NOTD - New Years Glitter Gradient Nails!

Ello ello cherubs! Not long to go now till we find ourselves in 2015! Where has the time gone eh? This year has been pretty fab in many ways which I'm very thankful for & I'm excited to see what adventures 2015 will bring!

New years will be quiet this year, I'll be seeing in 2015 with my onesie, blankie, hot choc on tap, lots of nomnom foods...you get the picture ;) And darn if I ain't excited! I really haven't the desire at all to venture outdoors & freezing my wobblys off in this frost! But just because I shan't be out on the night doesn't mean I can't rock me some funky New Years nails!

You really can't beat a pretty glitter gradient in my book, a hint of sparkle on a vibrant colour....match in heaven! And a great way to get a glitter fix without going OTT. Here I've gone for two of my favourite polishes that I love to wear together, Models Own Raspberry Fool & Disco Heaven.

I started with my base, two coats of Raspberry Fool, this is such a lovely red shade with a hint of pink, whenever I wear this polish I'm always asked what it is, always sign of a good un!

Then I went in with one of my favourite gold glitters, Disco Heaven from Models Own Hed Kandi collection. Not just an ordinary gold glitter, there are also beautiful blue holo glitters thrown into the mix too.

For the gradient I dabbed Disco Heaven onto the tips,  the brush shouldn't be overloaded with glitter otherwise you'll get a lumpy surface & glitter explosion everywhere! Then wiping the brush on the bottle to get rid of excess glitter, swipe down the nail towards the middle from the tips in a kind of 'dragging' motion to create the gradient effect.

Topcoat to finish & you have your sparkly nails ready for a night on the town or an eve snuggled up in the blankies! I know how I'll be doing it ;) Thanks for reading lovelies & wishing you all a wonderful & happy new year! See you on the other side!

Lotsa love to ya! 


Quick and Easy DIY Homemade Hand Scrub!

Bonjour loves! So tell me, are you feeling the post Xmas Monday blues comme moi? Work was HARD, so used one had gotten to the constant eating, the occasional napping, before continuing with the eating...twas a hard routine to give up for surely. Thankful this week is a short one due to new years!

Now this time of year can have a harsh effect on our skin, especially our hands, making them cry out for a bit of extra attention. Hand cream is a Holy Grail product for me, I go through tubes of the stuff! I always carry it around with me, keep one by my beside & on my desk at work. I think I may do a post on a few of my favs if you'd like to see that? :)

Lately I've been taking the hand care one step further & introduced a spot of scrubbing into my routine to really make those paws super soft & I'm so glad as my hands are the happier for it! Which hand-scrub do I use? Why my very own! Yup I decided to go all DIY & rustle up my own scrub from scratch using bits & bobs lying around at home which I'll be sharing with you lovelies today as its so easy!

Like I said, you can probably find all the things you need to make your own scrub at home & the beauty of this recipe is that you can customise it anyway you want, using whatever oils you have!

First things first you need your container in which you'll be storing your scrub, preferably something airtight. I picked up this cute little jar from TK Maxx for a few squids but they can be found in many places including Robert Dyas, supermarkets etc.

You then need to decide what base you'd like your scrub to be....sugar...or salt. Or if you want a really nourishing scrub, do what I did & use a bit of both! The salt is a wee bit coarser than the sugar meaning you'll get full benefit of the scrub, but mixed in with the sugar makes it a little less harsh.

Next pick what oils you'll be using for your scrub. As I mentioned you can really use whatever oils you fancy, olive, grape-seed, almond, argan...they all work fantastic! Here I've used coconut oil which I always have as I use it on my hair &Vitamin E oil which I picked up at a blogger event. Both are nourishing & so good for your skin. You can even use Vitamin E capsules if you have those lying around, simply burst the oil out of the capsules! Finally for the scent of my scrub I opted for a Rose essential oil as I adore rose scented things. Its all about your preference!

Now making the scrub couldn't be simpler! I didn't even do any measurements, simply poured about 2 cups of sugar & half a cup of salt into my jar. I then mixed together a tablespoon of coconut oil & 3 heaped tablespoons of Vitamin E oil, whizzing them in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the coconut oil, before adding to the sugar/salt & mixing with the handle of a wooden spoon.

