Disney Nail Art Series - Beauty and the Beast!

Hello there lovely readers!

Now this is something that I have been wanting to do on my blog for the longest time & for various reasons prolonged but now I am finally on it huzzah! As you may know about me, one of my great loves is Disney. It played a huge part in my upbringing & still to this day I love nothing more than taking a break from adulting & indulging in a Disney movie marathon, immersing myself back into that magical world. One of my best holidays was Christmas spent in Disneyland Paris 4 years ago & I am yearning to visit Florida's offering one day. So it would only make sense to channel this passion of mine through another love which is of course....nail art!

I already have a few Disney themed manicures that I cannot wait to share with you, I'll be exploring all sides of Disney, both Good and Evil in my nail art series, so this will include not only Princesses but Villains & additional characters as well, if you have any requests then please do let me know! But to start off my Disney Nail Art Series I thought I would begin with of course the main movie remake that EVERYONE is talking about at the moment....Beauty and The Beast which I went to see last Friday!

Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favourite Disney movies, so when I heard they were remaking in to a live action film I was naturally intrigued. I'll be honest, when they first started doing these movie remakes of the Disney classics part of me did protest a bit with the worry that they would not live up to the originals. But to be honest I've actually enjoyed the ones they've done so far (Cinderella, Malificent, The Jungle Book) & I'm looking forward to more! Of course nothing will ever replace the originals for me but the live action remakes have been surprisingly good & I'm happy to report that I very much enjoyed the latest remake so definitely do go & see it!

Onto the nails! For my Beauty and The Beast themed nails there were many routes I could've gone down but I didn't want to over complicate it too much so decided to use two significant focal points of the film...the enchanted rose & Belle's beautiful golden ballgown that she wears in the now iconic dance scene.

Starting simple yet suitably sparkly I used a really beautiful golden foil on my thumb & pinkie fingers. This is 3 coats of Glam by LA Colors & such a unique pale gold as there are also tiny specks of pink & blue glitter in it which reminded me of Mrs Potts & Chips crockery...remember I told you I had a thing for pretty crockery in my previous post? I can't believe these polishes are just 99p form Beauty Base & whenever I'm in Westfields I will almost always pop in & add a few more to my collection as they are ridiculously good!

I then needed a suitable yellow shade for my nails that were to depict Belle's dress. For my index & middle finger I applied two coats of Lime Crime Crema De Limon a really beautiful creamy pale yellow that applied like a dream in two coats.

Then for the layered pleat details of the dress I used a slightly brighter shade of yellow courtesy of Rimmel Sunshine & using a fine nail art brush, free handed three curved upside down V's down the nail.

To add a bit more magic to the dress nails I finished by applying rows of tiny gold glitter dots using a random gold glitter polish & a small dotting tool.

Finally for my accent nail I created the Enchanted Rose! To do this I applied two coats of white polish, here I've used a brand called Saffron London which I picked up in a random beauty store for the crazy price of £1 & is actually pretty darn decent!

To add an ethereal glow to the white I applied one coat of Ulta3 Crystallina, a super pretty opalescent topcoat.

I then grabbed my Ju Bilej fine nail art brushes & starting with a green polish, again I used a random one that I reached for simply because it was nearest, applied a thin curved line for the stem, before adding some thorn & leaf detail along the edges.

Then using the same fine brush & this time a beautiful red by Nails Inc, Tate, I drew on the rose at the top of the stem, nothing fancy, just roughly so that it looked like a rose more or less, not forgetting to add a few dropping petals coming down.

Final details of a clear rhinestone as the top of the glass case & finish everything with topcoat! Definitely wait a wee while for the rose to dry as you'll risk dragging the colour as you can see I did here because I am an eejit & have no patience...O_o

And thats my first manicure in my Disney Nail Art series! Hope you like my lovelies & keep posted for more to come! As previously mentioned if you have any suggestions or requests then hit me up for sure! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Blue & White China Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

Now you know how much I adore my afternoon teas, the numerous reviews on here would be a dead giveaway...One of my favourite parts of a good tea, other than the food of course, is the pretty crockery used to partake. Call me crazy (many do) but I do feel a cup of tea tastes better when sipped from a pretty cup & saucer ;) I adore intricately patterned teacups & have a somewhat odd addiction you might say of accumulating said crockery, a habit that drives my mother bonkers as I guess it ruins the aesthetic of her neatly ordered cupboards with my random finds. There is a point of me talking about this topic by the way & that point leads naturally to my other addiction...nail art! 

