal & another Halloween mani done! :) Hope you liked lovelies! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Halloween Nails - Count Dracula!

Ello ello sweetpeas! Midweek point has been reached at last, albeit a wee bit slowly for my liking! Woop! :D

Today I've another Halloween manicure to share with you lovelies, I really do hope to knock out (knockout? Would that even be the correct term? Sounds rather rude...Hmm) a few more before the end of the month,they're just too much fun! Hopefully hectic work & life will allow me to do so! This time I've gone down the vampiric route with some Count Dracula Nails <insert suitably evil laugh here>

I saw this nail design on Twitter & just loved it so much I couldn't wait to give it a try! To recreate these Count Dracula Nails all you need is a black, white & red polish plus a dotting tool & a nail art brush.

I started off with a white base which was two coats of NYC Pinstripe White, my current HG white polish, I've mentioned this little un a few times now but its pretty darn fab, opaque glossy finish & mighty cheap too!

Next for the Elvis-eque quiff of hair I used a nail art brush dipped in the black polish & drew the curved V like edge before filling in with more polish. For the eyes I used my dotting tool & simply dotted on two red eyes with the red polish, then added a smaller black dot on top of that before finishing off with a tiny white dot.

Lastly every vampire needs his fangs, I mean without fangs he'd just be an extremely pale, crazy eyed dude & these were just simply drawn on again with the nail art brush & black polish. Add a nice thick coat of topcoat for a glossy finish & you have some Count Dracula Nails!

Thanks for stopping by dear ones, have you created any Halloween inspired nails? Would love to see!

Lotsa love to ya!


Halloween Nails - Creepy Cobwebs!

Good evening me darlings! Did you all have a lovely weekend?

Find myself channeling my inner Marlene Dietrich whilst still recovering from old friend the flu who has decided to linger around, flattered I am definitely not! Anyway some cheering up was required so I hot footed it the capital with some friends for a few random adventures this weekend including introducing the mateys to the yummy goodness that is Bubbleology Bubble Tea! If you haven't tried it loves...rectify asap! We then headed off to a comedy club to enjoy a bit of stand up & grub which definitely delivered on the laugh factor as the awesome Paul Choudhry just happened to be performing that night! I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy stand up comedy that much but all the comedians were brilliant & I even got a picture with Paul, weekend made! ;)

So we are coming up to that time of the year where all the ghouls & goblins like to come out to play & lets face it, humans of all ages can't help but get in to the spirit of things! I do love Halloween I confess & one way I love to join in is with some Halloween fun on the nails! Last year I did a few manis including Jack O' Lantern Pumpkins with Dripping Blood Nails, Screaming Ghouls & Crazy Eyeballs & some Vampy Vampire Nails. I hope to get my nail on & create a few different Halloween manis this year starting things off today with some Creepy Cobweb Nails...

Now I'm not satisfied with how these came out AT ALL but figured hey, I've done it so I'm gonna roll with it! Lol! Got to love a mani fail eh? I think I definitely should have gone for a darker base for sure but I'd been wanting to try this Sephora polish which goes by the name of Its Time To Rock for yonks!

Its a gorgeous polish, just perhaps not ideal for this mani. It's Time To Rock is a gunmetal grey with lots of coloured glass flecks giving it a beautiful duo-chrome/foil like quality. Lovely formula & quick drying, here I applied two coats.

Next I used Models Own Nail art pen in White for the cobwebs which are created by simply drawing 3 lines from the corner of the nail all the way across before adding the rows of small slightly curved lines to create the web. I couldn't resit adding a bit of silver glitter on top because well...you know...there always room for glitter ;)

Finally for the wee spiders...errr yes...I put spiders on my nails. Me...a well known arachnophobic...it just doesn't make sense really does it? A therapist would have a field day with that. But I digress, for the spiders I just stuck on a black nail art stone before drawing on the legs with a Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black. And yes, my spiders have six legs instead of eight...I figured that made them a tad less terrifying & has nothing at all to do with the fact that I ran out of space...

A coat of top coat to finish & you're done. Also apologies for the not so great pics, camera & I did not seem to be getting on...I definitely want to try this design again with a darker base & perhaps use a nail art brush & white polish to draw the web instead of using the pen as it was a bit fiddly!