Finally I added a good few drops of the Rose oil, giving it another good mix & that...is...it! What did I tell you? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Oooh actually lemon would also work fab in this! Think I'm going to try that next ;)

The scrub can be kept in a cool dry place, I keep mine in the bathroom cupboard under the sink so that I have it to hand easily when doing my evening skincare routine. Simply use a teaspoon amount, rub into the skin & rinse with warm water then pat dry with a towel. Hello baby soft skin! To really get full benefit of the scrub, moisturise with your fav hand cream straight after to close up those pores :)

Hope you liked the DIY recipe lovelies! Why buy when you can make your own eh? Plus its more fun having a play around with different scents/flavours :) Have you tried rustling up your own scrubs? What are your favorite recipes?

Thanks for reading! Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Models Own Ebony Green

Hello there lovely readers! 

You may recall Models Own did their 5 polishes for £20 offer recently which I couldn't not take advantage of! 


Xmas NOTD - Snowflakes!

Hey lovely readers!

Before signing off for the holiday I thought I'd sneak in one last Xmas manicure! I hope you liked the ones that have been rolled out this year including a FestiveDotticure, Christmas Wreaths, Santa Claus Nails, Christmas Trees & Peek-a-boo Polar Bears. For my last Xmas mani I decided to go for some Snowflakes :)


Xmas NOTD - Peek-a-Boo Polar Bears!

Hello there lovely readers!

So seeing as we still have us a few days till the big Crimbo lets roll out another festive mani shall we? Today I have some cute Peek-a-boo Polar bears to share with you :)


Xmas NOTD - Christmas Trees!

Hello there lovely readers!

Today’s festive mani comes in the form of some Christmas Trees :) I did a Christmas tree manicure last year as well, using the cello tape technique to create the design however this time I decided to just freehand them :)


Xmas NOTD - Santa Claus!

Hello there lovely readers!

I hope you're all having a great Saturday. With Xmas literally just around the corner now I want to try & squeeze out as many festive manis as possible so here we go me dears, Xmas nails number three are dedicated to the dude himself...the big red...Mr St Nick Santa Claus :)


Xmas NOTD - Christmas Wreaths

Hello lovely readers!

Coming at you with a festive mani today in the form of some Christmas Wreaths :) Incorporating all the reds, greens & golds definitely got me in the festive mood with these nails & I loved wearing them! This design was inspired by the fab Chalkboard Nails.


ImPress Peacock Print Press On Manicure

Hello there lovely readers!

Returned from holiday last week with the obligatory holiday blues *sniffs* Twas an amazing trip though, we got to see so many beautiful places in the western Mediterranean on our cruise, highlights being the incredible Pompeii & the leaning tower of Pisa! Naturally much food was consumed & I am seriously having a difficult time reverting back to a normal eating routine! Especially hard seeing as I don't believe in diets...


Halloween NOTD - Cobweb Tips!

Happy Halloween my fellow ghouls & goblins! Hope you all have a good night however you may be celebrating! Keeping it low key meself, as I'm just too exhausted from Ram & I's Brussels adventure yesterday which FYI was amazing & then some. Such a wonderful place to visit & the chocolate covered waffles were as divine as everyone said they would be! ;)

I couldn't resist squeezing in one last Halloween manicure, especially as this one is probably my favourite out of the whole bunch! So coming last in my Halloween mani series but most certainly not least...Cobweb Tips!


Halloween NOTD - Frankenstein Nails!

Hullo there lovely readers! 

Time for another Halloween mani my dears! I love this time of year so much as it gets the fun creative juices flowing plus it also allows me to get some good usage from those particular shades that to be honest with you, I wouldn't normally reach for, which is definitely the case with today’s mani...Frankenstein Nails!


Halloween NOTD - The Nightmare Before Christmas...

Hello there lovely readers!

Finding myself fully getting into the swing of all things Halloween with another mani to share with you today! 


Halloween NOTD - Chanel Dripping Blood Nails...

Hello there lovely readers! 

So October is here at last in all its glory goodness which means one thing in my book...Halloween manicures! Amongst other stuff sure but yeah...its all about the Halloween nail funness to be had...until Xmas arrives that is! You can check out the Halloween manis I did last year HERE.

I thought for my first Halloween themed mani I'd go down the dripping blood route which is always fun...with a slight twist using an image I remember seeing on Instagram yonks ago using the Chanel symbol. So here we have some Chanel-esque dripping blood nails...

So my loves it turns out that free handing two backwards C's is actually pretty darn hard didn't ya know? So hopefully you can at least figure out that it was the Chanel symbol I was attempting here haha!