Many times I've found myself inspired to create nail art using some of the designs I've come across on my teacup & saucer adventures.

A pattern in particular that I simply LOVE & is often associated with delicate china-wear is the pretty blue & white oriental patterned crockery that is often used. Classic, vintage & so so pretty I was naturally inspired to create something similar on my nails so that's what I did!  

I can't believe its taken me so long to use the combination of blue & white in nail art as it is gorgeous! So eye catching, I will definitely be attempting this again, especially as I wasn't entirely happy with the finished pattern but hey ho, I rolled with it anyway!

For my white base I've used two coats of Models Own HyperGel in White Light, such a perfect formula that gives a clean, glossy & opaque finish.

Then for the blue I've used an old favourite, Barry M Blue Grape, from the Gelly Hi Shine range, a beautiful vibrant royal blue gelly that instantly uplifts my mood whenever I use it. FYI this is currently on sale online for £1.99, I truly hope this isn't because its about to be discontinued as its so gorgeous, so go grab it as you NEED this polish in your collection!

Using Blue Grape & a nail art brush I went in & just free handed an oriental vine like pattern from memory, using curved lines & swirls, trying to embody that patterned china look.

I wasn't entirely satisfied with the finished design, the brush I used being still a tad too thick to create a delicate pattern, but you get the general idea.

I did this look before I purchased my Ju Bilej brushes which I think will be much better at doing more intricate designs so I'll definitely be revisiting this type of look using those! For a final bit of extra detail I added on a a few dotted flowers on each nail using a dotting tool

Finish with topcoat for a glossy finish! Hope you liked my dears! Off to explore the kitchen cupboards for more crockery nail inspiration ;)

Lots of love to ya!


NOTD - Jewel Bloom Nail Art Tutorial

Hello my lovely readers!

A wee tutorial for you today, I want to try & do more step by step pictorials for you to show just how easy it can be to create fun & fabulous designs on your nails! My favourites this year so far have to be my Flamingo Nails, they just make me smile so much & I'm itching to do them again. But of course Mother Nature will play a big part in allowing this to happen & whenever she doth bestow upon me decent lighting & time for photos I will make sure to take advantage!

I was scrolling through Instagram for some inspiration & as always the incredibly talented Yagala delivered nicely having just posted a beautiful floral ornament design on her page. Absolutely loving it I decided to give a whirl myself & was so happy with how it turned out!

The combination of biscuit beige & bright neons is so pretty & I was very eager to try out my amazing new Roubloff Ju Bilej nail art brushes that Yagala herself favours as they are perfect for this kind of intricate nail art & beauts let me tell you, they really are a game changer when it comes to freehand nail art! You can find them HERE & don't be daunted with by language barrier as the customer service team is so helpful with really good email communication.

Anyway enough talking....on to how to create this pretty ornamental design on to your nails! I used this lovely set of Formula X nail polishes that mumma bear got me on her last trip to the states. Lets begin.

Start with your base colour, I've used the nude shade in this set called Evocative which is a lovely biscuit beige & happy to note that it is opaque in just one coat.

Next apply a semicircle ring using your nail art brush & some black polish near the cuticle end of the nail as shown, doing one curved line like a rainbow, then another above it, before filling in. You can use hole punch reinforcer stickers or french manicure guides to help you do this but I just freehanded here.

Then using my Julie Bilej brush & more black polish, I drew on three petal shapes above the ring, like a teardrop design almost, making the centre petal slightly bigger to the outer two.

Grabbing a dotting tool next, apply two or three black dots going up from the pointed tip of the centre petal

Now using the shade High Frequency which is a gorgeous vibrant turquoise cream, I next filled in the gap underneath the black ring using a small nail art brush

Then using the pretty coral shade from the set called Power Source, I grabbed my smaller dotting tool & applied a row of dots along the black ring.

Going back in with the turquoise polish & the dotting tool again, apply a dot of the turquoise polish into the centre of your black dots.

And finally to finish your design, grab a gold polish, here I thought I'd stick with the theme & used another stunning Formula X polish called Love Chemistry which is an eye catching pretty pale gold foil shimmer with pale pink & gold glitters. With a fine nail art brush, use this polish to fill in your petals.

Once done I just went over some of the black lines again with more polish & the Ju Bilej brush to neaten up before finishing it all with a nice thick coat of topcoat!

What do you think? I'm just so in love with this design, will definitely be giving it a go again soon with different shades & I hope you give it a go too!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Marble Flames

Hello there lovely readers!