Thanks for reading dolls! More Halloween nails definitely coming this way soon!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps Review

Ello ello lovely ones, hope you all had a fab weekend & aren't feeling those Monday blues much! I myself spent most of this weekend in a pleasantly doped up state having finally admitted defeat to the blasted bum flu that decided to welcome me back from holiday. Fun times! Seems the bugger still wants to linger so today will involve more bed rest, sweet foodstuffs & some heavy self medicating whilst trying to avoid succumbing to comfort online shopping...FYI...I've failed already o_O

Now I'm sure that it'll come as no surprise when I tell you that when it comes to nails, polish is my one true love! Those little bottles of prettiness just make me happy, you know how Scrooge McDuck has a huge vault of his moolah that he likes to dive into & swim around in? I have a similar recurring dream except instead of coins its endless bottles of polish!
However there are other quick & easy ways of getting fab looking nails nowadays, one such being nail wraps. I find myself having accumulated quite a few different ones lately so decided to on occasion give the polish a miss & try a nail wrap instead. The ones I have to share with you today are the OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps which I found on sale in Fenwicks & could resist picking up.

The thing that makes these particular nail wraps/appliqués differ from others out there is that they are in fact made from 100% nail lacquer, which means they are super easy to remove with a bit of polish remover. There also seem to be a nice range of pretty designs to choose from, this particular oriental red dragon design which I just love was a part of their James Bond Skyfall collection I believe.

Each pack comes with 16 appliqués in different sizes so finding an ideal match isn't too problematic though you can always trim them down to accommodate the size of your nail.

Each applique comes with an attached tab which makes for easy gripping when peeling off the back & applying on to the nail

I found that these were very delicate compared to other nail wraps as you can probably tell just by looking how flimsy they are, therefore a bit more attention is required when applying & I definitely need to practice my nail wrap application!

As I was saying...will most definitely work on my nail wrap technique! Haha! I was a wee bit too vigourous with a few & ended up tearing them a tad however I managed to get all 10 nails done without too much drama & was pretty happy with the finished result.

Especially loving the glossy finish & pretty design! Compared to other nail wraps I've tried so far, after getting past the initial fiddly application, I really do like these ones, especially with their easy removal & there are some really gorgeous designs to have fun with. The OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps retail for around £13 which is a wee bit pricey in my opinion however they can also be found on Amazon for a fraction of the price so are worth checking out!

Thanks for reading dolls! Are you a fan of nail wraps?

Lotsa love to ya!


FOTD - Holiday Make Up With Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream

Ciao mia bellas! How have you all been? Hope to find you all well :) 

Back from my holidays which as usual went by far too quickly & still trying to adjust back to reality! The cruise was absolutely wonderful, we were looked after so well & the fact that every morning we woke up in a different place was amazing. I felt so fortunate to be able to visit so many fab places including Athens, Turkey, Sicily, Crete before finishing off with two days in Rome which is the most beautiful city & totally captured my heart. I most definitely hope to pay it a visit again one day! Not to mention all the AMAZING food on board, crikey there's just so much of it & so good! Think I've come back the equivalent of two Aysh's...yup definitely going to miss that ;) I've enjoyed the whole experience so much that I definitely plan on doing a cruise again soon, best start saving up!

When it came to holiday make up, despite taking along what seemed the entire contents of ones make-up drawer including 3 different foundations, I actually found that most of the time I wanted to keep my make-up simple & light! I'd recently finished my Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser which is a favourite of mine so on the lookout for something new to try, my eye caught the Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream in Superdrugs which was on offer for about a tenner (RRP £15.99).

Not only am I a big fan of BB creams, but another fact that tempted me to purchase the Ambre Solaire one was the addition of factor 50 SPF, perfect for my holiday! This way I wouldn't need to worry about extra cream protection as its already in there.

The texture of the Ambre Solaire BB cream is lovely & light & easily blendable with just the fingertips which I find the best way to apply this. There is one thing however...it only comes in this one shade! Thought this a wee bit odd at first but then I recall that the same goes for Benefit You Rebel. So I decided to give it a try anyway & I absolutely love the finish it gives my skin, the shade kind of adapts to the skin-tone, making it look healthy & glowy without looking like I’d been tangoed!

I teamed the Ambre Solaire BB cream with a dab of Benefit Cha Cha Tint on the apples of the cheeks, some cream highlighter on the cheekbones, a slick of Collection LipLacquer on the lips & a quick winged eye & this was pretty much my go to holiday look for most days! I think the BB Cream suits Asian skin surprisingly well, I'd recommend those with fairer skin tones to definitely try beforehand as it may be a wee bit dark!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you tried the Ambre Solaire BB Cream? What are your favourite holiday make up products?

Lotsa love to ya!