First up let me mention this absolutely scrummy nude base colour for my mani, Nina Ultro Pro in Rum & Reggae. I found this brand in Sally’s recently, on sale for just a few squids & there’s nothing I love more than trying a new brand of polish! And this does not disappoint, smooth formula, great brush & perfect application in two coats in the loveliest creamy beige I think it may be my new favourite nude!

I then grabbed a nail art brush & used OPI's I Sing In Color from the LE Gwen Stefani range. This also happens to be another bargain sale buy from Sally's. Whenever I pass one I always pop in to visit the sale section to hunt down any prettys! I Sing In Color is a stunning vampy red black brown gloss, perfect for blood tones...

After (rather abysmally) drawing my Chanel C's I then just used a dotting tool & some more of the OPI & added on 3 drips to each nails plus a few extra blood droplets.

Finish with a coat of topcoat for shine. I definitely need to practice my free handing C's but overall I'm still pretty chuffed! Can't wait to roll out some more Halloween manis! Will you be going all ghoulish on your nails? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Owl Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

Another cheerful mani today dears, is it strange that I like to use my nails as therapy? Don't get me wrong, I go down the normal route of stuffing my face silly with sweet foodstuffs when one needs an uplifting boost but I do enjoy putting something jolly on my nails to make me smile which these did, so without further ad(H)oooo...Owl Nails! *sorry*


NOTD - Butterfly Wing Nails & Tutorial!

Hello there lovely readers!

Its been a wee while since I've done a step by step nail art pictorial so I thought I'd rectify that today with some Butterfly Wing nails :) 
I've seen this nail design many times & its one I've been itching to try. Not only is it super pretty but so easy to do as well!


NOTD - A Hint Of Minty Freshness...

Hello there lovely readers! 

Hope you're all well & enjoying the much welcome prolonged sunshine we seem to have been blessed with :) The past week saw yours truly celebrating becoming another year older with a rather lovely mini break in Brighton with my buddy Ram. It was our second time visiting & we both have just fallen in love with the place even more so if possible! A couple of days spent in the sun by the sea eating good food was just the nicest way to celebrate this year :)

I normally like to get my nail art on & do a suitably birthday vibe mani however what with work being so crazy of late I find myself going down the simple quick nail art fix route these days! But sometimes simple is good & I do love reaching for the rhinestones to create quick yet quirky nails. So this was my birthday mani this year!


My Polish Swatch Book...

Hello there lovely readers!

Now I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I admit that I own...um...quite a FAIR amount of nail polishes O_o Especially when little situations like the above occur often! ;) And I'll confess that it has come to a stage where I find myself reusing a lot of the same polishes thus leaving many unloved! So I decided to create my own little Polish Swatch Book in which I'll swatch all new polishes I add to my collection so that I know what I have & can give the more unloved ones some proper usage! First I needed a pretty swatch book, naturally ;) This I picked up from WH Smith, I adore the design!


NOTD - Autumn Leaves...

Hello there lovely readers!

Oooh its been a while! Life's been all kinds of manic of late & with it the blogging mojo seemed to have gone a bit awol as well. Sometimes a wee break is good though & I’m glad to finally catch some down time & get my blog back on. Tis also a glorious bank holiday weekend huzzah! I've booked an extra couple of days off as the bestie & I are off for a much needed spa break on Monday which I cannot wait for. Bring on the pampering! :)

Now it seems as though summer is well & truly over judging by the clouds of late, however I’m not too disheartened, as much as I love summer, I do have a soft spot for autumn time or fall with its abundance of colour & cooler temperatures calling out for long walks in the country, crunching leaves underfoot. Which is why I reached for a polish I purchased yonks ago on Etsy for the exact reason that its completely perfect for the season...Coco Allure Autumn Leaves...


NOTD - Lady Like...

Hello there lovely readers!

Now you really cannot go wrong with a nice nude toned mani, elegantly sophisticated, looks fab & goes with everything.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I say I love my glitters & pow wow shades, however I find myself being drawn to natural/nude tones a lot more of late & one brand that does nude well (yes I'm aware of how many times I'm saying nude...o_O) is Essie, in particularly this divine shade Lady Like...


NOTD - Cartoon Roses

Hello there lovely readers! Can you believe we are in August already?! This year really does seem to be flying by!

Today I have some fun floral nails with a twist to share with you...Cartoon Roses! This design was inspired by the superbly talented @m_a_tom who I've been following on Instagram for a wee while now & am a big fan of her fab nail art skills! I saw this design she created & immediately thought...yup...I need to have me a go of those...so here we go!