So I have recently rediscovered the love for dry marbling nail art. Still feeling somewhat daunted at even the thought of attempting water marbling, I WILL man up & try it one day I'm sure, but until that day arises dry marbling on the other hand is one nail art technique I am totally on board with. 

Not only is it super easy to do but the results can be so pretty as well. I love having a play around with different colours & tones to see which ones mesh well together. You can see some of my previous dry marbling manicures HERE.

To do a dry a marble all you need is two polishes, or more if you wish to have a mixture of more colours & a tool to create the marble. This can be either a toothpick, dotting tool or brush. You can have a peek at some of my previous marble nail art posts, in particular my favourite one HERE, where I've done some more in depth step by step pictorials on how to create this effect.

I personally prefer to use a brush as it allows you a lighter hand when marbling your colours together on the nail. Whenever I've used a dotting tool or toothpick I've always found myself pressing too hard & going straight through the polish to the nail bed.

The color combo I've used in this manicure is red & gold, I absolutely love mixing these two jewel tones together as the colours really contrast & stand out so beautifully creating a fab flame like effect.

My red polish of choice is Bitten from old indie brand Cult Nails, & was part of the Behind The Closed Doors collection, a stunning raspberry red glossy shimmer. This polish is just so gorgeous, I'm an absolute sucker for these kinds of gothic-y reds & I can't wait to use it again. Apply one coat of red & then apply your second coat ready to marble!

Whilst your second coat of polish is still wet, add about two drops of gold, here I've used Models Own 25 Carat Gold, & then using your brush or whichever tool you prefer, swirl the gold in to the red using light strokes, not blending too much that you lose the gold.

If you think you've applied too much gold you can always add a couple of drops of red & blend some more, careful not to overload the nail with polish though otherwise you'll end up with puddles of polish in your cuticles. 

Once you are happy with the design seal with topcoat. Done! I have lots of ideas floating around for some more marble designs so keep posted. Let me know if you give it a try!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Afternoon Tea at The Red Lion Henley On Thames

Hello there my lovely readers!

Pinch punch & all that jazz! How is it March already?! One of the things I will most definitely be continuing on this old blog of mine this year is reviews of my favourite pastime....afternoon tea! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing & of course experiencing them ;)

Now a lot of the afternoon tea reviews I've written about on HERE have mostly been experiences that can be done in London as there really are so many great ones to try in the capital.

However today I though I'd branch out of London for a moment and review a delightful afternoon tea my friends & I went to not long ago at the lovely Red Lion Hotel in Henley On Thames.

My friend lives in Henley & as I was dropping her off home one evening, we passed the gorgeously gothic looking Red Lion hotel sat by the riverside & I decided we simply had to come for afternoon tea here. Henley itself is just so quaint & pretty with its cobbled streets & pretty buildings, I could happily spend the whole day exploring its delights. So a table I booked & off we went!

My two chums and I arrived at the hotel & after a short wait we were taken into the lounge where our tea would be taken. The decor is very warm & homely with a mixture of table & sofa seating, which was lovely & we were fortunate enough to be able to choose where we wanted to sit, we opted for some of the cosy couches by the window so plenty of people watching could be done in comfort :) 

Once sat we were  asked what refreshments we would be wanting to accompany our food, I went for a pot of English Breakfast tea as did one of my friends whilst the other (who isn't a tea drinker) opted for a latte. We were given the choice to chop & change if we wanted which was nice, so I also enjoyed a nice pot of coffee at a later stage as well.

We didn't have to wait long at all for the Afternoon Tea itself to arrive, which it did swiftly in all its three tiered glory. The sandwiches offered were smoked salmon (always a good un!), egg mayonnaise & tomato & cucumber. Simple offerings to be sure & I won't lie, a bit of cheese would have been a nice inclusion in the tomato sarnies but tasty nonetheless. One of my friends is a vegetarian who also does not eat eggs, we mentioned this to our waiter who very kindly bought out more sarnies for her. 

On to the sweets....the scones were very generous in size & scrumptious in taste accompanied with the clotted cream and jam. 

For the final tier we had delicate slices of lemon drizzle cake, fruit cake & profiteroles with fresh cream and strawberry pieces which all went down an absolute treat!

Throughout the tea, our waiter would occasionally pass by and replenish our drinks as needed. We were able to enjoy a really nice & relaxed afternoon tea here for a pleasant couple of hours without feeling rushed at all, which is always the sign of a good afternoon tea in my opinion.

The Red Lion Hotel Afternoon Tea is just £19.95 per person, a very decent price for what was a lovely afternoon experience.

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!