NOTD - Turquoise Rhinstone Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

Feeling the turquoise vibes today with this manicure featuring a couple of those beaut Models own Hyper Gels & some pretty rhinestone goodness courtesy of Born PrettyStore... I think this may be up there with some of my favourite manis so far I am so in love with it!


NOTD - Neon Splodge Manicure

Hello there lovely readers!

Have your shades at the ready lovelies as I've got some super bright neon goodness coming your way today with this insanely bright mani which I have creatively titled “neon splodge nails”...unique huh?


NOTD - Cute Disney Alien Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

So looks like Summer's finally found us in the UK, hurrah! But with it seems to have also bought the occasional lightening rainstorm! It does make dressing rather problematic no? But the glorious weather could not have come at a better time with my partner in crime Ram & I hot footing it down to Brighton for a mini holiday this week was which was just incredible. It was our first time visiting & we have fallen in love with the place so much we're already planning on going back before summer is through! :)

Got a fun little mani to share with you today darlings featuring those cheeky little alien cuties from a certain Disney Pixar movie I'm sure you are all familiar with...here's a clue...”The Claaaaaaaaaaaw!”


NOTD - Map Print With New Digitally Customised ArtPro Nails!

Hey there lovely readers!

Okay, so I'm pretty excited about today's post about my favorite topic...nails! I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I say that polish is my first love, however a new innovation in the nail salon world has come to my attention recently...digitally customized nails. Have you ever seen a print that you adore, a favorite dress or a piece of art, & thought “Ooh, I'd love that on my nails!”?, I know I have & now this can actually be possible thanks to the ArtPro Nail Printers, which are slowly finding their way in to nail salons all over the UK!

This fab system, which can digitally print any image onto natural or synthetic nails, first came to my attention via Twitter, were I found myself chatting with the lovely Wendy of Inailz, who are the distributors of the digital printers in Ireland. I was intrigued by the concept of them & so when Wendy kindly offered to send some customized nails for me to try...how could I refuse?! When it came to picking what image I wanted, I had a hard time selecting however I find myself a bit obsessed with vintage map prints at the moment, I just love them, so I browsed Google Images for a print I liked, sent it to Wendy & voila....hello pretty Map Print nails!

Seriously, how bloomin fab do they look?! I could not stop staring at them, the design is stunningly eye catching & I was simply blown away by the gorgeous detail! I think its safe to say I was excited...


NOTD - Chanel Inspired Quilted Nails

Hello lovely readers, hope you're having a good weekend!

Today I have some Chanel inspired quilted nails to share with you, this is a design I've wanted to try for absolutely YONKS & even though I'm not 100% happy with how they came out, for a first attempt I'm still pretty chuffed with the result & I hope you like them too!


Independence Day Nails!

Hello there lovely readers! 

Aaaah Friday...you've come...AT LAST. Lord this week has been all kinds of hell I can't even tell you, so I most definitely won't bore you with the details my dears, instead I've decided to get in the USA spirit of things with some Independence Day inspired nails in honour of our American cousins 4th July celebrations!


Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush in Stare-Struck

Hello there lovely readers!

I've got bit of a gimmicky beauty product to share with you lovelies today, ain't they always fun? Now this was purely a makeup fix purchase to satisfy that urge we all get from time to time...some more often than others ;) So I hotfooted to the only place that could fulfil said urge, Boots! And it was here that my eye caught this cute little Cheek Stamp blush offering by the makeup brand Seventeen.


NOTD - Barry M Greenberry Gelly & Sour Apple Confetti!

Hello there lovely readers! Are you all having a lovely weekend? Its been such a beautiful day, the sun came out in all its glory & twas spent indulging in a delightful birthday afternoon treat catching up with a good matey. Afternoon tea never fails to lift ones spirits & I am now in a very ready to nap state, which means that it was very successful *thumbs up*

So a beautiful bright day calls for an equally beautiful & bright polish I say, therefore I'm bringing forth a yummy combination courtesy of Barry M today, the stunning Greenberry & Sour Apple


NOTD - World Cup Inspired Nails...

Hello there lovely readers!

The main topic on most of the country's mind at the moment is of course The World Cup & despite not being the biggest footie fan in the world, one can't help but get sucked into the excitement also. So I thought I’d contribute in my favourite way with some World Cup inspired nail art...